Monday, February 28, 2011

My Baby is 13 today

              At 7:40 this morning thirteen years ago I had a beautiful baby girl. I am not going to go on to describe the birth all I can say is OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCHIE OUCH OUCH OUCH! 

 What I got in return was a dream come true. I would endure a million times more pain for Her to be here.
  I had always wanted to be a Mom.
  As a child I would look at pregnant women and wonder what it felt like. When I saw that tiny positive  result on the pregnancy test stick I stood there in awe and disbelief. I was thrilled. Instead of dreading that stretching bulging belly I embraced  it. I couldn't wait to wear maternity clothes and as my due date came closer I was nervously very protective of my huge stomach. I knew that once the baby was out I would have to share her with the world. I wasn't ready for that; but on a very unseasonably warm February Morning after 24 hours of knife twisting labor I pushed my baby into this world. The pain instantly disappeared. I gazed at my baby...She was perfect. Her father and I looked at her and the rest of the world faded away. After phone calls to grandparents who must have slept by the phone because they answered on the first ring, we were back to just us three. I didn't know how much I could love someone; I didn't know how much I could worry about someone until I became a mom. 

           My Baby Angel you are still so perfect. You are sweet and kind and loving, and I can't believe that at 7:40 this morning you are officially 13 years old. I have had you for 13 years, But I have loved you all my life it seems because to your Dad and me our lives didn't officially start until you came along. Happy Birthday My Sweet Baby Girl. May God bless you always. 
                                                                                             I love you, Mom

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday's Question~ Will You Choose the Trip of a Lifetime?

Pack Your Bags! You have just been told that your can choose
one of these Luxury Once-in-a-Lifetime Vacations to go on.
You can choose from...


A luxurious Ice Hotel in Switzerland

 The Hugh Hefner Suite at the Palms in Las Vegas~ complete with Pool and bowling alley in suite!

A Safari Adventure in a top Resort in South Africa


The Most lavish cruise in the world


One of the Most Luxurious beach resort in  Bermuda

 Did you choose? OK now that you are all packed...the sponsors of trip inform you that your chosen spot comes with a catch....While you are there you have to work there for at least 6 hours a day ( Day or Night your choice) before you can enjoy any of the perks. This means possibly waiting on guests, cleaning their rooms, and or chauffeuring them around. Do you still take the trip? or do you just stay home?
 Decisions, Decisions.  

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Making of a Blogger Horror Movie

Greetings Workshop

              So here I am type, type, typing away. I look at my follower's column; It tells me I have 17 followers .  I go to my dashboard again to edit...all is well....wait, I look to my right and it says I have 16 followers! 16? but just a second ago it said 17 what the.....where is she?  OK I am in a panic (not really,  but its good for the overall feel of the post) where could she have gone?....OH MY .......She's MISSING! (cue the horror movie music)

                             TAWN...... TAWN........TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

"J, J get in here!"

"What Mom?." J answers as she walks in with her ipod that is permanently attached to her head.

"J, you need to help me....I've lost......a follower!"


"Just help me look for her!"

"Don't panic Mom, where did you last see her?"

"She was right there right between  Sandra  and  Lisa !"

"Maybe she moved her little picture to another spot on the followers section."

"I've looked, she is not next to Becca or  JennI tried to ask Chelssie, but she is so busy with her baby that I didn't want to bother her."

"Did you ask Alexis or Beth?"

"No, They were too busy cooking. I did try to knock on  Miss Sally's Door, but she was busy teaching a class."  I've asked RoseSugar MommyMaDan,  Cindy,  Paige, and Mini and even Jody No one has seen her!"

"Maybe she fell on the floor."

 We looked everywhere. After we exhausted our efforts J said......

                    (cue violins and ominous clouds rolling in)

"Mom, face it...
                      (dramatic soap opera pause)
                                                                  ... you've been....


Cue lightening and claps of thunder...tight shot of my face contorted in a silent movie scream......cue sound...........


That's a wrap.

Today ya get two posts check out Coffee Art below this post

Coffee art

I Love my Coffee in the morning...ok, I NEED my coffee in the morning. I wish I could make it look like this! Enjoy...Coffee Art. Have a Great weekend! Blessings, Joanne

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Friend I've Never Met

            A few Days ago I e-mail a friend . She is a friend I've never met. She was there for me when I was sick in a way that no one else could because I truly believe that she was an answer to a prayer that I had not yet prayed.

