Monday, November 29, 2010

The Fire Across the Street

             Ok, last night I wrote about how I had insomnia. It turns out that I didn't get to bed till 3ish or so. So there I was trying to get to sleep and just when my eyes started to get a bit heavy...(I swear this is true) the fire detector goes off....then stops ....then a few minutes later goes off again. There was no fire. My husband replaced the battery thinking that was the problem but nooooooo a few minutes later off it goes again. We do another check of the house and on and on it goes. I know exactly what the problem is. It seems my dear neighbor has a wood burning stove. Fanfreakin tastic.  I think he burns a certain kind of wood that really smells as if you are directly in front of a wild fire.  I say this because very winter even though the windows are closed the smell from his and maybe other fires fill the night air not with warm cozy scent of a crackling fireplace, but with a smell that makes you believe there is a huge blazing out of control four alarm fire out there; and when we open the windows just a bit my smoke detectors go berserk .  Every year my smoke detectors detect the smell from my neighbor's house and go off. This time the windows were closed. I have had insomnia for two nights now. I have a parent-teacher meeting tomorrow and I fear I will look like something out of the Night of the Living Dead if I don't get sleep tonight. I pray for wind so that the fire smell will at least be diluted somewhat. I can't go over there and ask them to douse the flames; that's probably their only form of warmth....but I have this fantasy that come this summer I place the BBQ grill right underneath their bedroom window and only move it when I hear coughing! lets see how they enjoy that! Who am I kidding...I'm never doing that...I'm so tired........but now I'm tired and I'm in the mood for a burger.

Still Awake at 12:18am

         insomnia fairy by
Site Just found -really cool stuff
                It's 12:18am and I can't sleep. I have to get my daughter up before 6am and even that fact does not push me closer to that bed. It happens. I just go with the flow. What else can I do? I have been surfing from blog to blog and I am amazed at people's creativity. is my most recent obsession. The pictures on her blog are simple uncluttered masterpieces and they seem to whisper ahhhh come on in take off your shoes and have a cup of tea. So cool. I look around at my own home and wonder why can't I get mine to say that? Mine says I am TIRED, but come on in anyway and please please don't remove the throw pillow I haven't been able to get around to removing the stain off the couch. I can see that I need stuff to make it homey but what Dear Lord what? I'd like to be able to look at a thrift store chair and say "Aha! there you are, you would look perfect in the office!" But I pass it by without even a nod of acknowledgement. Poor thing. Oh well some people got it and some people don't...I don't.........yet. Maybe one day. Right now I'm going to visit a few more blogs for a bit more inspiration.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wedding Dress

Close up of my own dress. Felt like a princess

           Today was a slow day. The kids were busy creating . My Son was building a set and background for his Pokemon figures and my Daughter was busy building a box puzzle. I took the opportunity to clean out my closet. On the top shelf I keep my wedding album. Of course once you come across a wedding album you have to take it out and look at it right? So there I was flipping through the pages and smiling at the posed shots. My wedding dress was sweet and princessy. It was beaded on the bodice and had a plain tulle skirt with a very long detachable tulle train. I had dreamt of my wedding and trying on gowns since I was five I guess. I looked at all those wedding pictures and I have one regret. Just one. I should have tried on more dresses. In fact, I just tried on the one. The experience was over before I knew it. If I could do it over I would have tried on the whole store full of dresses. I knew what I wanted and that is exactly what the sales lady came out with. Since then I've had this feeling that I missed out somehow on the experience. I love wedding dresses and I love looking at pictures so I spent ten minutes on the computer looking for dresses that I would have loved to try on...still do. Here are some I found on the net that I thought were cool to look at. Join me in one of my obsessions....If you have any pictures of some interesting wedding dresses please feel free to send the web page link my way I would love to see them.
1920's wedding dress. I love the
long veil paired with the short dress

Shirley Temple's So 40's modest
classic satin dress

Audrey looked good in everything
I love her tiny waist and the flats


1950's princess gown. I love the full veil
and lace on the dress

A very Mod 60's dress

OK, this one was hard.
 I can't say I loved the dress,but I sure did love that 25 foot train!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Day to Rest

I love This Cartoon!

