Thursday, March 31, 2011

Time for a Good Hardy Laugh

I found this video of this adorable little angel on You Tube and thought there is no way anyone can see this and not be in a good mood afterward. Everyone needs a good hardy laugh at least once a day. Can you remember the last time you laughed this hard? Hope you all have a great day! Now go on and have a good Chuckle! Blessings, Joanne

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mother/Daughter Dresses and My Crochet Skirt

Today I want to take a few minutes to write about...Mother /Daughter dresses. If you don't know what that is's when Mom and Daughter wear the same style of dress. The actress Joan Crawford was famous for wearing these with her daughter Christina. 



              I have to admit I think some of her outfits were a bit wacky... looking more like photo op costumes instead of outfits. And hearing some of their history it all seems a bit creepy. But some dresses both vintage and current are sweet and flattering like some of the ones on this page. When I was Four I remember my mom at the sewing machine making us both Mother/ Daughter dresses. They were pale yellow summer dresses with polka dots. I don't have many memories about that time, but I do remember that when she put on the dress I thought she was the prettiest thing I had ever seen and I wanted to look just like her. 



 Fast forward  to when I was eight...My Mom went through her "crochet phase". We had more doilies and afghans than we could ever use and everyone in the extended family got some sort of crochet gift that year. Well, around the beginning of the school year Mom decided that since she had some left over yarn  she would crochet skirts for her and I. And as you can see to the left here that in the late 60's and early 70's crochet dresses were in.

She made a couple of skirts OK skirt for her and a big voluminous skirt for me. You see she made this skirt out of thick yarn INTENDED for things like warm blankets and thick comfy afghans...Not skirts for an extremely skinny 8 year-old-girl. The skirt was so big and heavy that it looked like I was wearing the Liberty Bell ! 

I remember thinking ...OK this has got to be a joke. But NOOOO she had every intention for me to wear this Liberty Bell cozy to school! Oh and did I mention it was September when the temps were still high in the eighties? There I was wearing my home made hut, sweating and itching like crazy.

 Every now and then I mention this skirt to her and she laughs. She insists that it was well made and "Not as horrible" as I made it out to be....yes it was. So have I worn Mother/daughter dresses with my own daughter? Not really. I wish I could have sewn something like the sundress my Mom made me but that talent is not something I have aquired. We might have worn the same color now and then; perhaps coordinated the styles a bit but we've never worn the exact same thing... when she is older J can thank her lucky stars that I never went "crochet happy" and she never had to wear a hut to school. 

I think this combo is so cute

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A look back at my Worst Job EVER!


Yesterday over at Running Away? I'll help you pack  (a Great Blog By the Way) Alexis wrote a post about a nightmare interview she had Blogger hates me no pictures so a bad interview :O)  It brought back memories of one of the most horrible jobs I ever had and what I learned from it. I was 17.
I found a bakery in need of a counter person and was hired the next day.I worked after school.

 Now you would think a bakery would be fun to work in and I have to say the smells of fresh baked good still makes my stomach rumble. The problem was the Baker.  My Boss Mr. Douche... Mr. Douche bag to be exact. (Now let me say that I do not want to offend my refined followers with my use of profanity so I will curtail the potty mouth and instead substitute bad language with more subtle words...But know that I really mean Douche bag!)   He was an abusive egomaniac that delighted in humiliating everyone around him.

This bakery was in a very swanky part of town and he was well known for his designer cakes. He cursed and threw fits of rage against everyone that worked there. This "poo poo brain"  treated his wife like a dog and for that matter every woman there was a target and every guy was treated like dirt. We all were. He was a class A "doodie head". 

 I just grinned and beared it. I didn't want to quit because I needed the money.   I told myself sticks and stones...and that I would not allow it to affect me. But it did affect me. I was scared of him. Everyone was scared to stand up to him. We were all young and naive to what was acceptable in the work place and what was not.

 Everyday my Dad noticed that I would come home uncharacteristically exhausted and burdened.  He'd ask if anything was wrong and I would just say it was a rough day at work. 

My Dad would say "I want you to quit. That place is no good for you."  he knew something was wrong. After four months of working there it all came to an end when a small mistake (that was made by another employee) sent Mr. "Stinky pants and-a-half" into a tirade of epic proportions. I became the target of Mr. "MC Nasty". He yelled and called me names. He slammed things and I was scared and I cried.

