Friday, December 31, 2010

Scrubbing The Bathtub With Resolutions on My Mind

Greetings workshop
         It's New Year's Eve and I am doing what I do every New Year's It's a tradition or superstition or whatever..that the house be spotless for the new year. My Mother did it and I am sure that her Mother did it too. It is said that if your house is in good order at the stroke of 12 that that is the way life will be for that year. Who knows maybe that was my Mom's way of getting me to clean up my room when I was little. Obviously if you are a mess likely that you will continue to be a mess, but even with a horrible cold I am standing by that old tradition and scrubbing and cleaning so that the house will be perfect. I am also thinking of what I want to accomplish this year.

As a Mom:    APPRECIATE EVERY MOMENT WITH MY KIDS  time goes by fast and my goal is for them to look back and feel they had a great childhood. It starts with a smile every time I see them.

Good ol' favorite:    LOSE WEIGHT-----I have tried weight watchers and they showed me some "bird seed" that they said was just as good as mash potatoes. They were wrong. you know what is as good as mash potatoes?......mash potatoes. So I am going to try to eat less and exercise more...there's the secret...why can't get it done though?

Another good one:........FINISH WHAT I START. I have great ideas, but rarely see them through. I feel pulled in all directions and stationary in none. I help everyone else in their goals but my own get swept under rug or placed the proverbial junk drawer. My Husband has seen my frustration and has offered to help me. We make a good team.

Last but perhaps the most important:.......SEEK A CLOSER RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD. In the past 6 years or so I have tried to continue my own quest to understand, accept and really to go out and practise what has been taught to me. I am not a Bible Thumper. There will be no thumping of Bibles here. I want to be more attentive to what I should be doing as a child of God. Am I successful? I try, and I know God see my failures and loves me anyway.

There it is. I'm off to clean and pray that the rest of the year will bring Comfort of Home, Good health, Safe travels and Love. I pray the same for all of you.  Blessings, Joanne

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 6 and counting

Artwork by: Norman Rockwell
Post cover 10/30/1948
 This day was the sixth day that my Children have been home on Christmas Break. My daughter was really sick and now so am I. For a few days we were sort of snow bound then Sick bound so naturally the kids have know....a bit....Ahem...IMPOSSIBLE! Why can't they stop fighting? Usually they get along but this day has made me want to personally go to the Principal's house and yank the keys right out of her hands and demand that the school be opened tomorrow. I was not feeling well today so any noise above a normal tone of voice made my skin prickle. What I heard:

"Hey, that's not fair!"
"Sorry, you shouldn't have been standing there!"
"Your pushed me!"
"Did not!"
"MOM, He pushed me off the cliff!"

          What the ...oh they're playing a Mario bros game on the wii. Then I hear...

                              "I hate you!"   Oh no she didn't. I yet again sternly told my children that I do not like that word. "Do NOT use that word Got it?"

There was silence then some rustling., then...

"I really really Dislike you." My daughter had an English accent
"And I really really Dislike you"  My Son's accent was more Australian I think. They started to laugh. Ten minutes later it was back to arguing again. My dog Max is now officially my favorite . ;-)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

OOOOOOOO That's Embarressing!

      This week my daughter is sick. It started on Christmas day. By bed time she had the chills and had a high fever. So, she has spent her Christmas vacation so far stuck at home. We have spent quality time together and even worked on some new videos for our other blog. I have taken ten minutes to write a bit down of what happened today... This morning My daughter was describing to her Dad her last volleyball game and all it's nail biting details. She left out one detail though. My most recent embarrassing moment. I have a lot of them...a lot. If someone is going to trip on something ...that someone will be me. If a waiter spills better believe it will be on me. During a lull in a meeting the horrible growling stomach will be mine. there she is (my daughter) playing Volleyball looking so cute in her uniform. When she is out there she means business. She had made a few mistakes and then the ball was hit directly at her. She yelled "Got it!" she hits it and returns it for the point. Without even thinking I stood up and yelled "YES!!!!!!!" I yelled so loudly that it echoed throughout the gym! Heads snapped turning in my direction. Some teenagers in front of me turned and started to laugh. Everyone then stared at me for what felt like a week and a half  then clapped for the point. The Amount of time between my horrendous excited yell and the crowd clapping must have taken a millisecond but my yell is probably still there echoing and shaking the rafters. My son who was next to me said "Mom, you're so loud!" My poor daughter I thought. How embarrassing! Maybe she didn't hear me make a fool of myself. Later I ask my daughter "Did you hear me?"
               "Yep." She said.
               "Sorry." I replied
               "That's OK Mom...It was kind of funny."
My daughter is used to my foul ups. She loves me anyway. Whatta Kid.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

I got what for Christmas?

