Monday, December 06, 2010

Poke'Park Shmoke' Park

Poke'Park Poke'Park
Where for Art Thou Poke'Park
               Anyway.........I'm looking over my son's Christmas list and there is one wii game that he has been talking about for a month now. Poke' Park. Can I find it? No. My Husband just called to say that the stores are all sold out.  #&*%%$#!!!#$**$#!!!!!!!!!  Man, this no cursing thing is killing me. Why didn't I get it when he first mentioned it? Why! Why! Why! I know why because I'm a procrastinator. I looked at the game a week and a half ago; I had it in my tired chapped little hands and said "Oh this isn't what I came for today...I'll get it later."  And so the stress keeps building and the headaches are making themselves at home in my "I'll do it later" brain. I can't blame anyone but myself. So I'll be trolling the net and trusting that my card won't get stolen (it's happened before) so that I can see my son's face light up Christmas Morning.......totally worth it.

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