Sunday, February 13, 2011

Some Paintings of LOVE

Norman Rockwell, Marriage License Post Cover 6/11/55
The first time I saw this painting was in a book then again at the Norman Rockwell Museum. The back story is that the model who is sitting oblivious to the couple had lost his wife shortly before this painting was done. Knowing that one can truly see that his mind was elsewhere...perhaps thinking of the precious beginnings of his own marriage. 

This one shows a couple that has probably seen it all. Look at the way he looks at her. I feel he is seeing the young girl he married. Look at the way she fixes his boutonniere there is alot of love there...very sweet.
Norman Rockwell, The Old Couple 1922

Norman Rockwell,  Freedom from Fear 1943
This one displays one of the most powerful forms of love. The love of a parent. Here we see the kids quietly being tucked in . They are safe. They feel safe and the parents will do all they can to keep them safe. In the father's hand is the news of the day..the headline "Bombings...Horror" is seen. Even though this was painted in 1943 doesn't it seem to be very relevant today?


  1. Wonderful post...there is so much love in each of these paintings. Their expressions say more than words could convery. Thank you!

  2. The paintings are wonderful. thank you for posting them.

  3. i love old paintings thank you for sharing


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