Art work this page from my
 handy dandy "Greetings Workshop"
          Its the day after Christmas. All moms unite in a giant sigh of relief...ready? one....two...three

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.....................This is the day we moms look forward to. All the stress, all the strife of Christmas shopping , wrapping and heart racing panic is hopefully over. Good Job Mom and Dads another year done and we survived. A big storm has hit us and so we have spent the day in the house and while Dad and son have worked on Legos, Daughter filmed with her little video camera while fighting a fever and bad cough. I, like all moms have been cleaning up the mess. A question was posed to me yesterday. What gift would I give Jesus this year? I said I would try to be more patient and understanding, tolerant and also I would try to think of the intention of people's actions instead of jumping to conclusions. It started with my gift from my husband...I got a Vacuum cleaner. I know ...I know. My husband gave me a vacuum cleaner for Christmas. Now, I could be upset that he gave me a gift that reminds me of chores or I can think of the fact that my husband actually listens when I talk.  I choose the latter. You see I have been complaining of our broken down vacuum that died then lived, then puttered out then suddenly weakly worked again. He heard me and thought that that would be a perfect gift. It's a great vacuum one of those fancy shmancy ones. So, I have decided to take it like it was intended..he loves me and thought this would  make me happy. I love him too...but I swear if I get a steam cleaning thingy for Mother's day I'm filing for divorce  ;-)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

SSHHHHHHH waiting for Santa

             It's almost two in the morning and My dear Hubby is fast asleep on the couch....poor thing he fell asleep waiting for the kids to fall asleep! I just wanted to pop in and say Merry Christmas. My prayer is that each and everyone of you experiences a wonderful day. So off I go to wake up snoring Husband and wait for the big guy to arrive. Wish he'd hurry......those cookies the kids left him are looking pretty tempting. Good Night and Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Son Reminds Me

       This is going to be a short post, but probably the most important to me so far. This morning I woke up in such a mood. I'm tired. I'm stressed and not really feeling very joyful. I still have gifts to buy and dreading the Mall.....again. None of the gifts are wrapped and I just feel angry. My sister-in-law spoke of that same feeling as she entered the stores...well, I called to my son that it was time to wake up and he sleepily came down the stairs. He brushed his teeth and came to breakfast. As he ate he happily said "Mom, just a few more days."

I know I know I thought. I had heard him talk about The poke'mon game that he wanted so many times that I thought my head would explode. But he simply said

"Just a few more days 'til Jesus' birthday."  I stopped and looked at my beautiful boy and smiled and said "Yes, just a few more days." he continued to eat and read the back of the cereal box. When he got on the bus I went back inside the house and started to cry. He had said something yesterday along those same lines but I put it aside listening to only my all important "lists" in my head. His statement grounded me. Pushed me. Reminded me. This little nine year-old-boy who loves legos, cars and soccer reminded me what should be in my Mind and Heart right now. Thank you God for small miracles and thank you for my precious son who thought of your precious Son today.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Just When I Get Out They Drag Me Back In

Me before
             Forgive me if I wrote that line from the Godfather  incorrectly. Hey look, I was minding my own business...going about my day feeling OK ..not great but OK when low and behold I receive more Christmas cards. I love them. I got one today from a dear friend and she sent along a cute photo of her, her husband and her son all peeking their heads through gingerbread men, elves and snowmen cutouts. I smiled, then I opened more cards...cute... cute... cute......"oh this one is from L, oh how nice the kids are great"..."la dee dee la dee da"  then...........I open the one from a friend whom I have not seen in years but we still keep in touch. My hands shake a bit....because I know what is going to appear before me. I open the card and there it is a picture of her kids and  her and her husband; let me describe it.........She is gorgeous. She seems to have not gained an ounce since she had her son...(she was pregnant at the same time as me). She's wearing a va va voom dress and is every inch the beautiful girl I knew in our twenties. I haven't stressed about my weight in a while. Que sera sera right?...until I got the card. I was fine with my weight gain...OK not fine..."accepting" of it until...the card. I mean couldn't she have gained just a couple of pounds for our friendship sake? I ran to the mirror. I don't know what I expected to find there....maybe it's not so bad I thought..yep it is. I have gained about 30+ pounds since my son was born. It's my own fault I know. I am not a victim nor am I going to blame genetics. I was in shape and very thin until I move to the burbs. Yes that's right I blaming the burbs...the place where people take their cars to the store down the street or even down the block to mail a letter. The burbs where no one seems to walk anywhere. This damn suburb. Who am I kidding....It's me.. my mouth... so what am I gonna do about it? well,  I don't know let me take ten minutes, sit down and have some cake and coffee and think about it. ;-)