        This year we will not be the last people on the block to put up Christmas lights! This is what I say every year. As I drove home the other day ( it was over a week before Thanksgiving) a few houses had their lights up already. What the........!  Seriously people? Come on! So I said to myself  "Self, you are going to bring up all the Christmas decorations the day after that Self?" Yesterday we ate and ate and If I do say so myself I cooked the juiciest turkey ever. After the meal we played games and had fun, then cleaned up- then flopped into bed asleep before my head hit the pillow. This morning I got up and put away all fancy plates and serving dishes, made breakfast and decided to go downstairs to fetch the decorations. Hum what is this? The basement playroom was a mess. Had to clean that up before starting anything. After that I saw that there was a pile of laundry that needed to be done...did it. Ahh  laundry needed folding- then off to make lunch and clean up the kitchen . Whats that? Shoot we need milk...well, now that we are at the grocery store...might as well pick up some stuff for the week. Hum, promised the kids I'd take them to the library.  They borrowed some books and some videos to watch over the weekend... La dee dee Laa dee daa.  We walked the dog and checked in on my mom.-Ran an errand for her. Came home sorted and folded more laundry. Cleaned the Living room. Made dinner. Cleaned dishes and straightened the kitchen out. Gave dog a bath. Chased dog after he escaped while I was trying to dry him.  When My Husband came home he asked " Hey I thought you were going to bring up some of the decorations today?' I said "na, I decided to leave it for another day."
"Good" he said "After all that work you did yesterday you needed a day to rest. I spent the next ten minutes trying hard not to laugh.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


John Bell's Christian Art Gallery
       This year will be a very small Thanksgiving at our house. Only my Mom will being coming over. That is more than OK with me. I have in the last few years come to the realization that I have let others dictate and taken away my joy at the holidays. I stressed out over gifts and who is coming over for dinner and who is not. I have taken the dream of a perfect holiday reunion with all extended family and replaced it with a quiet contentment and gratefulness of what we have here right now this moment.The moment when I let go of that perfect dream (that haunted me all those years) that was the exact moment that I began to truly appreciate and enjoy the holidays. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I will try to make a juicy turkey with all the fixin's. I will sit down with my Husband, my Children and my Mom and we will say grace. I am Thankful for so many Things.
Thank You God for my Children. For their Good Health, their hugs and kisses and their love for you
Thank You God for my Husband His Kindness and love for his family
Thank You God for My Mom for her ability to still be able to enjoy her Grandkids
Thank You God for my Husband's family their love and devotion to each other
Thank you God for my brothers and their families their struggles are lessened with your love
Thank you God for my friends and their uncanny ability to be able to laugh even in sorrow
Thank you God for opening my mind and heart to see your Grace and allowing me to stay here to witness more.

Thank You Dear Lord for everything!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Marathon Shopping Day Hangover

       OK, I don't drink so the title is a bit misleading. Yesterday my friends and I had our 17th "MSD". Officially it started around 10:30. It was supposed to start at 10. I was 20 minutes late. At the last minute I had to take my daughter to her Volleyball practice instead of my husband as planned. Then to top things off there seemed to be no money in my account. Damn those money elves why don't they get their act together already! In essence I was in a state of panic and was not paying attention when I turned north instead of south. I was late and I just wanted to get there. I just wanted to sit down and have some breakfast and start our adventure. When I finally got there I found that they had already eaten. Damn it. I ate anyway and first on the list was
their version of little pigs in a blanket and tea.

We then went of to hit the outlets. Around 1pm or so we settled in to a sea food restaurant with great prices so who knows where they get their seafood from.  It was still tasty though.
No this was not a family style meal for the table..this was my lunch!
Fried shrimp, fried calamari, stuffed mushrooms and two cokes with lemon

We went off to do some more shopping. 2 Targets, Kohl's .

