Monday, December 13, 2010

My Little Christmas Village

The Choir welcomes everyone to town
           I have always wanted a little Christmas village to display, but I found them to be extremely expensive and I never could justify buying one around the holidays. I would tell myself..."I'll take advantage of the half priced sales in January and buy some items then." January would find us broke and then another year would pass without a Christmas Village...until last year. I found one for a great price and it even had tiny lights that would illuminate the inside as well. I took some pictures of it with  the perspective of being an actual part of the goings on in that perfect little place. No one is harried. And  there is no need to car stalk someone to get a parking space at the mall. Its a quiet little town but I like it just fine .
O come all ye faithful.........

Time to stop for some sweets

How 'bout some chocolate?

Lets take a break from shopping and see a movie

Ten more minutes 'til Christmas vacation!


  1. Nice Village.

    Maybe when I get mine up I will have to take a picture or two and post it as well.

    and love your wish list Disney Christmas Tree.

    Anything at Anytime

  2. I've always loved Christmas villages, too. We were collecting Dickens Village for a while several years ago, but we don't have the space to display it. And it got too expensive!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. Hope you are enjoying blogging - it is a lot of fun!



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