When I got home I had to tell my Dad everything. He was needless to say very angry. He wanted to ....well you can almost imagine what he wanted to do to this guy...he calmed down and As per my Dad's directive I called "Mr. Booger" and quit. I felt relief and thought it was all over. The next day was a Saturday and my father woke me up early... he said "I'm taking you to that job."

"But why?" I asked

"He owes you." He answered. I had forgotten  that I had left without my check in hand (which I always got on Fridays).

"But Dad, It's OK I don't want to go back there." I was almost in tears. I was scared and didn't want to go back ever.

"Don't worry" He said and that was that- we were going to go. When we drove up I could see through the window That "Mr. Icky" was completely overwhelmed with customers. I walked in and just when he was going to open his mouth to say something nasty to me he looked at my Dad. My Dad put his hand on my shoulder and escorted me to the front. I knew why I was wasn't for the check. It was to get back my dignity that "Mr. Smelly Fish Mouth" tried to take away from me.

 Before I could say anything My Dad took the idiot aside. I don't know what was said , but "Mr. Fartson" was left with a guilty look on his face. I was able to look at My ex-boss straight in the eye and left the bakery with my pay and dignity intact. I'd like to think That Dad took him aside and said something along the lines of Do unto others....., But I lean more in thinking that he said something like Do unto others or I'm gonna snap you like a freakin' twig.

Never again did I keep problems like that from my parents.  Dad was right on the money...I had to go back and face that monster, but he didn't let me go alone...and that my dear friends was MY Worst Job Ever and A Great Lesson Learned. Never again would I let a boss Douche bag...oops "Doodie head" treat me like that again.   Thanks DAD. :O)     What was your worst job?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Fat is Stalking Me... 'Cause it Just Won't Go Away! you all might know I am trying to lose a few pounds.

 I started
greetings workshop

I haven't been eating alot of ....     




                                                        I have been eating alot of

And after a few weeks... I have lost   


I started to feel like


And it felt great


I met my friend for dinner on Friday. She looks great and has lost a lot of weight....she tells me she has lost 30 pounds in a month and it's taken me two weeks to lose just 5.

           So instead of feeling like this

              I felt like this  


You might say that I am a bit envious, and to that I say


I did have my moment of self pity, but I am so proud of my friend and know that she will meet her goal soon.....


                    as for me it might take me a bit longer 

But I know I'll Get there

But just in case I don't...

        do you know if those sumo thongy things come in Pink?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday's Question~ Which Table setting?

Here is the situation... You are to host a very important luncheon. It's a very special occasion (you choose), and some very special friends are to attend (you choose who for this imaginary occasion). What would you make? Have you decided? Good. Now which one of these table settings would you choose for your very special meal?

                                                            #1. Sunny yellows and cream
                                                                    #2 Pink and flirty
Create a stunning pink theme on a budget with inexpensive plastic pink chargers, simple cloth napkins, and a bouquet of complementary roses.
                                                                   #3 Fancy Country
Table Place Settings for Entertaining: Casual Yet Elegant

#4 Bold Reds and Aqua
Red and Blue Table Settings
                                                                #5 Lovely Lavenders
                                                                     #6 Basic/simple

                                                                    #7 Comfy cozy
                                                              #8 Whimsical and fun

Hope you had fun. Have a great Weekend! Blessings, Joanne

Friday, March 25, 2011

Artsy Fartsy Friday~~Sand Art Grand Landscape

I love watching art as it's being created.  This is no exception. I have always wondered how they made those sand-filled bottles with such interesting detailed landscapes inside. I hope you enjoy this week's Art. Have a Great Friday! Don't forget to come back tomorrow for Saturday's Question. Blessings, Joanne

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Prom Pictures and "Trying" to Throw Out The Clutter

First,  My Friend from Retired English Teacher asked me yesterday to see what my own Prom dress looked like and here it is......


OK you can all 
          stop laughing now.

