Monday, November 29, 2010

The Fire Across the Street

             Ok, last night I wrote about how I had insomnia. It turns out that I didn't get to bed till 3ish or so. So there I was trying to get to sleep and just when my eyes started to get a bit heavy...(I swear this is true) the fire detector goes off....then stops ....then a few minutes later goes off again. There was no fire. My husband replaced the battery thinking that was the problem but nooooooo a few minutes later off it goes again. We do another check of the house and on and on it goes. I know exactly what the problem is. It seems my dear neighbor has a wood burning stove. Fanfreakin tastic.  I think he burns a certain kind of wood that really smells as if you are directly in front of a wild fire.  I say this because very winter even though the windows are closed the smell from his and maybe other fires fill the night air not with warm cozy scent of a crackling fireplace, but with a smell that makes you believe there is a huge blazing out of control four alarm fire out there; and when we open the windows just a bit my smoke detectors go berserk .  Every year my smoke detectors detect the smell from my neighbor's house and go off. This time the windows were closed. I have had insomnia for two nights now. I have a parent-teacher meeting tomorrow and I fear I will look like something out of the Night of the Living Dead if I don't get sleep tonight. I pray for wind so that the fire smell will at least be diluted somewhat. I can't go over there and ask them to douse the flames; that's probably their only form of warmth....but I have this fantasy that come this summer I place the BBQ grill right underneath their bedroom window and only move it when I hear coughing! lets see how they enjoy that! Who am I kidding...I'm never doing that...I'm so tired........but now I'm tired and I'm in the mood for a burger.


  1. Next time the detector goes off you or your husband should take it (still blaring) next door and PUT IT under their window.

    As for the Hunger - yes it is late reading this- NOW you MADE me Hungry for one. LOL

    Saw your comment on Blogtopsites to one of the articles and your title 10minutes2breathe caught my Eye as I have Later Stage Emphysema. Not what I expected but pleased to have stopped in Now I have another blog I'm Following.


  2. Thanks for the tip! I am sorry about your illness. will pray for you. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Makes me feel great that people are reading and enjoying it.

  3. what can i say. Neighbors can be so clueless sometimes! They should at least give you some burgers while they're smoking you out!

    happy weekend!



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