Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Name is Joanne and I'm a Disney-holic


Hi Everyone,

                        I guess I should explain....

                                                    I haven't been bloggin' because for some reason or another I have not been able to sit my pleasantly plump fanny down at the computer to write anything. For a while now I have
been suffering from....

                           Its too terrible


                                                 nightmarish really

People, I'm suffering from ...Disney withdrawl.


      Hi, my name is Joanne and I am a Disney-holic.

                                 (yeah, its a real thing...(to me))

   We visited Disney world in late November and ever since we got back I haven't been the same.

           First, I found it strange that there were no Disney characters dancing around while I went about town in my neighborhood.

              Then, when I stood outside in my Minnie ears...lo and behold there was no Light parade or fire works in my back yard.

               My ice cream,   pancakes, and even cookies were no longer in the shape of Mickey.

                         I was no longer singing along with the Pirates of the Caribbean ride because...

                                      THERE WAS NO RIDE!!!!!!!

                         Yes, I am a Disney-holic and was now back home....the cure for my addiction?

               .....saving my pennies so we can go next year!!!!

The following is a video I took of Christmas with Mickey. On our last night my Hubby had tickets for a special after-hours admission to the Magic Kingdom. 

       There, they made it snow on Main street and they gave out hot chocolate and yummy cookies to everyone there. At the end of the amazing lights and fire works show!!!! You'll be able to tell how excited I was by listening to my reactions!  ENJOY!


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

                Merry Christmas!

                                I wish you All peace.

                                         I wish you All love

                                                       I wish you All comfort and good health

                              May God bless you always,

                                                          Love and blessings,

Happy Birthday Jesus!