Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Whistle While You Work? Only if I Can Get My Dog to Dust.

Oh if only this were real then I can get my dog to dust and the beta fish to sort the laundry.  
 Vote<------- Done--cross those off the list. On Halloween we all went out--- my son as Harry Potter and My Daughter as Alice and the dog as a bumble bee. He eats them (I figured that's the least he could do for all those sweet chubby bees he killed). Anyway, the kids came home with quite a stash of candy and later my little Harry Potter had a stomach ache from all the candy he ingested. He's fine. Voted yesterday (hopes it makes a difference) and helped my sister-in-law with chocolate lollys for my niece's birthday. Today I look at my house, my sanctuary and I feel I need to call the cops because I am convinced that someone, (nope it had to be a gang) came in here and ransacked the place. I mean what the .........!!!
My Husband fears for my sanity because all he hears is me talking to myself..
"How the heck did a sock get in there?" 
"Don't tell me that Halloween candy was left on the radiator!"
 "I'm drowning in stuffed animals!" 
"Is that a muddy paw print on my couch?" 
"Dog Hair!! Dog Hair!! Dog Hair!!!!!!!!!!!" 
All I hear is
"It wasn't me."
I look around and I just don't know where to start. So... I first take ten minutes to calm myself, center myself and put my mind in a productive state. I make a list. yep another list. I look at each room and write down what needs to be done. Making a list helps me see a beginning and an end (something I don't see when I just look around). Now I'm off to tackle the bathroom. As I scrub the tub I am praying that no one rings my door bell or calls before I can tidy up.........DING DONG............too late.

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