Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day -

            Being the wife of a Vet I guess this day has very special meaning to me and my Husband. I am reminded how many men and women have sacrificed and are sacrificing for liberties and rights we so often take for granted. The fact that you can walk into a voting booth on election day and freely place a vote for whom ever you want is amazing. Thank a Vet for that. This is especially true when in other places in the world people only dream of doing so.  The fact that we can freely complain and debate about the Government without punishment of death. Thank a Vet for that. The fact that we have the freedom to worship in different faiths without severe penalty. Thank a Vet for that. My husband had a sticker on his car that read... For those who fought for it Freedom has a taste the protected will never know. I will pray today for all those Vets from the past, present and future that held their heads high and with a courageous heart fought and currently fight and serve for us without pause. And today I will hug my husband a bit tighter and pray that all those who are far away from their families get to come home safe and sound to hug the people they love. Please God. Amen
"Homecoming GI" by Norman Rockwell


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