Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The Last Leaf

Even the trees don't want to let go of the good weather

          Every year I look forward to watching the first sign of spring by way of the tiny green buds growing on the trees. On the other hand I always look for the last leaf to fall off the trees in late fall /early winter. I never catch a glimpse of it. I always miss it; until this year. I was sitting at my kitchen table enjoying a few minutes of reading and having a cup of coffee, when I realized that just outside the window the very last leaf was fluttering in the cold sunny day. I yelled for my Daughter to get the camera and hoped that the lone leaf would not fly off right before she could take the shot. The day after the picture was taken it was gone.  Damn, I guess winter is really here...maybe I should put away the flip flops ;-)

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