Friday, December 12, 2014

Artsy Fartsy Friday~Real or Not


Sixteen years ago I created one of my most realistic paintings ever.

           A close friend of mine was married on a tropical island and a picture was taken with the lovely bride and groom on the beach. He held her in his arms and as they kissed the beautiful beach and water surrounded them in a perfect image of brand new love.

Since the picture was so tiny I decided to paint them an exact copy (just a tad bigger)  I painstakingly sketched then painted , shaded and mixed the exact shades of color depicted in the picture. To my delight it turned out beautifully.

Before I gave it to my friend I showed it to others and they couldn't believe how realistic it seemed. It was indeed one of my finest works.

I was never able to recreate the same level of realism.

When I gave them the painting they really seemed to love it and I was pleased. 

Years later they separated and eventually divorced and down came the painting along with all the other wedding pictures they were so proud of.  Even though it's been five years the sting of the result of their marriage breakup is still fresh on her heart so I have never asked what she did with the painting or even if it still exists...

I have always been fascinated with artists that could take pen, pencil, and paint and turn it into something that looks so real that it is difficult to tell if it's photography or not.
...let's see if you can tell....

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I hope you have a beautiful weekend!
                                      Blessings, Joanne