Wednesday, December 08, 2010


            Tonight was my daughter's 2nd volley ball game. As soon as we entered the gym and I saw the opposing team I said "Oh wow, they look like they mean business." My inner monologue was
"CRAP, the girls are DOOMED!!!"  Is it me or are kids just taller bigger stronger whatever it may be....they just don't look like kids anymore. The girls on the opposing team were supposed to be the same age as our girls 12, 13,14 years old. They looked more like college players and man they were good.  As our girls tried their best to keep up the other team slammed them.  Ka-pow! was the way the ball sounded everytime they hit it. It sounded like an old batman episode BLAM! SOCKO! WHAMO! But our girls persevered. They hung in there even when there was no chance of winning. They dived and ran and dove some more but the "College" team was too much for them. On the ten minute bus ride they sang songs all the way home teaching everyone what good sports they are and how supportive they are of each other. I wish everyone could be like that.

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  1. My Oldest had her first year of Volleyball this year and similar scenerios (sp) played out all season for them.


    They had Fun and that is all that matters the first season.

    Good luck to her the rest of the season.



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