Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 6 and counting

Artwork by: Norman Rockwell
Post cover 10/30/1948
 This day was the sixth day that my Children have been home on Christmas Break. My daughter was really sick and now so am I. For a few days we were sort of snow bound then Sick bound so naturally the kids have know....a bit....Ahem...IMPOSSIBLE! Why can't they stop fighting? Usually they get along but this day has made me want to personally go to the Principal's house and yank the keys right out of her hands and demand that the school be opened tomorrow. I was not feeling well today so any noise above a normal tone of voice made my skin prickle. What I heard:

"Hey, that's not fair!"
"Sorry, you shouldn't have been standing there!"
"Your pushed me!"
"Did not!"
"MOM, He pushed me off the cliff!"

          What the ...oh they're playing a Mario bros game on the wii. Then I hear...

                              "I hate you!"   Oh no she didn't. I yet again sternly told my children that I do not like that word. "Do NOT use that word Got it?"

There was silence then some rustling., then...

"I really really Dislike you." My daughter had an English accent
"And I really really Dislike you"  My Son's accent was more Australian I think. They started to laugh. Ten minutes later it was back to arguing again. My dog Max is now officially my favorite . ;-)

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  1. welome to Christmas break we as parents will need a holiday from our children's vacation


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