Fast forward to 8 or 9 o'clock...Dinner.                                                           

My friend's drinks, freshly made chips and salsa

I forgot to take a picture of the meal and dessert. But quite frankly it was nothing to stand up and cheer about. Oh I ate it, boy did I eat.

We ended up at Toys R Us at around 11pm. I got home around 1:30. At around 3:20 my stomach got back at me for being such a glutton and the rest of my vital organs decided to join her.  Now, lets see what could it have been that got me so sick?

Could it have been......
Pigs in a blanket?
Seafood Bisque?
Deep fried shrimp?
Deep fried calamari?
Stuffed mushrooms topped with some kind of cheese?
Re-fried beans?
Tamale covered in some mysterious sauce?
fried flautas?
beef taco?
Chili pepper stuffed with meat and covered...... COVERED with cheese and sauce?
Fried ice cream?
Dishwater coffee?
and one iced tea?

Yep that's was the iced tea.

I'm off to drink some plop plop fizz fizz. I'll spend ten minutes waiting for it to work so I can get on with my day...... oooooooo my stomach!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Marathon Shopping Day

              It all started with a bunch of us deciding to go Christmas shopping together. We hit the stores early and didn't stop until they closed late that night. We acted silly, ate whenever we could, and shopped shopped shopped. The first year I think there must have been four or five of us. Each subsequent year it dwindled to just my best friend A and I. Then J Joined a few years later and its been the three of us ever since. The objective is to do a little shopping a lot of cheating on our diets and a tremendous amount of joking around. This year It will be our 17th or 18th year. I'm so ready. So for the last ten minutes I worked on a list of ......where to eat of course. I bet you thought I was going to say gifts or stores right? well maybe I'll add that later. Lets see
                                               #1 Cinnabon
                                                         #2 Panera


                                      #3 Everywhere Else!

Goodbye diet...hello hefty girdle

Friday, November 19, 2010

Successful Kids

                                                            The Tallest of Smalls
book by Max Lucado

     My Daughter made the Volley ball team. After four days of intense try-outs she was given a spot on the team. I was so proud of her but I was not surprised. She gives almost everything in her life the same intensity and vigor. She strives and works hard and is usually successful in whatever she tries and even when she doesn't succeed she tends to brush the disappointment off like an annoying bug. My son tries hard as well, but with one exception; usually the outcome is not what he'd like it to be. He also never gives up. Yesterday he ran a race at school. The three top winners would get medals and since I knew he is one of the fastest kids I kind of thought he might have a shot. He was part of the pack in the lead, then ...he was third! third! A medal I thought. He is going to get a medal! At the last moments another boy ran past him and scored the third place prize. My Son received a certificate along with all the others who ran. Instead of coming home crushed that he didn't win; he came home happy because his friend got the prized medal. My Daughter, put away the joy for her own success and looked at the generic certificate my son had in his hand. "Wow, that's awesome!" she said to her brother. He smiled and said "Yeah! I was forth. I missed it only by this much!" he pressed his pointer finger and thumb together. My Daughter is a go getter and my son looks at the glass as half full aways. My heart is filled with pride and for ten minutes+ we all enjoyed some hot chocolate and talked about their adventurous day. They both had a great day. And they were both successful.  Thank you God.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Pile