Me and Cake after

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Max's Turn

         Hi my name is Max and since "Da Mama"  is not feeling up to writing...says she has Christmas stress. I don't know what that is but it must have something to do with making people scowl and go a bit crazy 'cause some pretty strange things have been happening 'round here. I've decided to give her a break and take over for this post. First some background...I was adopted almost two years ago from a shelter and this is what I looked like shortly after I arrived here.
This is me my second day home with
"Da Mama" and the rest of family

This is me now....still handsome if I do say so myself

So now that we've been introduced; let me tell you about the odd things happening 'round here. First "da Mom and "da DAD"  bring in this bush and stand it up in the middle of the living room. they say they are going to decorate it but I think it looks fine just the way it is...the craziest thing though they won't let me pee on why'd they bring it in then? They hung up a sock with my name on it and said that some old geezer is going to put a present in it for me...The guy looks a bit kooky.

I thought this was supposed to be my own potty

I am NOT wearing this and
besides it's missing the other sock

They call him Santa somebody...But I just call him scary

"Da Mama" gets angry whenever I look out this window and for the life of me I don't know why.

Well, that's it. It's been really strange around here. Hopefully things will go back to normal soon. Hope things are not weird at your house 'cause if it may be some type of epidemic or something. I think I'll take ten minutes to think about all this; maybe I'll figure things out.

                                                                   Bye for Now, Love Max

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Town Called Stressville

         We haven't bought our Christmas tree yet. We haven't mailed out Christmas cards yet.  I have not finished my Christmas shopping yet and I am'm there... A town called Stressville. I live not too far from Migraine Rd. and I'm almost directly across from Calgon take me away St.  Do you know the place? Well today I went down to do some shopping at Crowds r Us, but first I stopped by Can't Find a Freakin' Parking Spot Place. There I bought some curses that came all wrapped up in someone mouthing something that looked to me like they were saying "Folk Stew" but then again I can't read lips. I stopped by the Pile On the Pounds Bakery and purchased a cannoli in my favorite flavor "Double Chin Surprise". Don't get me wrong this is my town and it's home for now...but come December 26th.....I'm OUTTA HERE!

Gotta Laugh or else I'd cry.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Cookies

Not My Cookies. They are from Martha Stewart's Magazine
                   First, if you came to this post looking for recipes and picture of my gorgeous sugar and butter cookie masterpieces...I apologize 'cause ya ain't gonna see them here. They don't exist. Oh I have tried; In fact years ago I decided to make cookies as Christmas gifts and what happened was that I spent a fortune on quality ingredients, burned quite a few batches and subsequently I took a vow to never never try to bake those things again. you see, I didn't have a Mom that baked so I didn't either. Oh I bake Cakes and other types of desserts, but the art of the Christmas cookie has eluded me and it didn't bother me until this year. Everyone around me has been a baking fool. I felt a little left out. The fact is I want to be able to be that sort of mom that has these beautifully decorated cookies on hand for guest and as gifts ( damn that Martha Stewart!) So I reneged on my vow and last Sunday I looked at the pitiful, tasteless slightly burnt hockey pucks that I baked and said to my daughter.... "That's it....come with me." We went to the supermarket and I got ( OK, all you great cookie bakers turn away) a couple of rolls of Toll House cookie dough. We baked our little hearts out and later my nine year old son said " Mom, you make the best cookies!" Take THAT Martha! 

First my daughter suited up for task at hand

She made chocolate chip snowmen

Last of my "Home made" cookies

 I've spent ten minutes looking for new cookie recipes and I'm resigned to the fact that I must be a glutton for punishment because I'm going to try baking again this weekend. Wish me luck.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Hey Ref, That Ball Was OUT!