            Have you ever had something or someone enter you life at just the right time? Just when you needed a comforting smile  they appeared or you are feeling so down that you can't reach out , but the phone rings and there they are?  I am not much of a seamstress, but for some reason I wanted to make an apron. simple I thought, but I just couldn't do it.

 So I went to the Net to find a way to make a pretty one. I found instead a web site of a family that lives a pretty simple life style. The women in the family wear caps (Like the Amish) and long dresses and they live on a pretty self sustaining farm. They are not Amish ~ they use computers, but everything else seems to point to the Simple way of life for them.  I sent her an e-mail on how much I liked her web site. She answered back. I found that she was the exact same age as me and we were even born in the same month. She is married, has grown children. She makes her own clothes, takes care of the farm and has her own craft/bake goods store.

It was  just a few weeks later that I found out I had cancer and I don't know why, but one late night I wrote to her pouring out my fears for my family and myself. I wrote that I was scared to pray for what I wanted because maybe It was better to pray for what He wanted for me. She wrote back such unbelievable letters of faith and love. She wasn't preaching, she told me that God loved me and that he wanted me to go to him and ask for help as a child would come to their parent for help and comfort. She prayed for me. And that is what I needed right then and there.

 Never once did she tell me you have to believe this way or we're right you're wrong sort of thing she accepted me and I accepted her. This time she wrote about her family and I did as well. I don't think we will ever meet face to face. I would be useless on her farm and she would probably not be comfortable here. And beside what would I serve to someone who grows her own food and bakes her own bread everyday? Frozen waffles and Jimmy Deans? No, that wouldn't be right. Even so...she was an answer to a prayer not yet prayed. We are friends, and I do love her, even though I've never met her.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ode To Bruce The Dog

       OK, first I'm going to apologize ahead of time to my great poet blogger friends because I'm going to try my hand at poetry now to avoid a rant ......sorry Becca and Lee.

Ode to the Boxer Dog next Door

Oh Bruce (not your real name ) what a deep and resounding bark you have

                   BARK  BARK  BARK 

I hear you repeat that sweet melodic tune ALL DAY LONG

                            BARK  BARK  BARK

You make my teeth clatter with joy and my hair stands on end with love for you

                            BARK  BARK  BARK

And even with all my windows closed I hear your operatic tone

                              BARK  BARK  BARK

My own Dog Max has learned to just sit and appreciate your song by burying his head in the couch cushions

                              BARK  BARK  BARK

Whats this? are my windows rattling? how sweet

                                BARK  BARK  BARK

And now Chee Chee the Chihuahua from across the street joins  in your song
                                   YIP   YIP   YIPPITY   YIP

                          what a treat ..........

                                             ~HARMONY~    help me............blessings, Joanne

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I've Been Tagged!!

handy dandy greetings workshop
     I was running and running but wasn't fast enough. I'm so out of shape!! Becca over at My Life tagged me. She handed me this list of questions that I must answer about myself so here goes......

1. If you have pets, do you see them as merely animals, or are they members of your family?

    Our dog Max is definitely a member of our family. He farts and burps a lot and messes up the place. He fits right in

2. If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?
     For my Dad to still be alive, he would have been an awesome grandpa

3. What is the one thing most hated by you?


4. What would you do with a billion dollars?

      I would donate to cancer research, sponsor people who could not afford treatment. pay off my mortgage and buy  houses for my brothers and their families, buy houses for my friends near me of course. I would go back and make sure all my old teachers that I love were taken cared of. I would build a better; Buy MTV and CANCEL FOREVER the Jersey Shore! Then travel, donate some more and invest some so that I could continuously give even after I am gone.

5. What helps to pull you out of a bad mood?

     A good hardy laugh and a sale.

6. Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?\

     loving someone.

7. What is your bedtime routine?

       I check the kids...yep I still do that. I let the dog out one last time. I go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, let the dog in and then I make sure all windows and doors are locked. By the time all this is done I am usually no longer sleepy.

8. If you are currently in a relationship, how did you meet your partner?

     Through a friend. my Hubby was in the Army so I guess we truly met through letters and phone calls. 7 months later we finally had our official first date. I thought he had the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen.

