Monday, July 22, 2013

Childbirth is no Joking Matter....Except When these Guys Try It

         My Sister-in Law and I were pregnant around the same time. When I was in my  third trimester she was in her first. After the babies came (and we were still reeling from the far from perfect labor experiences)....We all sat around the table after dinner at my Father and Mother-in-law's home and talked about labor.

My Father-in law then spoke...

      "I Donno why is it that you women think it is sooo hard. It cannot be that difficult."

We both stared at him like


We all (including our husbands) began to then pounce on his words until there they were...just a smashed pile of sweet ignorance on the floor. I think the clincher was when my Brother-in-law said

" Well, let see a man squeeze out a bowling ball and see if that hurts."

 Everyone then got a good laugh and a week later a strongly worded letter was sent from my Father-in-law on what was appropriate language around the dining table.

point more labor talk

Which brings me to today's hilarious video. Two married men wanted to prove that childbirth wasn't as bad as their wives said it was. Soooo the following is the result.....enjoy

                                                   uploaded to You Tube by: Faithrefreshed

    They did this for just an hour. I bet after this experience they sent their wives lots of flowers and gave them lots of hugs......and did the dishes.

Have a awesome Monday!!!!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Rock Number 3


           Hi Everyone! About a month ago I shared with you my version of Hidden Art. I Paint on rocks that include a positive message and leave them behind . See post-->Hidden Art 

My Family went our yearly camping vaca....(OK my daughter just informed me that by saying vaca I am trying too hard to sound hip)

             OK, now she said that by writing the word "hip" proves that i am NOT.

Alrighty then....

                         sending annoying giggly teen out of the room

Anyhoo... While on this trip I decided to take a walk with my lovely (yet right now a pain in the buttocks) daughter.

It was a trail that we have taking many many times. This trip was different.
           I was walking with a daughter that was nearly as tall as me.

                 I was walking with a young lady that wanted to be with me

                             and talk to me

                               and laugh with me

                                 I was walking with a young lady that was interested in what I had to say and I was so happy to hear her share with me. I felt so Blessed to have that time with her.

I had the rock I painted. Soon we found just the right spot.

                                                Can you find where I placed it?

                                 Come closer


 It was a perfect spot...a place that we hoped someone who was walking just as we were walking...would come across and discover this colorful rock and pick it up.

and turning it would see a message.

                                                           and feel special....and loved.

              Just like my daughter and I felt on that walk.


Monday, July 08, 2013

Cure for Monday Blahs......Comedienne Jeanne Robertson

Mondays can be hard.

              Mondays can drag.

                        Mondays might even make you cringe.

I found a video of a comedienne named Jeanne Robertson. She is hilarious. I like her because her stand-up is clean and oh so funny.

 She calls her husband "Left brain" because at times he does very funny hubby-like things. Here she is sharing a story about sending him to the grocery store. He is in a rush and says he will go but only if he is able to use the express line at the store, because he is has to be somewhere else.

                OK, set up done...enjoy.

                              Uploaded to YouTube by: JeanneRobertson

Now go on and enjoy MONDAY!

Blessings, Joanne

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Artsy Fartsy Friday (OK...Saturday) Cotton Candy Making at Ciqikou, Chongqing

I am always in awe of artists who create art that is so delicate or that is gone in the blink of an eye after creating it.

                      Remember going to the  fair as a kid? Remember the one thing that you would get there (and really the only time that you might have this?)....Cotton candy! That sugary "fairy candy" that would disappear as soon as it touched your tongue.

            What does that have to do with art?
                  Well, I came across a video of a street vendor making Cotton Candy art....It is amazing the control he has with the spun sugar.

                           Uploaded to You Tube by: Claudio Valencia

Cool right? Did you see when he handed it over to the young lady you could almost read her thoughts....She's thinking..." This is too pretty to eat!"

Have a Awesome weekend and go out and have some cotton candy!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 02, 2013


     My hubby and I have had this on going argument, 
                                                                                      difference of opinion

and It's all about .....this.

                                         The GPS   or "Maggie" as I'd like to call her.

I Love her....He hates her.

He has never never ever liked GPS.

                He says   "ya can't go wrong with a good ol' fashion map."

                              I beg to differ. After years and years of being the designated map reader, folder,  and trying to figure out the distance from point a to point b..... (and failing miserably I might add)... I demanded asked nicely for a GPS.

Maggie and I became best buds.

My hubby ....not so much.

On our recent trip we deviated a bit from the usual route and missed the exit.

            I gingerly placed the GPS into its place on my windshield and after some convincing my husband decided to heed Maggie's directives.


Everything was quiet in the car as Maggie told my husband that the turn was coming up soon.

           My Husband drove off two exits before the actual one.

 "Darn it!!!!! This Darn GPS!!!!!" He shouted.

"What the heck are you balking about?! She didn't ding! You're supposed to wait for the DING!!!!" I yelled back defending my driving buddy Maggie.

" I know but she made me so nervous by constantly telling me the exit was coming up soon that I sort of panicked! That thing is annoying!"

"SOOOO  you're saying that she is NAGGING you?"


Silence as the realization that the argument conversation was going off into the twilight zone.

Then I said " Hmmmm.... well if she's nagging maybe it's because she was probably programed by a middle aged married woman who had enough of the map-reading and folding duties only to be completely ignored and second guessed when she says the turn is coming up!"

Just then Maggie said DING! DING signaling that we needed to turn off at that exit....but I'd like to think that perhaps that was her way of saying to me " Yep, you are totally right Joanne!!!!!"