      Tonight was a close game. Very close. In fact it was tied two games to two games; and the score throughout was always very close. The other team served and the ball was OUT. Every stinking person saw it! EVERYONE except the ref. The coach from our team threw up her hands and said "Seriously? You didn't see that? That ball was out." She was quite calm under the circumstances. I told my daughter "You guys played great" which was true. "You guys made some great passes" and they did. Then I said " The ref was wrong but what can you do...whats important is that you played your hardest and that is what you did...I'm proud of you."  What I wanted to say (or rather yell) "WHAT the H*LL is wrong with that ref? Did he take sominex before the game or perhaps he forgot to put on his coke bottle glasses because how could he not see that!!!? In fact there were two other times when the ball was out and he called it in. Man, we have satellites in space that can see the license plate number on a car but we still have to rely on human perspective to call these games....OK I feel better now. I have taken ten minutes to calm myself and chuck it up to just plain old bad luck. Sorry ref I know you did your best but if you do decide to retire from this thankless volunteer position.....well ...SEE YA!

This rant was brought to you by the makers of Sominex sleeping aids and Pearl Vision Centers...and from a grant of the U.B.R.O.A ( United Blind Refs of America)   ;-)  LOL  

My Little Christmas Village

The Choir welcomes everyone to town
           I have always wanted a little Christmas village to display, but I found them to be extremely expensive and I never could justify buying one around the holidays. I would tell myself..."I'll take advantage of the half priced sales in January and buy some items then." January would find us broke and then another year would pass without a Christmas Village...until last year. I found one for a great price and it even had tiny lights that would illuminate the inside as well. I took some pictures of it with  the perspective of being an actual part of the goings on in that perfect little place. No one is harried. And  there is no need to car stalk someone to get a parking space at the mall. Its a quiet little town but I like it just fine .
O come all ye faithful.........

Time to stop for some sweets

How 'bout some chocolate?

Lets take a break from shopping and see a movie

Ten more minutes 'til Christmas vacation!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Amish Christmas Book

Paintings by Freiman F. Stolfus

        I'm feeling a bit blue today. It could be a combination of the rain, finance worry, or perhaps its just because this time of year amplifies every emotion possible. Whatever the cause I'm blue today.Whenever feel this way I do three things. I pray/meditate read or watch part of an old movie. Today I brought up the rest of my Christmas books and I started to read one that was given to me by my sister-in-law who knows my love for all things Amish. It is the Christmas Story by Carol J. Haile and it is the story of Christmas but set in an Amish Community. Mary and Joseph are Amish. The Paintings are beautiful and the pages are written in calligraphy. The house is comfortably quiet as the kids go about doing rainy day activities and I will spend ten minutes with my Christmas book absorbing the colors and feeling the smooth pages and ultimately be swept away to another place another time. Have a blessed Sunday.

Four on the couch

Notice one of the little bears has a bit of a frown.
 I noticed the bear's expression after I took the picture It just made me laugh!
        Today was a good day. It was filled with our traditional happenings at this time of year. A breakfast of pancakes and eggs. Watched the Army /Navy game. I tend to shy away from it because I carry on worse then my Son and Husband do. We all went to the yearly Christmas light parade our local Fire Fighters put on for our neighborhood and they do a great job.The trucks were filled with lights and characters and the Fire Fighters and their families handed out candy canes. The float with the Nativity and three Wise Men handed out...of course wise potato chips to all the kids. Santa was there too. Then it was time for us to go back home and while my Husband and Son cringed and yelled throughout the rest of the game. I made home- made meatballs in sauce with penne pasta. I have finally (after 15 years)  been able to make a sauce my husband likes. Then more cleaning. Big dinner, Icecream for dessert then all of us sat on the couch to watch Santa Claus is coming to town. It took about ten minutes before I fell asleep. There we were all four on the couch cuddled together like hibernating bears. Bellies full, comfy cozy, safe and sound. Even though Army lost....again....I couldn't have asked for a better Saturday.


