Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Son Reminds Me

       This is going to be a short post, but probably the most important to me so far. This morning I woke up in such a mood. I'm tired. I'm stressed and not really feeling very joyful. I still have gifts to buy and dreading the Mall.....again. None of the gifts are wrapped and I just feel angry. My sister-in-law spoke of that same feeling as she entered the stores...well, I called to my son that it was time to wake up and he sleepily came down the stairs. He brushed his teeth and came to breakfast. As he ate he happily said "Mom, just a few more days."

I know I know I thought. I had heard him talk about The poke'mon game that he wanted so many times that I thought my head would explode. But he simply said

"Just a few more days 'til Jesus' birthday."  I stopped and looked at my beautiful boy and smiled and said "Yes, just a few more days." he continued to eat and read the back of the cereal box. When he got on the bus I went back inside the house and started to cry. He had said something yesterday along those same lines but I put it aside listening to only my all important "lists" in my head. His statement grounded me. Pushed me. Reminded me. This little nine year-old-boy who loves legos, cars and soccer reminded me what should be in my Mind and Heart right now. Thank you God for small miracles and thank you for my precious son who thought of your precious Son today.


  1. Leave it to our Kids to keep us grounded in innocent reality.

    Great Post.

    We are here to guide and teach them and it amazes me sometimes how much they "Teach" us as well.

    Anything at Anytime


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