9. If you could watch a creative person in the act of the creative process, who would it be?

   I love art,  but I really love to watch and listen to people play the piano or guitar.

10. What kinds of books do you read?

      I love Amish stories, mysteries and once in a while a horror story

11. How would you see yourself in ten years time?

        I pray alive and healthy with my family healthy and happy too.

12. What’s your fear?

        That something bad happens to my children or husband~ God forbid

13. Would you give up all junk food for the rest of your life for the opportunity to visit outer space?
            Nope, I love  those funny bones. and besides outer space gives me the heebee geebees

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married, but poor?

       Married and poor...Wait I'm so there now...LOL. I love my husband and we have so much fun together.

15. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

      Hit the snooze button and then growl~ I am so NOT a morning person

16. If you could change one thing about your spouse/partner what would it be?

        His cholesterol count

17. If you could pick a new name for yourself, what would it be?

       Emma or Kathrine or Your Highness~ Wha? I can dream can I?!

18. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing that special someone has done?

        Nope unfortunately~Forgiving is not my strong suit. I have to try really hard to forgive.It is something I struggle with and pray a lot about too.

19. If you could only eat one thing for the next 6 months, what would it be?

           mash potatoes and gravy my favorite comfort food... Aw man now I'm hungry!

OK now I have to tag some people.....I tag....

1. Waiting for God

2. Retired English Teacher

3. Another Step Forward

4.Running Away? I'll help you pack

All you do is copy and paste these questions and answer them in your own blog. No pressure..if you don't want to do it's OK.  If you do answer them then you run and tag others. Blessings, Joanne 

It Never Fails

1. Just when you feel that you have plenty of time to get somewhere you...
                                  Lose your keys
                                  The phone rings
                                  Get a stain on your perfect outfit

2. Your house is clean and tidy one pops by
Your house is a MESS....everyone decides they must visit unexpectedly

3.Your baby can sleep through construction noise
But she will awaken from the sound of you turning in bed

4.You have made your special recipe a million times but when you make it for that one special occasion...It's turns out horribly

5. You walk out of the house and realize you have shaved only one leg

 These next six deserve a category all their own...Bodily functions

6. Just before a GYN exam you feel the worst gas pains
7. Right when its quiet~ elevator, library, meeting your stomach starts to sound like something from the
8.  You never have a problem with sweating but pit stains will appear and grow during a first date or talk 
    with boss.
9.  Something will fly out of your nose when talking to someone/ never when you are alone
10. During a bathroom break you will find that you have been talking to people with a poppy seed, pepper, 
     or spinach stuck to your teeth.
11.While trying to stifle a sneeze or laugh; you fart loudly

12. The office weasel will always get promoted first

13. At a wedding you will always get stuck sitting next to the person who can't stop talking

14. Just when you shovel your driveway along comes the snow plow to bury you again

15.You are strapped for time and you try to get on the shortest check-out line. You find that the person in front of you has trouble with their card, price, has a thousand coupons, or will be determined to pay the exact change even if it means looking through every pocket and flap of purse, or decides to go back to get just one more thing!

16.You sit on the toilet only to find that there is no toilet paper (since you are the only one that changes it you can only blame yourself cause God knows it's too hard a chore for the rest of the cotton pickin' family)

17.You spend hours blow drying and styling your hair only to be caught by a surprise windy rain shower.

18. Just when you feel a bit above water in the money situation...the car needs servicing, or major appliance breaks down  (see post Death of a Vacuum, Printer and Anything Else?)  or medical bill arrives.

19.(This one is for us voluptuous curvy gals) That perfect blouse in the perfect color will Never be available in our size.

20. At the office there will always be that lady that wears way too much perfume and it usually smells like a combo of formaldehyde and a cat-litter box.

21.You think you dance pretty well ...until you see a video of dance...(to tell you the truth I don't care about this one I love to dance and don't care what I look like!)

22.When commuting on a train or bus a person with onion arm pits or garlic breath will ALWAYS choose you to stand/sit next to.

23. Just when you decide to treat yourself to a cookie or piece of cake your family members have not only eaten the last of it but left the empty box on the shelf. This also goes for juice, soda and milk.

