Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Prom Pictures and "Trying" to Throw Out The Clutter

First,  My Friend from Retired English Teacher asked me yesterday to see what my own Prom dress looked like and here it is......


OK you can all 
          stop laughing now.

Now onto today's post. As you all might well know I am trying to do some spring cleaning. Perhaps you are doing the same. Now there is a might have one....a room you dare not enter unless absolutely necessary. A room where the dog will not trespass because he is afraid..This is a room where the sunlight debates whether or not it wants to enter.....It is The

 children's playroom!!!!

woman screaming

Toys Toys EVERYWHERE! Mine happens to be in the half finished basement. It was supposed to be sort of a sanctuary for my husband but the kids quickly took care of that little fantasy. There are tons and tons of toys and when their friends come over is a giant free-for-all. Every year twice a year I try to throw out or donate old toys but birthdays and Christmas come along and whamo!  the Toys have multiplied yet again. 

 We find J's baby alive doll and it brings back old memories of my own childhood. I wanted a baby alive doll so badly I could think of nothing else. I wanted a doll that pooped and peed and drank and ate baby food. It was the greatest doll ever, but did I get one? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! My mom heard that the dolls began to stink because of all the food that would get stuck inside of it.... case closed. No baby alive doll for me.

 These kids are lucky. I don't remember having so many toys as a little girl. As I pick through what needs to be donated and what needs to go, my son comes down and starts to "rediscover" toys he hasn't played with in years. Of course my daughter joins in and questions me

"Mom you aren't really gonna throw that out are you? Grandma gave that to me!"

Ugh the guilt

She still hasn't forgiven me for donating her fisher price dollhouse. Who knew she would still want it at the age of 10! So I left the cluttered playroom with less to throw out and just some to donate. The baby alive doll stays a bit longer. And No MOM it doesn't stink!!! OK here's a question for you all...

Is there a toy that you still have or always wanted but never got?  What is/was it?


  1. I always wanted a doll. Having 7 siblings in a poor family that didn't happen. My daughter had dolls galore but she preferred playing with her brother's toys.
    You looked very nice in your prom dress. I remember mine. It was a strapless blue confection that I borrowed from an older friend.

  2. What a great post!! We have our toy room upstairs, it takes over one of the spare bedrooms. When I was a kid, I wanted the Cootie game, the Clue game, and several of the hottest dolls at the time, also wanted strollers and high chairs for my dolls. You can see I wanted a lot, I was born a shopper!! We recently put some of the more toddler type things away, and sure enough, Ella started missing them and asking for them. Specifically, the Noah's Ark magnetic cling book set. She STILL talks about the Zu-Zu pets every day. When we had them, she was scared of them and would run away screaming and jump on the couch, so we gave them to a friend. Well, we have never heard the end of it. We think now that she LIKED being scared!

  3. Oh lord we do that a lot! I did make the boys go threw the toy box the other day, I Channeled my inner German Grandma & kaboshed the keeping lol. Yup I know I'm so mean, but then we went and bought a new toy after we donated so it really didn't count ... lol.

    I so forgot to ask yesterday to show a pic, I'm so glad she did. love it, you worked it!!

  4. Thanks for posting the pics! I think your dress is cute. It is right in style for the times and quite romantic.

    Yes, there was a toy I wanted. I wanted a gas station! I know that sounds weird, but that is what I wanted. My mother did not think that was an appropriate gift. I never got my gas station.

    I have Fisher-Price toys in the basement that are older than you are. They belonged to my first and second born. Believe it or not, those old toys were the favorite ones for the grandkids. They loved the old toys, so I guess it is good that I never threw them out.

  5. @Beth~ Aww how sad that you never got a doll :o( Your prom dress sounds so romantic!

    @Ginny~ wow that's some list!!LOL it's so true just when you are abou to throw away a toy the kids suddenly can't live without it!

    @Alexis~ You are too get rid of a toy and buy a new one!!LOL

    @ Retired English Teacher~ Thanks! a gas station huh? well I think you should have gotten it! Fisher price toys stand the test of time.


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