      I think I need to get organized
       I love organization. I enjoy watching those shows that turn a cluttered home into a neat freaks dream. I can't help it. When my house is clean I breath a sigh of relief. It feels wonderful. Now, am I organized? Nope. I struggle with it every single stinking day. I make tons of lists and try to follow them religiously or else I find myself in a huge stressed-filled quandry. I walk up the stairs to my sons room with the trepidation of a horror movie character who is afraid to open the closet door. I cover my mouth to muffle the over-acted scream. Then I clean up what I can.  I start on one end of the house and by the time I get to the other end; the first part of the house is in shambles. I try not to let it get to me. It's life right? I mean who wants to live in a museum? I mean no one right? However, every now and again something in the house starts to irritate me like some hideous summer rash. It started a few weeks ago with the pile (of whatever the heck the pile is made up of ) on my husband's side of the bureau. It's starts off with some loose mail. Then perhaps change and a small box or two then a series of folders filled with work papers. Whatever the heck it is I can't touch it. We have long ago learned not to move each others things. So a few weeks ago I asked him if he could just put the stuff away.
"Sure Hon, I will"
Days pass and the pile gets taller.
"Hey um, you think you could put that stuff away?"
"Sure Hon."
Days pass
"Seriously, I'm getting tired of looking at that pile. Could you pleasssssse put it away?"
"Sure Hon."
Days pass.
"If you don't put away that crap I swear I'm gonna take it out back and burn it... hear me? BURN IT!"
"Don't worry about it Hon, Its not in the way just leave it alone"
OK, we reached an impasse. I guess threatening to throw it into a fire pit was a bit rash but what should I say? I asked nicely, I said please. I don't want to put it away myself because that defeats the whole purpose of personal responsibility. Hum, time for (he doesn't read this blog so its OK) psychological warfare!
Every time I passed the pile I fixed it so that it tilted a bit to the right. Why, you ask? Well, every time he went in to retrieve socks , t-shirt or underwear the slight shaking of the bureau would cause the pile to fall. Every time the papers came flying off a slightly evil grin appeared on my face. I know I know. That's not very Christian of me. I said I am a believer I didn't say I was perfect. This went on for two days. Finally this morning I walked out of the shower and the pile was gone. I walked over and gave him a hug. I did feel a pang of guilt. I then meditated and prayed for a few minutes (aakk the guilt )and then off I went to go upstairs to collect the laundry. On my Son's bed was a huge pile of books and papers he threw there while he searched for his library book. I came downstairs and told my husband about the huge mess in our son's room.....I swear I thought I saw an evil little grin on my husband's face. It was probably just my guilt tugging at me. But again could he have?.... nooooooo.........well may be. I spent the next ten minutes cleaning a pile that suspiciously had my husband grinning from ear to ear............drats foiled again.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Broken Castles

            I love fairytales. So it makes sense that I would love Castles; and I do. I have a small collection of perfect castles or should I say I did. Throughout the years they have mysteriously cracked shattered and chipped their way into oblivion. The first to go was a gorgeous globe with a exquisite fairytale castle inside. It was given to me by my Husband and destroyed by him as well. I didn't even have the luxury of getting mad at him because he broke while he was trying to help me by vacuuming. How could I get mad? The next one to bite the dust was a castle that I bought when I went to Medieval Times with my friends. Again, my husband was to blame. Then it was my son's turn. He knocked one of my favorites over and I almost cried. I had three left...until today.......I broke it while cleaning. It was the one I bought when I was newly engaged and I kept it on my nightstand along with my journal filled with wedding plans. I have to admit we are a family of butter fingers. Before our first wedding anniversary I had to buy a whole new set of china to replace the constant chipping and shattering of the one my dear Mother-in-law gave us. She still doesn't know that I did that. She still has perfect china from her bridal shower 50+ years ago. How could I tell her that the beautiful china she gave me didn't last the year? Shameful. Soon I'll write about the gorgeous ornament she gave me and ....well......I digress. Back to the castle. I spent ten minutes today piecing and gluing it together; somehow it's just not the same. Once something precious is broken or damaged in some way no matter how much you try to fix it its just never the same again. Thank the Lord He doesn't see us that way. We could be broken and damaged and God is able to fix us and and we are whole again. I write these words and look at my castle again. Suddenly, it doesn't look so bad.

My poor broken little castle

Monday, November 15, 2010

Mondays.....wish I could stay in bed 'til Tuesday

Mondays...... EWWW!

