Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Me Time

       Soooooo, both my Kids are at camp for the week.

                    and there they go...
Whoo Hoo...Time for some ME TIME

what to do what to do...

spend some quality time with my dog?

                              Uh....he's a bit tired

                         Well, theres the veggie garden...

Hmmm, yep...it's still there

 I took a picture of our Butterfly Bush

   Well whataya know...it actually lives up to it's name

    Lets see if Max is up for playing a game of fetch

Nope not ready yet

maybe I'll finally get to read one of the books
 I keep saying I'll get to "later"

After ten minutes I was doing this...
Dog Falling Asleep

so I had a little snackaroo
Squidward eating Krabby Pattie

Then a little of this

 OK, maybe watch a bit of TV? 

oh oh...not again.
Cat Falls Asleep

 OK, back to Max
Nope not ready


Monday, July 21, 2014

Too Cute to Keep to Myself

 OK, first of all can you keep a secret?

              Alrighty then lets take the oath

I, state your name ( I always think of The Movie Animal House when I hear that underlined phrase, but I digress) now hereby solemnly swear never to repeat what I am about the read to anyone. If Joanne's son finds out he might be a teensy weensy itsy bitsy bit miffed.

OK, now that that is out of the way...

 My son just turned 13. He had two days where he celebrated with us and another day where he and some friends played Laser tag and dodge ball. On his actual birthday ( as we were preparing to go out to dinner)  my husband came in and said that this...

was hanging on our front door.

and it had our Son's name on it.

When he read the tag, my son smiled.

It was from a girl.

a very special girl

and this is what was inside...

She gave him his favorite candy...chocolate kisses

OK...now everyone together say


but remember the oath! shhhhhhh

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Campin' With 7-Year-Olds

               So a Church member asked if I would like to go to the Christian camp to help out with all the first timer kids. These cuties consisted of 7 and 8 year olds and this would be their first time at sleep-away-camp. 

So I said...

Well, not really. I said yes. ( I just had to use that froggy picture somehow).

   My Husband arranged to take off a few days from work to stay home with my Son while my daughter and I went upstate. Many many many years ago I worked at a camp and it was hard, but fun.....lets just say I was much younger then, had more energy and weighed 50 pounds less (at least).

First, We got there after five hours of driving and before I could even put my imitation designer purse down I was told that I was now a Cabin Mom.

Who the  what the? So instead of sleeping in the main house I was now sleeping with ten 7-year-olds. The Cabin was on a hill that well, might as well have been on Everest because that's how this fluffy girl saw it!

OK, right after that it was straight to work. I was exhausted and we hadn't started yet! 

After Chapel Time, crafts, a trip to the creek (where I prayed that my fluffy body would not go rolling down the rocky hill)...then making sure all 10 kids took a shower...we were off for movie time (Veggie Tales...love these movies too cute). 

But my dear sweet Bloggy Buddies... All I wanted was to plop my head down onto a fluffy pillow and sleep.

finally, it was  sleepy time and I was all set to curl up in dreamy land when.........

 two of the girls started whimpering...

 (oh oh I knew where that was headed) Then they started to cry.....then all out scream for....

Dear Lord I was afraid of that.....

It's inevitable. 7-year-olds are Okie dokie until....bedtime when they realize Mom isn't there.

But after what seemed like an eternity of consoling and then a trip by the Dean telling them they had to settle down...they fell into a serene slumber

"Ahhhh" I said "finally I can catch some z's!"

Until I realized that instead of a comfy bed ....it felt like I was sleeping on...


Fluffy bodies weren't meant for thin Camp cots.

This made me ...

lets just say it was a LONG night.

Friday, July 04, 2014





Have a safe and Happy Fourth of July

                   Blessings, Joanne

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Finally...an Answer

 Hi Everyone, I am so sorry it took so long to post....

                Yes, We were planning a sweet sixteen for my Daughter!!!!

The first clue was S

The Crests were a group way back when and they sang the song "sixteen candles"

The second clue was the page with all the candies or "sweets" and there were sixteen of them on the page.

The third clue was the end scene from the movie Sixteen Candles starring Molly Ringwall

And the third clue was Chuck Berry singing "Sweet little Sixteen"

We had My Daughter's Sweet Sixteen last week and it was  AWESOME!!!!

Here is my baby girl making her grand entrance with her Dad

She had an Alice in wonderland themed party and instead of wearing uncomfortable high heels she chose to wearing blue keds!!!!