Monday, February 02, 2015

Second Hit of Winter

We woke up to this. 

         A wintery mix of snow and ice added to the two feet of snow that                      fell last week.

              School was cancelled for the third time in a week.

                    Cabin fever is on the horizon.

            How did the early pioneers do it? 
            They did it without proper heated homes and without the                                   luxury of waiting it out while sitting still at home in their jammies?

                                 I imagine that school will be cancelled tomorrow as well.

         I take a few precious minutes to write in this poor neglected blog.

                  I am reading The diary of Mattie Spencer by Sandra Dallas. It is about a newly married woman in the 1800's who goes to claim a homestead out West with her new husband Luke... Right now I'm reading about their first real winter there...seems appropriate considering the weather here now. Poor Mattie, how did she do it?