           This Morning started off like every monday morning. I slap the snooze, curse the clock for waking me up before 6am and drag my feet like frankenstien into the bathroom. All this is normal and really it does not bug me too much of my kids tells me about money that is due into school today; tons of papers that mysteriously appear for me to sign,  theme day at school, a lost library book that must be found NOW or a sudden stain that appears on their clothes----all this happens  just minutes before the bus arrives. This morning... MONDAY morning my Daughter informed me that she needed a white shirt with her name on the back. WHA????? 
 "I have to have it today Mom." She looked at me with that there you go again ruining my life look.
"Oh well," I said "looks like you are going to have to make due without it. You should have told me sooner" I was standing my ground.
Then my Son stood in front of the door as the bus was literally down the street and says "Oh, Mom you gotta sign these papers and I need 10 dollars for the PTA" I almost started to cry. I know the school sends those notices and requests home but damn it they send EVERYTHING home. I just can't keep up with it. Those papers multiply and give birth to more overnight. Without use of my glasses I furiously signed all the papers with a chicken scratch signature and as luck would not have it he missed the bus and I had to take him to school. On the way I found the note my daughter gave me last week. It was stuck in the visor as a reminder I guess. It was a  request to parents to supply a white T-shirt. The pangs of guilt pounded me and after I dropped off my son I raced to the store where I spent ten minutes trying to find a white t-shirt for my Daughter. She got it in time and after she came home today she gave me a hug. Totally worth it. Tomorrow is tuesday and I am glad. wait.....did my daughter just say she volunteered me to bake cupcakes? UGH

How to Keep Track of Your Children's Schedules, Activities ...

 How to Make Your Morning Less Hectic With Kids |

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kisses From God

            Today was a beautiful day. The sun was out and it was warm.  Today was one of those days that I like to think of kisses from God. Yes, Kisses. Like a welcomed sun shower during a hot day or a 60 degree day in February. Kisses. They make you feel good, renewed and grateful.  I baby-sat my cute-as-a-button niece today and as she blessed me with gummy smiles and razzes filled with vanilla yogurt I thought about all those little things in life that seem like kisses from God. My children giving me hugs for no reason at all. Thinking or dreaming about a long lost friend only to hear from them days later. Finding money in your pocket just when you needed it most. Hearing a song that picks up your spirits when you are having a rough day. It could be a simple smile from someone that makes the difference. Kisses from God. You might have even had an experience today. I hope so. Today was a beautiful day. Thank you God.

Friday, November 12, 2010


                                              Minnie Mouse & Daisy Duck's Tea Party - Games & Activities .
             My niece had a party the other day. Her very first one. The theme was a ladybug tea party. The setting was loving and warm. My sister-in-law set up a small buffet table with an eclectic array of tea cups and tea pots. It was lovely.  I love tea parties; always have. For my daughter's 5th birthday we invited all her friends and their favorite dolls over for a tea party. My son who was two brought his Buzz light year and my nephew brought his favorite dinosaur ( a T-Rex I believe) I set up a separate table for all the "Dolls" and placed in front of them their very own cup and saucer. The children's table was frilly and set with tiny plastic teacups and plates. They drank ice tea, snacked on mini oreos and mini M&Ms, and we served mini sandwiches. The girls wore fancy dresses and the moms oo'd and aah'd at the sight. For my daughter's 11th birthday her Aunt treated us to an actual high tea at a tea room. A three tiered pastry tray adorned our table with fresh butter and jams to enjoy as well. The tiny sandwiches were so delicately arranged it was almost a shame to eat them. There is something about a tea party. It makes you slow down. you appreciate the sights and wonderful aromas of the table. Today I took 10 minutes to have a cup of tea. I had soft classical music playing in the background, sat at the back window and just enjoyed the we just raked yesterday and the leaves seemed to have multiplied. Aww, crud did the dog pooped in the kid's area? Sheez, we really should put away the table and chairs before it snows. Is that my neighbor's cat in my yard again?....the tea didn't work. Perhaps I should have chosen the front window instead. ;-)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day -

