Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday's Question~ Could you live in this house?

Welcome to Saturday's question. Recently I  found out about this company that makes teeny tiny houses. The company is called Tumbleweed. My question to you is...after looking at the tour video...If need be do you think you would be able to rid yourself of most worldly possessions to live in one of those houses? How about for just a year?  


  1. That loft makes me feel claustrophobic just looking at it!

  2. I would think i would be able to live in one of these houses. Love,
    J ; )

  3. how cool i actually could live there

  4. @Ma~ Yeah I was ok with it all until I saw that loft...too tiny for me. but the rest is kind of cool!

    @Beth~ LOL I hear ya...I have got to have a bigger bedroom!

    @J~ It is pretty cute.

    @ Becca~ It sort of looks like a doll house. I think that is why it appeals to people plus the mortage is nearly nothing I would guess!


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