Sunday, December 26, 2010

I got what for Christmas?

Art work this page from my
 handy dandy "Greetings Workshop"
          Its the day after Christmas. All moms unite in a giant sigh of relief...ready? one....two...three

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.....................This is the day we moms look forward to. All the stress, all the strife of Christmas shopping , wrapping and heart racing panic is hopefully over. Good Job Mom and Dads another year done and we survived. A big storm has hit us and so we have spent the day in the house and while Dad and son have worked on Legos, Daughter filmed with her little video camera while fighting a fever and bad cough. I, like all moms have been cleaning up the mess. A question was posed to me yesterday. What gift would I give Jesus this year? I said I would try to be more patient and understanding, tolerant and also I would try to think of the intention of people's actions instead of jumping to conclusions. It started with my gift from my husband...I got a Vacuum cleaner. I know ...I know. My husband gave me a vacuum cleaner for Christmas. Now, I could be upset that he gave me a gift that reminds me of chores or I can think of the fact that my husband actually listens when I talk.  I choose the latter. You see I have been complaining of our broken down vacuum that died then lived, then puttered out then suddenly weakly worked again. He heard me and thought that that would be a perfect gift. It's a great vacuum one of those fancy shmancy ones. So, I have decided to take it like it was intended..he loves me and thought this would  make me happy. I love him too...but I swear if I get a steam cleaning thingy for Mother's day I'm filing for divorce  ;-)

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