Sunday, December 05, 2010

Stick a Fork in Me...I'm Done

                Did you ever have a day where everything and I mean everything went wrong? I tried to keep it together and really writing the blog was the only thing that kept me sane. Oh there have been good moments and I have written about them but......The last week has consisted of helping my kids with five tests, two big meetings one of which I was so nervous about that by the end of it I had giant pit stains decorating my new blouse, a huge bout with insomnia, Christmas shopping where I could not find one thing on my kid's list, my Daughter's first volleyball game, one 7th grade recital of which I went crazy for trying to find a simply white blouse for her to wear. A seventh grade dance, a Iroquois Long house project, I was caught in a torrential rain storm without an umbrella, searched for more than two hours through mountains of paper work for my Mothers annual apartment lease signing. One argument with mom. One snooty lunch lady that told me I couldn't give my daughter a sandwich from Subway, One irate dad who thought I was not driving fast enough out of the school parking lot and so he let out a bunch of curse words as he cut me off (A**), one of my beautiful crystal glasses shattered while I was cooking dinner and I had to throw out everything because I didn't know if glass had fallen into the food. Every meal this week has turned out horrible. Some idiot left his broken down car in front of my house. Some kids threw my garbage bags into the street. And to top things off my husband was away this week on business so I couldn't even count on him to help. The blog kept me sane until... I found out I have gained five pounds. Straw, camel's back... broken. I spent ten minutes today crying my eyes out. I know it could be worse. That's why I'm scared to death of next week!


  1. wow you did have alot happen to you this week! I hope next week is better!! I find things always seem to happen all at once,at least that's the way it seems to me. It's funny the world these days, not alot of caring people out there it seems some times. My week has been crappy too,but your blog cheers me up when i read it, so thanks so much. It lets me know im not alone in being a mom, and that it's ok not to be perfect. Sending you a big hug, Jenn

    PS, sorry about any spelling mistakes it's 2:37 am here and i cant sleep,my glasses are ruined and I need a bigger screen. LOL

  2. Sounds like Everyday around this house. LOL

    Got some news for you. I know I just found your blog yesterday and know that you are a "Newbie" so to speak in Blogging but when you get a chance stop in at my site: Anything at Anytime, as you have an award to pick up.

    It is 953 am right now in El Paso so I would say check around 1030 so that it gives me time to get all written that I am writing.

    and Hopefully I can get you some traffic headed this way.


  3. Thank You Jenn, your comment was very sweet. Glad to know I am not the only one too! Have a great day!

  4. Thanks Dan, I really appreciate it!


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