Monday, March 07, 2011

Ain't No Mountain High Enough...OK Maybe Three Stories is My Limit

          On Saturday My Daughter had her official 13th birthday party. Out of all the possible kinds of party themes she could have chosen she chose....Rock Climbing! I thought OK cool. We found a place and she invited her friends. They had a ball! I was a nervous wreck at first because the rock climbing wall seemed so high. All the kids had a great time and even the ones that were afraid of heights were able to conquer their fears and make it to the top. One of the two instructors walked over to me and asked

"Would you like to climb?"

I turned to her and said "Oh nooooo I can't do that...I'm afraid of heights." I was more than happy to just watch the kids have fun climbing. I repeated again "Nope, I'm REALLY afraid of heights" ...I get nervous on a ladder. There was no way that I was going to climb a wall three stories up!

"Are you sure?.... I bet you can do it...It's a lot of fun." she smiled at me. Something inside me told me to just do it. When else would I have this opportunity? and besides Ya only live once right? I have been through scarier stuff and oh well what the what else would a person deathly afraid of heights do but......put on harness and climb!!! My daughter turned to me when I was putting on the harness and said "Mom You're gonna climb???"  She was smiling...I was shaking! The first few steps were hard but I thought
"OK I can do this." Then as I climbed higher I started to feel that old panicky feeling. "Oh no" I thought "I'm going to have to stop and get down."  I turned to look down and told the guy who was holding the safety rope

"I'm getting scared!" I didn't want to freeze, but I felt myself wanting to just stop cold.

He yelled back "keep going!" Then I heard my Husband yell "Keep going Honey you're doing great!" My hands were feeling numb and shaky all at the same time. I kept climbing finally I was at the top and I touched the metal bar. I leaned back and backpedaled down to the ground. As soon as my feet hit the floor I yelled with joy. "I did it! I did it!" My sister-in law went up too and we gave each other high fives when we were done. IT WAS AWESOME!!! Afterward my daughter J came up and thank me for a great party. As much fun as she and her friends had; I think I had just as much fun. Its a great feeling to conquer a fear. Next week tandem jumping out of a plane!!!! OK I'm kidding, but then again...........  ;o)

My Baby girl jumped right on and was the first to climb!

This was a dream come true for my 9-year-old Son. He climbed up as if it was the easiest thing in the world!

Mom's turn. I was freaking out! half way up my hands went a bit numb, I started sweating and I was envisioning the guy lowering a limp, passed-out me. Luckily that did not happen and.....

I made it! Here I am with a death grip on the hand holds. I was able to reach up and touch the metal bar at the top. Yipppeeeeee! I don't think I will ever do this again but I am sure glad I did it this time!

Have you ever conquered a fear? or Is there a fear you'd like to conquer?



  1. woohoo you did it way to go big hugs

  2. I am afraid of heights too! I'll bet it was really fun:)

    My fear that I conquered. I am a BIG pain weenie, but conquered that (or at least got through it) by having my last two children at home unmedicated. It was great:)

  3. I could never have done that. I am afraid of heights too. Once at the grand ole opry we had to sit in the balcony and I was on the front row looking over the balcony. I begged someone several rows back to change places with me. I am proud of you!

  4. Oh girl way to go!!! I so couldn't do it, or fit my rear into that gear either.

    What a awesome party place!

  5. @Becca~ Thanks!

    @Ma~ Having two babies without pain meds beats what I did anytime!

    @Beth~ Thanks! I know what you mean. My childhood church had a balcony and whenever There was no room downstairs I just stood at the back rather than go upstairs!

    @Alexis~ Thanks! I was wearing black so I looked alot thinner than I am. believe me I was scared that I would be too big for that harness!

  6. Ok, I'm impressed. I have such a fear of heights that I can't really imagine doing this. It really must have taken a lot of self-confidence and determination. Good for you for setting such a great example for your kids. You are a cool mom. :)

  7. WTG. girl! I've always wanted to try that!

  8. @Retired English Teacher~ Thanks It was nice to feel like a cool Mom for a change! LOL

    @HeatherBabe~ You have got to do it! It's a blast!

  9. Great blog Joanne from your rock climbing partner (aka sister-in -law) ;) It was a lot of fun and a great feeling of accomplishment. I think I have the rock climbing bug. I would love to do to again... What do you say sista?

  10. @Sista~ I'm IN!!!!!LOL See you at the top!!!

  11. I think that is so awesome that you jumped on that wall and did it! I bet you felt very empowered after that! Good for you! :-)

  12. @ Bird in a Tree Creations~ Welcome to my little blog! Yes I did feel empowered! In fact I have been thinking about doing it again!


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