Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Campin' With 7-Year-Olds

               So a Church member asked if I would like to go to the Christian camp to help out with all the first timer kids. These cuties consisted of 7 and 8 year olds and this would be their first time at sleep-away-camp. 

So I said...

Well, not really. I said yes. ( I just had to use that froggy picture somehow).

   My Husband arranged to take off a few days from work to stay home with my Son while my daughter and I went upstate. Many many many years ago I worked at a camp and it was hard, but fun.....lets just say I was much younger then, had more energy and weighed 50 pounds less (at least).

First, We got there after five hours of driving and before I could even put my imitation designer purse down I was told that I was now a Cabin Mom.

Who the  what the? So instead of sleeping in the main house I was now sleeping with ten 7-year-olds. The Cabin was on a hill that well, might as well have been on Everest because that's how this fluffy girl saw it!

OK, right after that it was straight to work. I was exhausted and we hadn't started yet! 

After Chapel Time, crafts, a trip to the creek (where I prayed that my fluffy body would not go rolling down the rocky hill)...then making sure all 10 kids took a shower...we were off for movie time (Veggie Tales...love these movies too cute). 

But my dear sweet Bloggy Buddies... All I wanted was to plop my head down onto a fluffy pillow and sleep.

finally, it was  sleepy time and I was all set to curl up in dreamy land when.........

 two of the girls started whimpering...

 (oh oh I knew where that was headed) Then they started to cry.....then all out scream for....

Dear Lord I was afraid of that.....

It's inevitable. 7-year-olds are Okie dokie until....bedtime when they realize Mom isn't there.

But after what seemed like an eternity of consoling and then a trip by the Dean telling them they had to settle down...they fell into a serene slumber

"Ahhhh" I said "finally I can catch some z's!"

Until I realized that instead of a comfy bed ....it felt like I was sleeping on...


Fluffy bodies weren't meant for thin Camp cots.

This made me ...

lets just say it was a LONG night.


  1. Oh my...it's been a long long time since I went camping but I do remember the hard beds with the lumps under them.

    1. Hi Delores those cots are hard to forget!!!LOL!

  2. I think no more camp for you! Some things we are meant to do and others not.

    1. Hi Ginny...you are preachin' to the choir sista!!!! LOL!

  3. I can only imagine. You are very brave, courageous, and faithful to have done this. Next year, what will you say? LOL

    1. Hi Sally....Oh My Gosh I didn't think about next year!!!!!! AAAAKKK!


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