            Being the wife of a Vet I guess this day has very special meaning to me and my Husband. I am reminded how many men and women have sacrificed and are sacrificing for liberties and rights we so often take for granted. The fact that you can walk into a voting booth on election day and freely place a vote for whom ever you want is amazing. Thank a Vet for that. This is especially true when in other places in the world people only dream of doing so.  The fact that we can freely complain and debate about the Government without punishment of death. Thank a Vet for that. The fact that we have the freedom to worship in different faiths without severe penalty. Thank a Vet for that. My husband had a sticker on his car that read... For those who fought for it Freedom has a taste the protected will never know. I will pray today for all those Vets from the past, present and future that held their heads high and with a courageous heart fought and currently fight and serve for us without pause. And today I will hug my husband a bit tighter and pray that all those who are far away from their families get to come home safe and sound to hug the people they love. Please God. Amen
"Homecoming GI" by Norman Rockwell


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

That Darn Stats Tab

One of my favorite Norman Rockwell
 Paintings. May we all
be grateful to God
for all our blessings
               I say every day I won't look at my stats I won't look at my stat
...s and of course I do. I don't know why. These numbers tell you how many views you've had on your blog and even where they are from.. I have one follower God bless Her. I think she took pity on me or perhaps decided to return the favor because I commented on one of her posts. Whatever the case may be-thank you 1st and only public follower. When I first started this blog I e-mailed all my friends and let them know about it. One, my friend T e-mailed back and said that she thought it was a great idea. Another text'd  that she didn't like one of my posts. Both my sister-in-law and best friend have read some and others simply never acknowledged the e-mail. Not a problem. In the last month I have received 350+ views on my blog. I don't know if that is good or bad. I don't know if there is anyone out there that is following it anonymously or even if any one of the friends I e-mailed even read a post. I am uncharacteristically unemotional by the results. I love to write... Period. I love to watch the words flow onto the paper and blend and twist into something that makes me sigh with fulfillment at the end. So I have decided in these ten minutes that It has taken me to write all this ...I am not going to click that stats tab anymore. It doesn't matter if a friend or someone in Istanbul takes an interest in this blog. I will be happy if they do but it doesn't matter. I will keep writing and and I will hope that someone out there gets a bit of enjoyment from my sometimes outrageously God-Loving city-girl suburban observations on life. It is with a joyful heart that I write these words and with a grateful heart I post them. Have a wonderful day guys. Thanks. God Bless.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The Art Zone

           As I child whenever I was stressed or very anxious I turned to drawing. My brother would say that I could spend hours in one position entranced by the task at hand. Only after I was done with a sketch or painting would I realize that I had sat in the same position for hours.

Drawing calmed me in a way that nothing else could.  I am by no means a great artist; and in fact these days the closest I get to painting is perhaps helping my kids with their projects. Once a year though,  I do try to enter an open call a local art museum has for any artist who cares to submit their work. I diligently work and sometimes stay up nights trying to perfect whatever painting I am working on. Every year I walk into those wondrous halls with high hopes only to call a few days later and have my hopes dashed.

Frankly, I have quite a collection growing, and the works lean against a wall in my guest room. I wish I could say that my husband loves them and wants me to display them in our home but as nicely as he tries to encourage me I know he does not want them up. At times it makes me sad but I can't force others to love my work right? can I? no.

 Today was one of those stressful days. I walked around with a knot in my stomach and a migraine that could kill a horse. I walked into a store and there in the corner coloring books were for sale. Memories of me in the living room coloring while I lay on my stomach on the floor flooded my mind. Instantly I could smell the crayons and could almost see those smooth colorful lines starting to fill the white spaces. It was a Christmas coloring book and yes I bought it home. I colored the first page and instantly I was there in that wonderful place where nothing wrong happens and time seems to stand still.