Friday, December 10, 2010

Dancing at Target

Angelina Ballerina by Katharine Holabird
one of my Daughter's Favorite books
when she was teeny tiny
          As stated in another post I am not adjusting to pre-teen world as well as I had hoped. In fact talking to my darling Daughter lately has been like pulling teeth. Today is Friday; I picked her up at school after her volley ball practice and she entered the car with the same grumpy attitude she's had all week. Later we all went to an all-you-can-eat buffet for dinner. Something miraculous happened....she talked to me! And what is even more of a God Kiss was the fact that she and I were actually having a conversation. It was ...dare I say...pleasant? Yes, I'll say it. It was Fabulously pleasant! Later My husband and son stayed at home while I took advantage of the situation and  asked her to come with me to shop for presents for other members of the family. You could have knocked me over with a feather when she said yes. There we were in the middle of Target in the toy section.......she pressed a button that made a giant mickey mouse dance. She started dancing then I joined in .Two crazies dancing and laughing in the toy aisles. Her face was red from laughing and I'm sure security cameras must have zoomed in on the insanity. I could care less. On the car ride home I told her how much fun I had with her tonight  and then she said something that filled my heart......she said "Me too Mom."  Thanks God for those ten minutes of Dancing and acting silly....we needed it.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


            Tonight was my daughter's 2nd volley ball game. As soon as we entered the gym and I saw the opposing team I said "Oh wow, they look like they mean business." My inner monologue was
"CRAP, the girls are DOOMED!!!"  Is it me or are kids just taller bigger stronger whatever it may be....they just don't look like kids anymore. The girls on the opposing team were supposed to be the same age as our girls 12, 13,14 years old. They looked more like college players and man they were good.  As our girls tried their best to keep up the other team slammed them.  Ka-pow! was the way the ball sounded everytime they hit it. It sounded like an old batman episode BLAM! SOCKO! WHAMO! But our girls persevered. They hung in there even when there was no chance of winning. They dived and ran and dove some more but the "College" team was too much for them. On the ten minute bus ride they sang songs all the way home teaching everyone what good sports they are and how supportive they are of each other. I wish everyone could be like that.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The Last Leaf

Even the trees don't want to let go of the good weather

          Every year I look forward to watching the first sign of spring by way of the tiny green buds growing on the trees. On the other hand I always look for the last leaf to fall off the trees in late fall /early winter. I never catch a glimpse of it. I always miss it; until this year. I was sitting at my kitchen table enjoying a few minutes of reading and having a cup of coffee, when I realized that just outside the window the very last leaf was fluttering in the cold sunny day. I yelled for my Daughter to get the camera and hoped that the lone leaf would not fly off right before she could take the shot. The day after the picture was taken it was gone.  Damn, I guess winter is really here...maybe I should put away the flip flops ;-)

The 'Tude

To This

From this

           I mean attitude. I have a twelve-year-old girl. She is a great kid; straight A's, she's active in sports and clubs....but the 'TUDE is driving me crazy. Yesterday as I waited in my car (I was in a long line of parents waiting for school sports to let out) I saw her walking along side her friends and yes she was smiling! The moment she got into the car a pout and look of disdain formed on her face. What the .....
"Don't tell me we have to go anywhere else..plaaaaease." she said with a tone that picked at my nerves.
"Well, I do have to pick up....." I could say no more.
"HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU........" She sounded like a person trying to blow up a balloon.
On and on until finally I brought her over to her Grandmas ( I'll have another post about that later I think) and took my son to get a shirt for his holiday concert tonight. I picked her up afterward and she got into the car with a huff. Later we had a little talk and things seemed better. She's changing, growing and I miss that little girl who would cuddle with me on the couch as we watched Dora or played games. She's changing and I'm not ready. Late last night as I went around the house doing my nightly check of everything (a touch of OCD I think) I went into her room and put another blanket over her because it was cold. I looked at her face and there it was...the same face that she had when she was born. There she is. My baby girl not gone at all. Just hiding behind the 'TUDE.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Poke'Park Revisited

        The Angels are singing the sun is shining and I feel like dancing. I found Poke'Park and all is well. Funny how something like that could make my day........I'm taking ten minutes to dance around in my living room listening to songs from back in my day. Songs that had meaning....Songs that were great...............   That's right it's time for KC and the Sunshine band!  "That's the way ahuh ahuh- I like it- ahuh ahuh".....Genius.