Now onto today's post. As you all might well know I am trying to do some spring cleaning. Perhaps you are doing the same. Now there is a might have one....a room you dare not enter unless absolutely necessary. A room where the dog will not trespass because he is afraid..This is a room where the sunlight debates whether or not it wants to enter.....It is The

 children's playroom!!!!

woman screaming

Toys Toys EVERYWHERE! Mine happens to be in the half finished basement. It was supposed to be sort of a sanctuary for my husband but the kids quickly took care of that little fantasy. There are tons and tons of toys and when their friends come over is a giant free-for-all. Every year twice a year I try to throw out or donate old toys but birthdays and Christmas come along and whamo!  the Toys have multiplied yet again. 

 We find J's baby alive doll and it brings back old memories of my own childhood. I wanted a baby alive doll so badly I could think of nothing else. I wanted a doll that pooped and peed and drank and ate baby food. It was the greatest doll ever, but did I get one? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! My mom heard that the dolls began to stink because of all the food that would get stuck inside of it.... case closed. No baby alive doll for me.

 These kids are lucky. I don't remember having so many toys as a little girl. As I pick through what needs to be donated and what needs to go, my son comes down and starts to "rediscover" toys he hasn't played with in years. Of course my daughter joins in and questions me

"Mom you aren't really gonna throw that out are you? Grandma gave that to me!"

Ugh the guilt

She still hasn't forgiven me for donating her fisher price dollhouse. Who knew she would still want it at the age of 10! So I left the cluttered playroom with less to throw out and just some to donate. The baby alive doll stays a bit longer. And No MOM it doesn't stink!!! OK here's a question for you all...

Is there a toy that you still have or always wanted but never got?  What is/was it?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Prom Story and Dresses Past and Present

           I have been doing a bit of spring cleaning and making more of a mess than what I started with! Anyhoo...I came across my prom photo and I cringed. The dress I wore was not the dress I had picked originally. The first dress was a beautiful lavender chiffon dress with a pretty lavender flower around a ribboned belt (Well that's what was "in" then). I felt that it was the perfect most gorgeous gown in the world...until I found out another girl was wearing the exact same dress! I couldn't stand the thought. I had to try to return it and buy another (against my Mother's advice). The store clerk told me that I could not get a refund..only exchange. It was right before prom and there were slim pickin's at best.

I settled for a ill-fitting dusty pink dress. All night long I looked over at the girl who had on my dress and realized that I had been so stupid. She looked beautiful and because of my stupid pride (or whatever you want to call it) I missed out on feeling that way too. I looked again at the posed photo with my handsome date and got the idea for today's post...since it's almost that time of year (Prom season) I looked up some pictures of prom dresses thru-out the years and here they are...

1930's prom~Pretty details on the dress (not so crazy about the shoulders though) and look at that smile!


1950's~These dresses were frilly and delicate and even though they were strapless notice there is no "boobage"

Even the sixties which was known for minis and hippie wear~ prom fashion was still covered and formal

Fast forward to what some designers are suggesting that prom girls wear in 2011.....

What The.......?

In five years my daughter will hopefully be attending her prom. What will designers be offering then? Two sequined band-aids and a thong? She might be going vintage I think 'cause she's not wearing strippers duds. Hopefully there will be something offered somewhere between.....

                THIS                                                                 And THIS                               

Is that a butt cheek I see?

Dear Lord I'm going to need therapy!!!!! 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Baby-Sitting My Ladybug

Today I baby-sat my 16-month-old-niece. It has been a while since there was a baby in the house, but I was ready........

                I recorded two episodes of Sesame Street

                I also recorded two episodes of Barney

                I brought up J and D's old toys and I was ready to spend a great day with my little Ladybug.

                We played.

                We danced.

                 She ate her lunch and wanted me to have some too.

                 She followed my dog Max everywhere and...

                                                      when she had crackers in her hand...

                                                                                            Max followed her everywhere.

                  We colored.
                  I remembered vaguely what it was like to do everything with one hand and carry a baby with the other.

                 Yes it was a great day and I am pooped,

                 and even the toys had a great time, because...

                 They all got together for this group photo to give to the ladybug baby.
 On the back they wrote...

                                                We loved playing with you!
                                               Hope to see you again soon! Love, the toys
                             I added.....Ditto.  Love,  Aunt Joanne 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Fish Dinner Aftermath

    We are trying to eat better/healthier....On Thursday I decided to make fish for dinner...I was in the seafood department and couldn't decide so a called my husband. He asked if they had whiting fish..I looked around and luckily they did and it was on sale. I bought some beautiful fillets and returned home to cook.