 I graduated to a plain sheet of paper and a scene started to appear. When the phone rang a few minutes later the mojo was gone and I was yet again distracted by the happenings of the day, but for ten minutes or so....I was in the zone and it felt great.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Pajama Day

            Today was Pajama day at our house. The kids and I hung out all day in our jammies and it was great. I mean that didn't mean that I did nothing all just meant that I did them in my comfy pjs. The kids watched all their favorite shows (DVR---the best invention since sliced bread) We watched old episodes of bewitched and Happy Days and even Laverne and Shirley. We read books and we even watched some old Muppet movie. We ate popcorn, chips and had hot chocolate. We stayed in and the kids were thrilled that we had no where we had to go to.; no errands to run and it seemed not a care in the world. Its days like this that remind you how utterly busy we are all other times.
"So we aren't going food shopping today?" My son asked
"We are not going out at all?
My 12-year-old who usually jumps at the chance to hang out with her friends simply told them
"No thanks, I'm just gonna hang out with my mom today."

Cute book I found about Pajama Day
By Lynn Plourde 

It was music to my ears. I spent ten minutes times 48 hanging out with my kids today and it was heaven.


Saturday, November 06, 2010

Lost my Wallet and Almost Lost my Mind!

              Please someone tell me that I am not the only idiot that's done this!  The only explanation is that I was not paying attention. I was exhausted and was in my least favorite place in the world...a supermarket.  I shop for both myself and my mother and sometimes it seems that I am in one of three supermarkets everyday of the week. Today was no different. I used the self checkout because it's faster for me. I paid for my Mother's stuff first, I put my wallet on the counter and then I scan my own next. The wallet was right in front of me the whole time.  When I got home I put all the groceries away and realized I had to go out for one more errand;  back in the car my kids and I went. When I got to my destination I realized to my horror that my wallet was not in my purse. I gasped so loudly that it scared my son. I was sure that I had left my wallet on the counter of the self checkout. We ran back to the car and raced to the supermarket. By the time we got to the super market parking lot I was frantic and my poor kids were on the verge of tears. I started to pray very loudly. As anyone knows we carry our lives in our wallets. In addition I also had My mother's personal information and checks that needed to be mailed out. I ran to where I had checked out and of course it wasn't there. I went to the costumer service counter and no one had turned it in. My hands shook as I frantically looked around for someone to help me. After just a few minutes I ran back to the car to see if possibly the wallet had fallen out and was wedged somewhere in the car but no luck. I prayed some more. My poor sweet kids prayed along with me without being asked and nearly started to cry.  I thought about Christmas and having to cancel all my cards and replacing my license and even having to inform my mom that I would have to change her info too. I prayed for solace. Suddenly, I felt the need to go home. I don't know why.I went home and there in the kitchen on the counter was my wallet. Funny thing was that my purse was placed on the love seat when we originally walked in the first time.....I'm sure of it. I could be wrong. All I know is that I spent ten minutes today thanking God for small miracles.   Link for good tips -->how to recover from a lost wallet

Friday, November 05, 2010


                                                   (Picture from an old Saturday Night Live Skit)

             Recently I started to record old Laverne and Shirley episodes. This  morning I heard my Daughter laughing in the in the living room. She had stumbled upon the old reruns and thought they were hilarious.
"Mom, look at their outfits. I like them." she said. I took a good look at their jeans. The waist of their jeans seemed to reach up above the navel and then some. I remember that. In the 80's I wore them just like that! As I spend my days pulling and adjusting my own jeans I wonder WHY?????? Seriously who the heck thought It would be so comfy to wear jeans so darn low? Every time you bend down well HELLLOOOO Cracky! Now I am not or ever shall be a fan of mom jeans (Those pleated monstrosities that made back side look like two huge hams) I am simply asking for a jean that goes up high enough to stay there and make my butt look fab. I know we all just had an election and voted but somewhere between the health care bill and funding granted to measure cows farting (this is true sad but true) we post-pregnancy moms should have some kind of revolt about jeans. We could call it M.T.M.U.A.L.J.   Muffin Top Moms Unite Against Low-cut Jeans. We can march around Washington with our Low jeans and bare mid sections. Just the sight would make fashion designers run to correct their evil ways! Now I know there are some brands that have higher waists but I want to see them on the runway being worn by someone like me; 'cause lets face it; everything looks good on those skinny models. In the meantime I just spent 10 minutes looking for a pair of jeans in my closet that might fit. I will spend the day  tugging and lifting...and perhaps cursing once or twice. Maybe Mom Jeans aren't so bad.....ugh WHAT AM I SAYING!!!!!!!????

