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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday's Question~ Will You Choose the Trip of a Lifetime?

Pack Your Bags! You have just been told that your can choose
one of these Luxury Once-in-a-Lifetime Vacations to go on.
You can choose from...


A luxurious Ice Hotel in Switzerland

 The Hugh Hefner Suite at the Palms in Las Vegas~ complete with Pool and bowling alley in suite!

A Safari Adventure in a top Resort in South Africa


The Most lavish cruise in the world


One of the Most Luxurious beach resort in  Bermuda

 Did you choose? OK now that you are all packed...the sponsors of trip inform you that your chosen spot comes with a catch....While you are there you have to work there for at least 6 hours a day ( Day or Night your choice) before you can enjoy any of the perks. This means possibly waiting on guests, cleaning their rooms, and or chauffeuring them around. Do you still take the trip? or do you just stay home?
 Decisions, Decisions.  


  1. i'm in a little work to get to play in one of those gorgeous places i am so taking it.

  2. None of the places are really where I want to go so I would resent having to work the 6 hours to earn my stay. However, if I got my dream trip to England, Ireland and Scotland I would be happy to work the 6 hours.

  3. @Becca~ I'm with you, I would so work just to go luxury trip. Once in a life time right?

    @Beth~ Darn! I should have thought to write Ireland down on the list! Hope you get there one day soon.

    Thanks guys for your comments. Have a great day!

  4. Oh goodness ... hmmm running away may be nice but running to what I already do would not be fun. BUT I would get one day off!


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