Sunday, June 30, 2013

You say Tomato.....I Say be Quiet and Let me Write!

Hi all!

           We were away on our yearly camping trip.

                "Don't call it camping Joanne, we were in a cabin! We had a bathroom and an AC for crying out loud!" My husband interrupts my blogging.

                 "OK, " I say. "Did we see snakes?"source


                  "Did I not scream at least three times a day because a bug got in my ear, or up my nose ?"


                 " Did I nearly hyperventilate when seeing the mountain that we had to climb on our hike?"jackie Chan Wall Climbing  source


                    "Did I mutter curse words under my breath when the climb seemed endless as I dragged my butt over fallen trees, creepy spiders and jumpy frogs?"

                    "That you did."

                    "Did every stinkin' mosquito in the state of New York make a meal of me?"source



        "Then frankly my dear, I don't give a darn what you want to call it....I'm calling it CAMPING!"

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Computer Woes

    Hi Everyone,

                    Are you all still there?

                               I wouldn't blame you one bit if you left me.

                                        But please don't....pretty please?

First , my computer went into some kind of electrical, cyber version of cardiac arrest.

I rushed it over to The Computer Hospital (I'm not kidding ...(that's the real name of the place) where I sat in a sort of waiting room area ( I'm not kidding about that one either) with other poor owners of dying computers. We all cradled our computer towers or laptops like a parent holding a child in an emergency room.... and like all Mothers who congregate in one place... we started to talk about our babies.....

"Awww, whats wrong with yours?"

"I think..virus." Says one. "and yours?" She points to the laptop in another woman's lap.

" I think something inside is broken."

Up front a nice old gentleman said "Next!....".

" are you young lady?"  He greets me.

(OK, I already love the guy 'cause he called me "young".)

I giggle a bit..."I'm fine."

"Now what seems to be the problem?"

"I think my computer might have gotten a bad virus."

"Well then, lets check 'er in and fix 'er."

...and that was that. I left my old dilapidated crappy old-as-the-hills computer in the hands of some cyber guru who told me that everything was going to be OK.

A few days and 245.00  later my old computer was back with me and everything was back to normal....

and when I say normal I mean that It's still SLOW

                          The speakers are now Non functioning

                               and some weird alert keeps flashing telling something about the CPU usage.

So back to the ER it may have to go...


                             ...but this time I may just tell them to pull the plug