Sunday, February 06, 2011

Attention Shoppers...There's a Raccoon in the Freezer Section

Now where is that ice-cream!
    Had a great weekend. It was quiet and simple...the best kind, but it would not be complete without at least one embarrassing awkward moment right? This is true especially for me. goes.

     In another post I wrote how I am sick of the non make-up wearing sneaker donning me. (See post Simple Girl )  So I have been trying to spruce myself up and making an effort not to look .....well like tired me. Yesterday I had to go the ...where else the supermarket. and as I am walking through the aisles my eye starts to tear up. I had something in my eye. I wiped and rubbed and finally got whatever dust particle that was in there out. I proceeded to the frozen foods to get ice-cream.  I noticed along the way a few people giving me looks but tired silly me though nothing of it. I finally reached the freezer section where I found the kid's favorite Moose tracks flavored ice cream . When I went to reach for the freezer door I noticed that my hand had a black smudge. ...A big black smudge.

Hum...whats that?  The realization hit me like a smack in the face. I tried to look at my refection in the freezer door. It was a blurred distorted reflection of a half woman half raccoon.  I tried wiping it off but there was no use. So what did I do? I casually opened the fridge and got the Moose tracks ice cream and high-tailed it out of there checking out through the self checkout. Typical...I thought. At home, after I washed my face I sat down and had some moose tracks with the kids. No sweat we've all had our moments right? My friend walked a whole block and a half from her apartment building when a lady informed her that her skirt was tucked into her pantyhose. Everyone has a story...Life...Live it and keep right on going....It's all good.


  1. you crack me up you know me and getting out and dressed up make on is a weekend only time :)

    I've done this so many times! love it girl :)


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