Saturday, March 30, 2013

Artsy Fartsy Friday~~~Were You There...? ~~Selah

      An outdoor procession of the stations of the cross.

            In New York City where I grew up our Church had a procession every year. The men of the Church would take turns carrying the huge cross through town. It would take several men at a time with one carrying the cross in it's center.

          The women would walk behind it singing songs and rain or shine the youth group would play the parts of the Crucifixion.

I watched as the teen who played Jesus tried to convey pain and exhaustion as he walked through the streets as other teens who played soldiers whipped and mocked him

                      As a child I would look at the teen they chose to play Mary and I would wonder what the real Mary looked like. What was she feeling as the child she loved so much was going to die?

      I wondered about the people who were witnesses. How did they feel? Were they scared, did they feel helpless? hopeless?
             The procession always ended back at the Church where there was a solemn quiet time of reflection. In that silence my Mom would cry.

I remember feeling embarrassed of those tears.

              It would scare me.

                    "Mom, why are you crying?" I would ask her.

                     "Because he suffered so..." my Mom would answer.

I can still see myself ...looking up at my mom as those tears rolled down her face and now I get it.

I think of Him walking through those streets....battered and bloodied; knowing his fate he walked on.

I think of the people in His life that loved him, how helpless they must have felt seeing their Teacher, Friend, Son walk to certain death.

I think of the unbearable pain He must have been in and I cry as He still showed love and mercy to those who mocked him and were there to watch him suffer.

I remember my mom's tears and how now I cry with the same answer

                        "Because he suffered so...."

               We know how the story ends


             and Thank it begins again


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I'm Not Dead

What a relief right?

             It seems that lately it's always something.....

If it's not this....then it's that

 If I'm not needed here ...then I'm needed there

I'm being pulled hither
            (OK, seriously I don't know if that is even a word) and yon

If it's not one thing then it's another

Feast or famine


I'm not dead....just utterly distracted with LIFE

and  so far life is kicking my butt

I feel like I worry all day l o n g

                       What am I worrying about?


I worry about my teenager daughter and her interest in a certain young man.......ugh...hold on while I take an Advil....



I worry that my Husband's job which has always been wonderfully predictable is now in jeopardy

                     there's talk of lay-offs

I worry about my Mom and in-laws. Their advancing age has brought with it inevitable problems

I worry about my son's grades in school

I even take on other people's worries too, because I am the one they go to with their problems.

and don't get me started on the extra flab that has seared itself to my body

Yes, while I worry...... magically chips, cookies and cake find their way to my mouth to grant me sweet sweet calorie-filled comfort.

and in all this chocolate and worry I haven't the energy to sit and write.

rather than stay up and pour out my writer's soul into this blog I sleepily drag my flabby feet to my bed and fall asleep before my head hits the pillow.

So...what's the answer?

                I HAVE GOT TO               WORRYING!!!


  The battle lines have been drawn
                It's an uphill battle people

                But I think I can be victorious

                 all I need is a bit more motivation,



                                      more chocolate

                        just sayin'.........   Baby steps                

Monday, March 04, 2013

Have You Seen MOJO?

  Hey, have you seen my MOJO?

               He was my constant companion here in Bloggy world and suddenly he is gone.

                Like a naughty pup he ran away and I can't find him anywhere.

Wha? don't know about Mojo?

Well, he was my buddy, pal, amigo, chum.

He kept this blog going by pitching ideas and turning on that little light bulb above my head.

MOJO,  where for art thou MoJo?

He gave me inspiration and now all I have is perspiration without the reward at the end.   I sit here sweating trying to come up with something worth while to write and ....nothin'



So I am going back to the old saying

a writer writes

and I am going to give it a try......

In the meantime I am putting up some posters

MoJo please come home.