24. Right after you set you cell phone on lose it

25.The prettier the shoes the more pain you'll be in when wearing them

I wrote all of this because if you are having a bad day please take solace that you are not alone. We all have our yuk days and perhaps this will make you smile or chuckle a bit.

Well I think I have covered a lot if you have any others please feel free to add. I'm going to take ten minutes to sit back and enjoy some of my secret stash of chocolate.................................................


                  "WHO THE #ELL ATE ALL MY CANDY????!!!!!!!"

                                                                            Life...Live it!!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Answers to Yesterday's Oscar Fashions Quiz

                                          Ok Here are the answers to yesterday's Quiz.


1. Bjork wore this little number in 2001

2. Cathrine Zeta-Jones wore this one in 2002 she won for best supporting actress in  movie "Chicago"


3. Barbara Streisand wore this surprising (especially to her) see-through number in 1969 she won Oscar for "Funny Girl"

4. Celine Dion wore this backwards Jacket in 1999

5. Demi Moore is the designer to this outfit worn in 1989


6. Cher wore this Demure little number in 1986. She won the oscar the following year for "Moomstruck"

7. Julia Roberts gorgeous gown in 2001 she won the oscar for her role in "Erin Brockovich"

                                           Beats the heck out of this look complete with pit hair


8. Halle Berry 2002. She won for her role in "Monster's Ball".


9. Sandra Bullock 2010. She won for her role in "The Blind Side".


10. Audrey Hepburn,  I wish I could have found this picture in color. It is truly a very pretty dress. She won in 1954 for her Role in "Roman Holiday"

                        How'd you do?

        Well, There you have it. Some are hits and some are misses...goes to show us that even the fact that they have designers and stylists and tons of pampering they still have their good and bad style days.  We shouldn't be that hard on ourselves when we are feeling a bit off in the appearance department. Wear what you want. Slap on that spandex girdle and own it girl! I spent 10 minutes looking for a somewhat decent outfit to wear today...nothing Oscar worthy. Maybe Bjork could lend me her dress? People at Church would just die!   Hope the post was fun. Check out the blog tomorrow~you never know what'll pop up here. Have a good day. Blessings, Joanne

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Do You Remember Who Wore What to The Oscars?

               I don't like awards shows, But I am fascinated on what the actors wear to them. So I thought it might be fun to show you some pics and see if you remember who wore what. The following are some fashions that were worn to the Oscars through out the years. Can you name who wore them?

   1. This actress displayed a certain "Je ne sais quoi" that's French for ..I don't know why the hell this woman wore a feakin' bird to the Oscars!

2. This actress wasn't going to let a baby bump keep her from Oscar night . I   looked just like this when I was pregnant. except I was wearing flip flops in February because of the enormous swollen cankles. My belly button protruded like a third arm and my swollen hands looked like mitts but overall..the same.

 3. This Actress didn't take into account that when the lights hit her outfit it became completely see-through! ewwwww

4. Maybe she forgot her blouse and Had to wear it this way?or she had nookie in the car and had to dress in a hurry? I can't think of other explanations. quite frankly this wasn't THAT bad; her hat ( which I could not show here) was a lot worse than her outfit.


5.This actress actually designed this outfit. who the....what the....I can say no more


6. She was known for simple and understated garments......not


 7. She wore a vintage dress. perfection! great actress. and she even shaved her armpits....this time


8. Most loved this dress. I didn't. There was just something about it.  But I wish I had her figure


9. Right after her win, she was betrayed by her rotten stinkin'  idiot moron of a    husband.

                                               And now for #10..............................

 10.   If you guess this one you are truly an expert in Oscar fashion History. She won an Oscar in 1954. Good luck. I hope you had fun guessing.

Come back tomorrow for the answers.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Question

                                      Here's a question for ya.....
If you had unlimited funds and could live in one of these three places which one would you choose?
 In a beautiful house on a mountain-top?

 A beautiful house on a beach?

Or an Upscale apartment in New York City?

I took 10 minutes or so to to dream of what it would be like to live in one of those places and I wonder if it would truly make me happy....maybe I'm not cut out to be an upscale kind of girl, but it would be nice to try it on for size just once.  

Friday, February 18, 2011

Artsy Fartsy Friday~ Tiny Sculptures...Amazing!