Poke'Park Shmoke' Park

Poke'Park Poke'Park
Where for Art Thou Poke'Park
               Anyway.........I'm looking over my son's Christmas list and there is one wii game that he has been talking about for a month now. Poke' Park. Can I find it? No. My Husband just called to say that the stores are all sold out.  #&*%%$#!!!#$**$#!!!!!!!!!  Man, this no cursing thing is killing me. Why didn't I get it when he first mentioned it? Why! Why! Why! I know why because I'm a procrastinator. I looked at the game a week and a half ago; I had it in my tired chapped little hands and said "Oh this isn't what I came for today...I'll get it later."  And so the stress keeps building and the headaches are making themselves at home in my "I'll do it later" brain. I can't blame anyone but myself. So I'll be trolling the net and trusting that my card won't get stolen (it's happened before) so that I can see my son's face light up Christmas Morning.......totally worth it.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

First Christmas

I have to see this again!
         When my Husband and I first got married we looked forward to our very first Christmas together. We went out and bought a real tree and bought brand new ornaments and lights. Our apartment was so small it literally took about half and hour to decorate it completely,  but to us it was our very own Christmas fantasy. My Mom still lived in the city and our family tradition was to go to midnight mass. As a child we would walk home with our faces looking up to see if we could catch a glimpse of Santa.  I refused to give up that tradition; And My husband refused to give up his traditions as well. We couldn't combine the families is what we two geniuses decided to do. Celebrate with both. Christmas eve we were invited to celebrate with my husbands family at my sister-in-laws apartment. It was great. Then we raced into the city to celebrate with my family and go to midnight mass. That was great. We drove home at around 3am or so in the morning. The next day we raced over to his parents and opened gifts there and then raced to the city once again to open gifts at my moms. I know I know we were idiots. Now do you remember that scene in National Lampoon's Vacation where the camera pans to all the passengers in the car and then pans to the driver Chevy Chases Character and he is asleep too? Well, I fell asleep and awoke to find my husband (who was driving) nearly asleep too! That was the last time we did that crap. I came up with a simple solution. We take turns. One year one family gets us for Thanksgiving (now celebrated at my home when its my turn) Then that same year the other gets Christmas. Whom ever doesn't get Christmas day will usually get us for Christmas eve. Then the whole thing gets switched the next year. Still hectic but less idiotic.I was reminded of this story when I took ten minutes to bring up more decorations and came across one of our first Christmas we looked tired!

Now I know Why

"It's going to be Ok...I'm here"

          Woke up to the smell of fresh coffee. My husband...He is home. God bless him. I have stayed in bed just a few more minutes (seems like ten :-)) thinking about this past week and wondering why. I know why now. Today is December 5th. Three years ago (I think it was a Wednesday)  I sat wearing a thin hospital gown while a doctor calmly told me I had to have a biopsy, after his announcement I simply nodded and he simply walked out. I knew then and there I had cancer.  I put my clothes on and drove home. When I saw my husband I broke down and (thank God the Kids were in school) I kept crying about my children and how could I do this to them. It was a bad time. This is the reason I think I haven't been able to sleep. Every year around this time I get nervous and antsy. This is the reason for almost every bad thing that has happened this week. How you ask?...Well I have been tired really tired right? so this has made me also forgetful and very very irritable. Moods are contagious and they spread like cancer. . I forgot my umbrella, dinners got ruined because of my inattentiveness. The snooty lunch lady well, she was just doing her job. She might have gotten in trouble if she hadn't said anything.  I understand. The irate driver in the parking lot? Well, maybe I was driving a bit too slow for him 'cause perhaps he had a sick wife at home and God knew that I was the only one he could curse at and get his frustrations out without getting a into a serious fight; or maybe he was about to have an accident and God put him there to avoid it. I could live with that. The broken down jalopy in front of my house was perhaps some one's last stop on a long trip home....and the car could do no more. This morning it was gone. Now the kids who threw my garbage bags in the street. Shame on you. I will pray that you get your acts together before you go off and do worse, but I know that one day; they themselves will grow up and  have homes and they will have teens in their neighbor hood... and you get the picture right?...heh heh heh (evil snicker).
Now about the coming week....I will first pray and I will go into it with a better attitude. Now that I know what was bothering me I can face those old fears and embrace the miracles that resulted from that hard time in my life. And I will pray for anyone going through cancer or debilitating disease. I will embrace the good no matter how small it may be and I will try to enjoy every moment. Monday...bring it on I'm ready.