Anyways.....the one thing that I will tell you about myself is that touching raw fish makes me kind of gag. I have always had this reaction to handling raw fish, and even though I love sushi I could never watch it being prepared. So I made all the sides and My Hubby prepared the whiting. I noticed  that it had a very strong odor as it was cooking, I realized very quickly that it was one of those very oily stinky fish...a lot more that cod ... I am used to less stinky fish like salmon and monk fish.  Fast forward to a great meal and the clean up.

 Even with the windows opened the smell lingered and stuck to everything. I mean the smell of fish permeated the house and every fabric covered item with that pungent scent. Now another tidbit about me....I am obsessed with smells. I can't stand it when I go to someone's home and even though it looks clean it smells like their dog or litter box or .......FISH from dinner the night before. or even when I go to the mall and have to go into the candle store...Migraine Alert! I am always airing out the house, spritzing lightly with air freshener and replacing and washing the slipcovers to make sure the house smells fresh. I cannot live without my febreze.

 That night as I was making my last OCD rounds of the house the smell of dinner was hanging heavy and ever present in the air.....What the ... I could hardly sleep it was everywhere!. the next morning I got up early, opened more windows, sprayed air freshener and went out; when I came back I opened my front door and was slapped by the smell...WTF? I mean people I couldn't believe it was still there! I mean what the hell would have been better if we had flung chum (old stinky fish parts fishermen use to attract sharks) on the walls.

I had to cancel a getogether, because I couldn't invite anyone into this disaster of Moby Dick proportions. OK THIS IS WAR!!!! I scrubbed the floors, febrezed the curtains and sofa. I washed the slipcovers and sprayed extra industrial odor neutralizer in the air and daughter came home from school on Friday afternoon and said
"Ohhh it smells like Fish in here , did you reheat last nights dinner?"

The freakin' smell was still there! clinging to the walls and air like some invisible sludge. Since then I have dedicated my weekend to virtually throwing everything and the kitchen sink in the wash. I cleaned the cupboards and rewashed plates on the shelves. I even washed curtains and all bed linens again. Sunday came and went and the smell is slowly disappearing to whatever dark hell place it came from. I vow to never cook that dish ever ever again.

Since then I have found that boiling 3 to 4 cups of water with a couple of capfuls of distilled vinegar will supposedly rid a place of fish dinner smell. I doubt it would have gotten rid of this seafood monster stench. Scrubbing and washing was the only way to subdue this creature. Today my husband took out leftovers that he was going to reheat  for lunch. I literally screamed "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!"  it felt like I was running in slow motion (like an old episode of Baywatch, but instead of a sexy red bathing suit I was wearing his t-shirt, old sweats and mismatched socks) to grab the Tupperware away from his hands.

"Are you crazy????? I just sterilized the whole house to get rid of that smell!!!!"

"Is that what you have been doing all weekend?"  he said "I thought you were just spring cleaning!"

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday's Question~ Could you live in this house?

Welcome to Saturday's question. Recently I  found out about this company that makes teeny tiny houses. The company is called Tumbleweed. My question to you is...after looking at the tour video...If need be do you think you would be able to rid yourself of most worldly possessions to live in one of those houses? How about for just a year?  

Friday, March 18, 2011

Artsy Fartsy Friday~ Vegetable Art

It's almost Spring and I wanted to post something light-hearted and fun. Hope you like this week's art. Have a Happy Friday. Don't forget to come back tomorrow for Saturday's Question. Even though the song on the video is really might want to turn down the volume...It's a bit loud.  Blessings, Joanne

P.S. I really enjoy all of your comments and I try to respond to all in the comment form itself so come back often and hang out again!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Animal Babies

    I don't why but I'm in a baby mood. No I'm not pregnant ( those days are long gone for me).  Maybe it was that pup I found or maybe because the start of spring is just days away, but my mind has gone to baby animals. I am always amazed to see the love animal moms have for their young.

   Quite a few years ago I went out and saw that a fledgling bird had broken its leg and was trapped in the rod Iron scrolls of a small kid's bench I had outside. Lord knows how long it was there. As I tried to free it the momma bird kept swooping down at the sounds of her chicks painful chirps. After I called a vet's office they told me since the fledgling had feathers and was almost ready to fly anyway it was better to let the Momma bird take care of him, because there wasn't much they could do for a bird's broken leg. 