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Whistle While You Work? Only if I Can Get My Dog to Dust.

Oh if only this were real then I can get my dog to dust and the beta fish to sort the laundry.  
 Vote<------- Done--cross those off the list. On Halloween we all went out--- my son as Harry Potter and My Daughter as Alice and the dog as a bumble bee. He eats them (I figured that's the least he could do for all those sweet chubby bees he killed). Anyway, the kids came home with quite a stash of candy and later my little Harry Potter had a stomach ache from all the candy he ingested. He's fine. Voted yesterday (hopes it makes a difference) and helped my sister-in-law with chocolate lollys for my niece's birthday. Today I look at my house, my sanctuary and I feel I need to call the cops because I am convinced that someone, (nope it had to be a gang) came in here and ransacked the place. I mean what the .........!!!
My Husband fears for my sanity because all he hears is me talking to myself..
"How the heck did a sock get in there?" 
"Don't tell me that Halloween candy was left on the radiator!"
 "I'm drowning in stuffed animals!" 
"Is that a muddy paw print on my couch?" 
"Dog Hair!! Dog Hair!! Dog Hair!!!!!!!!!!!" 
All I hear is
"It wasn't me."
I look around and I just don't know where to start. So... I first take ten minutes to calm myself, center myself and put my mind in a productive state. I make a list. yep another list. I look at each room and write down what needs to be done. Making a list helps me see a beginning and an end (something I don't see when I just look around). Now I'm off to tackle the bathroom. As I scrub the tub I am praying that no one rings my door bell or calls before I can tidy up.........DING DONG............too late.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Stuffed Animal Woes

        Every now  and then  I say I'm going to give them to charity and everyday I am stopped by my Son or Daughter saying "But Grandma gave me that stuffed animal!" "But that one was my favorite when I was little!" In essence there were just two favorites that I can remember. A over washed teddy bear that my daughter took on every vacation and Mr. Frog a frog that my son took everywhere too. Each one of my children had their turn in leaving their favorite toy in a hotel only to remember when we were very far away. When my son was three we went to Sesame Place. It was our last day of vacation and we had checked out and stopped to get breakfast miles away from the hotel. When the waitress bought over one of those individual sized cereal boxes my son yelled "MR FROG! MR FROG!" We  found out that he had placed Mr. Frog in an small empty cereal box he had saved from breakfast the day before.  "For safe keeping." he said.  My husband said "Well he's just going have to learn... I mean they've probably already cleaned the room!"  As my poor son cried and cried about his lost tiny toy frog we hopped into the car and drove back to the hotel. My husband was right, they had already cleaned the room. I told the manager my pathetic story and she (having small children of her own) came with me to search the freshly tossed paper garbage. She found the one that came from my room and there in the tiny box was the frog safe and sound and (more importantly to me) clean. Today as I was cleaning my son's room I thought of that tiny frog and wondered where it could be? It became a quest. Instead of reading my book for ten minutes like I wanted to; I became obsessed with finding that stupid frog....I looked in the basement, all drawers, all closets even the bathroom cabinets. All I succeeded in doing was making the house look worse than before I started to clean it. I mean WHERE IS THAT FROG?! I hate to write this but I failed in finding Mr frog . He's gone I think....forever...sniff snifff. But I am happy to report..I found fluffy, Rosco, Mr Monkey and Olly. Slamy and Scruffy are safe too. I keep thinking about how important these toys were and are and how adorable my children looked carrying them around. I think I will keep these toys Kids  OK I need to keep them for a little while longer.