Stick a Fork in Me...I'm Done

                Did you ever have a day where everything and I mean everything went wrong? I tried to keep it together and really writing the blog was the only thing that kept me sane. Oh there have been good moments and I have written about them but......The last week has consisted of helping my kids with five tests, two big meetings one of which I was so nervous about that by the end of it I had giant pit stains decorating my new blouse, a huge bout with insomnia, Christmas shopping where I could not find one thing on my kid's list, my Daughter's first volleyball game, one 7th grade recital of which I went crazy for trying to find a simply white blouse for her to wear. A seventh grade dance, a Iroquois Long house project, I was caught in a torrential rain storm without an umbrella, searched for more than two hours through mountains of paper work for my Mothers annual apartment lease signing. One argument with mom. One snooty lunch lady that told me I couldn't give my daughter a sandwich from Subway, One irate dad who thought I was not driving fast enough out of the school parking lot and so he let out a bunch of curse words as he cut me off (A**), one of my beautiful crystal glasses shattered while I was cooking dinner and I had to throw out everything because I didn't know if glass had fallen into the food. Every meal this week has turned out horrible. Some idiot left his broken down car in front of my house. Some kids threw my garbage bags into the street. And to top things off my husband was away this week on business so I couldn't even count on him to help. The blog kept me sane until... I found out I have gained five pounds. Straw, camel's back... broken. I spent ten minutes today crying my eyes out. I know it could be worse. That's why I'm scared to death of next week!

Friday, December 03, 2010

Christmas Stress

              It's here. Like some unwelcomed guest who rings your door bell when you're house is messy or when you have a cough attack in Church.......Christmas Stress. For a lot of people it creeps in slowly and builds to a crescendo December 23rd or so. Not me...It kind of hits me all at once. Yesterday it hit me with gangbusters. The crowd's desperate energy infected me and my heart started to race. Sugar, Darn, Son of a bean sprout!....I'm trying not to curse. Why? why has it turned into this? Why can it not be like Thanksgiving? good food family and ....done. I know I know...believe me I am not a scrooge. I love the window lights, carols, the tree and of course thinking about Jesus and how he was born. I love everything about Christmas but the hassle of getting up before the sun to get some overpriced toys that will probably be found a month later at the bottom of the toy bin.Or better yet trying to find a gift for the person who has everything....and likes nothing. I have a tradition at our house. Every year I buy a new Christmas book and display it. It always makes me smile when I see a guest pick up one of the children's books and start to read it. They are fun and beautiful and remind us of a sweeter time in our lives when Christmas was magical. There's that word again...MAGICAL...I love it. See... I feel better already. I have spent ten minutes today reading a few of those books...Bliss.  Here is my pick for today. I got it back in 1995 on my Husband's and my first Christmas as a married couple. Its a beautiful picture book.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Memory of Christmas Past

The Littlest Angel
One of my Favorite Children's Christmas books

                 It is December 1st. where has the time gone? I feel like just yesterday we were camping and swimming in the lake. I have been feeling very nostalgic lately. I guess that happens as you get older and realize that your children are literally growing before your eyes. Today I want to revisit a Christmas 1970's. My Dad was laid off from work and he was so worried. he anticipated being called back to work quickly, and he had saved a bit of money but that was slotted for bills. That was the year that my Little brother wanted a bike....really badly. In fact that was all he wanted. At night I would hear my Dad talking to my Mom. "How,..How Am I going to get a bike for him?" He would say. I worried too. My Brother was a very sweet kid. He was shy, caring, and was never selfish in any way shape or form.  By that time Santa was a thing of the past for me but for my Brother Santa was very real. We lived in the city where before there was an official lottery there was a sort of numbers game that people would play and if you "Hit" the number ( just like in the lottery) you would win cash. Not millions but usually a couple of hundred if you were lucky. Just like in any game of chance most people lost. School was almost out for Christmas break and my Dad had not been called back yet to work. Everyone was suffering financially. I came home one day to find my Dad walking toward me with a big smile on his face. "I hit the number" he said   "I won; come with me."  He had won 500 dollars! He didn't think about anything...all he wanted was that bike for his son. He thanked God the whole way there. We took the train to Mays Dept store and picked out the nicest bike we could. He was so happy we took a cab home with the precious gift. Christmas morning my Brother got his Christmas wish....a bike.  My Dad was called back to work days later and I was left with  the memory of awesome Christmas. I tear up every time I think of that time. My Dad has been Gone twenty one years but I can still see his smile as clear as day as I remember that Christmas morning. I miss you Dad. I have spent the last ten minutes writing this post and feeling so very grateful for being allowed to witness so many small miracles in my life.