    You might have seen Willard Wigan's art before, but If you haven't, be prepared to be amazed. He states that he was not a very good student in school and as a result his teachers made him feel very small. I guess he is trying to show the world that there is importance, beauty, hope and purpose in very small things. He sculpts art that fits in the eye of a needle. His art can only be truly appreciated by looking at it through a microscope.I love his work for not only it's beauty, complexity and wonder of it all, but to me it shows the determination of a little kid that didn't allow people to make him feel less than and grew up to accomplish amazing things .~ Please Enjoy this week's art. Blessings, Joanne


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Who Made This &%$#@ Mess??!!

      So I go down to the laundry room and find out that somehow someone broke in and trashed the place... some kind of evil perverted monster who gets his kicks out of tossing around laundry has invaded my basement and playroom;  And to add to his reign of terror he has added tons more laundry and toys to the mess. I go upstairs to my Son's room and I find out that he has indeed been sponsoring illegal aliens because how else can I explain the mess other than he has had several families hiding out up there. I go into the kitchen and I see that my Daughter has yet again invited a rock band over to eat because how else did all the crap get on the table and dishes in the sink? I know this sounds like a cop-out but I have no other explanation because whenever I ask who made the mess everyone says

"I donno" or

"Not ME" or the biggie...

"What mess?"    Hum there IS one other member of the family who I haven't asked......

He has Guilt written All over his face!!!!

when in doubt blame the dog

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Please Pray

Greetings workshop
         I want to start of by asking If you could pray for a little boy. He is about 10 and he is very sick. He will be going back to the Cancer Hospital tomorrow. At first they thought he might have cancer behind his eyes, but those tests came back negative. Now they think he may have an immune desease and if that's the case it will undoubtably attack his vital organs. Tomorrow he will get the results back from his tests. He might very well have to go through radical Chemo. His Father asked my Husband and I to please pray. Now I am asking you all. If you can please pray for this one little boy and all those other little children who will be there tomorrow too? Please God heal them all. Tonight give your kids and anyone you love an extra hug, I know I will hug my kids tighter tonight. Blessings, Joanne

My Interview With Cinderella ;0)

Cindi's House
        So Valentine's day was yesterday and I wanted to check in with a girl responsible for one of the most romantic love stories ever told....Cinderella.

"Oh, Please call me Cindi."

"Thank you Cindi, So the last time we saw you; you were riding off in a horse-drawn carriage after your wedding to the prince."

"Yes, that was such an exciting day."

"Where did you go on your honeymoon?"

"A Disney cruise. We got a discount. It was a lot of fun!"

"Oh that makes sense. So how is it being married to Prince Charming?"


"Excuse me?"

"I said ehh. Right now we are going through a thing."

"Can you elaborate?"

"Sure, I sort of need someone to talk to. If Princely isn't around all I talk to are mice and a dog. You see life in the castle is not all rainbows and flowers all the time..."


"Most of the time it's great but you know like in all marriages it has it's good days and bad days. Like for instance yesterday was Valentine's day right? Everyone and their Mother gets flowers and candy...Well he brought me glass flip flops. wrong size too! I had them on for a minute before they shattered and tore up my feet...see? A girl wears ONE pair of glass slippers automatically everyone thinks that I am a weird shoe freak!"

"Hum, I can see that."

"Not only that Joanne, it's all the little things that he does that are driving me a bit crazy!"


"Like he leaves his sweaty tights everywhere! I mean seriously he can't put them in the hamper? What is up with that? And the can take just so much of that old pull my finger joke!"

"Sounds familiar."

"And the constant sports! Every Monday night he has to go watch Jousting. I mean I could use a night out too!"

"Got it."

"And you know whats worse? When he invites all his friends over to watch Dragon slaying on TV. His friends are such slobs. Prince Ferdinand (Snow White's husband)  Prince Eric (Arielle's husband) they behave like children."


"Oh yes, it's all Cinderella could you get me some chips and Cinderella could you get me some Meade and Cinderella, Cinderella night and day it's Cinderella! But you know who is the worst one of all? Well, its that Beast guy he is such a nightmare! He comes over eats all our food and the rest of the night walks around belching. I don't know how Belle lives with him!"

"I had no idea."