    I was able to free it and for days he lay on the ground hopping around and like clockwork the Momma bird would come down to feed it. After a while he was gone and I thought the worst. The next year a bunch of birds were in the yard and there was one with a bit of a deformed leg hopping around. I knew it had to be the little bird from the previous year. His mom fed him and protected him until he was able to fly. I just know it.

    Here are some pictures of babies and their moms and what they would say if they could speak in our language. Kids words are in Green. Moms are in Purple

                                 "Is this a mean enough face mom?
                       "Oh yes that's really scary honey! good job!"


  "Gentle kisses sweetie...gentle kisses!"

"Now let me give you a smoochie, you have a good day at school and stand up straight!"

         "OK Mom."

"Now how many times have I told you not to growl at your brothers?! How many?!"

         "A lot"

    "That's right...a lot, but do you listen? nooooooo!"

"Now Herman you have got to pay more attention in swim class...I can't push you around all your life.

                 "But it's hard mom!"

      "But nothing, you have got to try."


"Now where did I put those car keys? Joey are they in my pocket?


    "This is just great! Every single time I have to be at work early this happens!"

"Mama. I love you"

"And I love you"

 On the Earth there is no love greater than the love that a mother has for her child.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Blessings, Joanne

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


"The Women" a great movie and very funny too! Much better than it's recent re-make
        While on line today I couldn't help listening to two women making small talk. The double and hidden meaning behind what they were really saying was hysterical! I am always in awe of what women say and don't say...what I mean it's like we have a language all our own. Is it because we are nurturers and naturally don't want to hurt anyone? Do we always say what we mean?  It is hard. There is definitely a code and women are experts in this code. For those who might not understand here is a a sort of translator. Real words will be in BLUE and the translation will be in RED

Let's start off with an easy one

when a women is acting a bit cold but when asked says "there's nothing wrong"....THERE IS SOMETHING VERY WRONG!

When a woman says "Oh wow that's an interesting outfit you got there..where did you get it?"
Trans: "What the Eff are you wearing and please tell me where you got that hideous thing so I don't shop there ever!"

"Well he might have a good reason for coming home late every night"
Trans: "The bastard is cheatin'.  Are you blind?"

"Awe little Timmy is so rambunctious!"
Trans: "Your kid is out of SOMETHING!"

"Oh let me check my schedule and get right back with you."
Trans: "I need some time to make up a good excuse."

"Oh I'll just have a tiny bit, I'm dieting"
Trans: "It smells or looks horrible...I think I'll be able to choke down one spoonful"

"You know I think you are the only one who can pull off wearing that color!"
"Neon green looks good on NO ONE!"

"The little red light just came on in the car"
"I've ignored the little red light for three months now"

"OK I really shouldn't be telling you this but..."
"As soon as I heard I ran three blocks in heels and ran up four flights of stairs to give you the dirt"

"Your Kid is going to be an artist!"
"Your brat just wrote on my walls!"

A wife turns to her husband and says
                                  "Aw Hun they don't want to hear about that right now sweetums"
                                  "Shut UP MORON SHUT UP!!!"

"Oh I don't believe that My son would do that!"
"He does it all the time."

"Oh sure come right over, but I just need a few minutes to tidy up."
"My house looks like Crap and I need time to dump all the clutter in the closet."

"This blouse size runs small I think"
"Yodels and Funny bonz have definitely caught up with me"

"I am throwing a little party get-together and I have a surprise to show you!"
"I'm selling make-up! It's a Mary Kay Party run!"

"Oh the bridesmaid's dress is something you will definitely wear again totally worth the 500 dollars!"
"Kiss that 500 goodbye."

And NUMBER ONE...."Its not you- it's me."
                                      "Oh it's SOOOOOOOOOO YOU!!!!!!!" 

OK, Ive taken ten minutes to think about it and I'm going to call my friend and tell her that I just can't go to another one of her selling over-priced stuff parties...
                     (Dialing the phone)

            "Hi, It's me.  Listen,  I ca........I........well... what I mean to say is .......about your party........I.......won't.........I won't miss it for the world!  See you there!"  Drats  ugh!