"And don't get me started with my Mother-in-law. She's like "This castle needs a bit of cleaning do you want me to lend a's obvious you need it. " and "That crown is too small for your big head"  then "I remember when my Son was dating that other girl she was sooooo lovely and came from a great family." and the one that really chaps my...."When are you going to give me Grand-kids? You are not getting any younger ya know."

"Yep that's frustrating."

"And just this morning she was complaining that I have too many vermin and birds in the house! They help me sew and clean! I can't clean this hundred room castle by myself! I mean who can't understand that?"

"Well, I never thought of it like...."

"Oh, And the neighbors! I keep begging Princely to move because the neighbors are always partying."


"Yes, those Seven dwarves never turn down the music! They have a Kegger every night!"

"Oh my."

"Oh and the neighbors to our left are no better they rev their carpet at all hours of the day and night. I finally had Princely go over there to talk to the guy, but the next thing I saw was My Husband and Aladdin flying around hooting and hollering like some school boys.....I just can't win!"

Knock Knock Knock

"Hey, am I interrupting something?"

"Oh no Prince we were just talking about what pretty flowers!"

"They are for my girl, Cindi. I'm sorry I have been acting like a real jerk lately. Hey, Why don't we go out to Cafe' Minnie?"

"Oh Princely, You bought my favorite flowers! They are beautiful!"    Kiss Kiss hug hug.

This is where I let myself out. I guess love does have it's ups and downs even in a fairy tale pans back at the couple kissing....... and then fades to black.  ;0)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I know what Love Is

           I thought I knew what love should be like.  When I was a teenager I was always unlucky enough not to have a boyfriend or even a sweetie for Valentines day.  I envied my friends who went out on Valentines days with their sweetheart and came back with flowers. My first Valentines with a boyfriend was exciting; I was 18 years old and he was 20. I was expecting the works. What I got was a hokey card with no inscription just a signature at the end...and a box. Now when you opened said box there was a plastic fluttering heart inside. It was the ugliest thing that I had ever seen. Instead of going out we stayed at my parents house where we ate dinner with my Brothers and Parents. Needless to say I was very disappointed, but I didn't show it.

         When my husband came along years later I received plenty of beautiful cards and flowers from him. It was a perfect show of love for me I thought. What I didn't know then was that those trinkets though full of love, were nothing compared to the future that lay before us. Love is together holding our baby Daughter and then Son for the first time and watching the world just disappear for a few moments as we were consumed with instant love for our children.

           Love to us became long letters to and from home when he was away over seas. Love was waiting for hours for the chance that he may call home that night and spend 15 precious minutes with us. Love was seeing his face as he picked up his kids in his arms when he came home safe and sound. Love was there when I had  life saving surgery and my husband was the only one who changed bandages and emptied drain pumps. Love is his eyes and the way he still looks at me. Love is him or I seeing the way time has changed us physically, but still seeing those two young people in each other's eyes.

            Love means watching our kids grow and wondering where the time has gone. Love now means, him putting dishes in the dish washer and me helping him out on some house project.  Love now means worrying together about the future and feeling the comfort that we want to be together for all of it. Love now means that after all this time we still make each other laugh and we still want to hold each other's hand when we walk together. I know what love is. And I thank God for it all. Happy Valentine's Day~Love To All!!! Blessings, Joanne

Some Paintings of LOVE

Norman Rockwell, Marriage License Post Cover 6/11/55
The first time I saw this painting was in a book then again at the Norman Rockwell Museum. The back story is that the model who is sitting oblivious to the couple had lost his wife shortly before this painting was done. Knowing that one can truly see that his mind was elsewhere...perhaps thinking of the precious beginnings of his own marriage. 

This one shows a couple that has probably seen it all. Look at the way he looks at her. I feel he is seeing the young girl he married. Look at the way she fixes his boutonniere there is alot of love there...very sweet.
Norman Rockwell, The Old Couple 1922

Norman Rockwell,  Freedom from Fear 1943
This one displays one of the most powerful forms of love. The love of a parent. Here we see the kids quietly being tucked in . They are safe. They feel safe and the parents will do all they can to keep them safe. In the father's hand is the news of the day..the headline "Bombings...Horror" is seen. Even though this was painted in 1943 doesn't it seem to be very relevant today?