Saturday, April 28, 2012


         Raise the volume,

                    step back from the computer,

                                   dance, clap your hands and sing...

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A to Z 2012~~~X is for~~~XOXO (KISSES and...Art)

It took forever, but I finally came up with something.

I thought of the letter "X"...Then I thought of how people sometimes sign cards XOXO ( kisses and hugs)

Whew! I thought I would never get something for the letter "X". Do you know why the x is the symbol for a kiss? because the letter x looks kind of like lips that are puckered for a kiss!

Natalie Irish is an artist that does not like to use the conventional brush to create her art...She "kisses" the canvas. Thats right, she makes paintings by putting lipstick or paint on her lips and kissing the canvas to make incredible art...Here are just a few samples.



                      Natalie at work
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I am always amazed at how creative artists can be. She really puts herself into her work!

             Now this next video is a collection of movie kisses put together for a contest.
             It's called "Smooch" and it's really cute
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                      Andrea Bocelli singing Besame Mucho (Kiss Me... alot)
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Hmmmm...all this smoochin'  reminds me of my first kiss...uh uh I'm not telling!

Have a smoochie weekend!

                                            Blessings and XOXO, Joanne

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A to Z 2012~ W is for~~~WONDER

Today it's all about the letter "W". I couldn't think of just one thing so I combined a few. Hope you like the post

Take a look at this Ferris wheel...It is the reason why I am scared to death of all Ferris wheels! ...and what's weird is that I can ride on just about any roller coaster, but I will CRY if I get on a Ferris wheel!  You see the cars in the middle of the wheel? Well, those were actually on a track and moved down and swung out. It felt as if the whole cart was going to fly off the wheel!  My brother and I rode it only once. I was terrified!

                                   The Wonder Wheel

                           Wonderwheel in action                            
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  Disney Wonder Cruise. I love all things Disney and a Disney Cruise would be the ultimate Dream vacation for me
        source                                                              source

Wonder Bread....I can't remember a time I had bread this white


Wonder Woman
When I was young I loved this show and I wanted to be this super hero so badly...In fact my friends and I would throw erasers at each other and blocked them with our "golden power wrist cuffs". You know what's kind of sad? If that show were around today They would be referring to Linda Carter as fat....

Stevie Wonder~I loved his music...My favorite? Well It's was my Dad's favorite " I just called to say I love you". At My wedding I danced with my Mom and Brothers to this song. Whenever I hear It I think of Dad.



                                 Here's the song for all you Stevie wonder fans
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Now the real challenge is thinking of Friday's art post that Includes the letter "X" yikes!

A to Z 2012~~V is for ~Veronica Lake and Vivien Leigh

Hi everyone!
           Today It's all about the letter "V" in the A to Z challenge. I wanted to post about two of my faves and the trends they inspired. One was wide spread; the other was subtle.

First...Veronica Lake. She was an actress and pin-up model. She was also known for starting the peek-a-boo hair style.  During a publicity photo a stray lock of her shoulder-length blonde hair led to her iconic 'peekaboo' hair, which hid one eye, and became a huge trend with women in the forties.

Unlike a lot of the other actors of her era, doesn't she  looked like she could be a current star?


Trademark hidden eye made her look mysterious                                          

I tried this look and I couldn't see! I nearly got hit by a bike while crossing the street!


 Another one of my faves is the gorgeous Vivien Leigh.

My High School English teacher (upon learning that we had never read the book or even seen the movie) decided that whatever we were studying in school had to wait. For the next week she spent acting out the whole story of Gone With The Wind   (accents and all)! I remember all of us enthralled with the story and we couldn't wait each day for the continuation.

When I was able to finally see the movie on TV I was hooked! I loved the way Vivien Leigh would raise just one eyebrow slightly. Could you imagine Scarlett O'Hara without that raised eyebrow? It really added to her character.

                        She used it when she was angry


 She used it when she was deceitful

And when she was heartbroken



Right after I saw the movie I practiced that whole raised eyebrow thing (as I am sure many young women did all those years ago) to try and give myself that air of sultriness....

                    Somehow it didn't work for me


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A to Z 2012~~~U is for~I Give UP!

                               ~You've got to know when to hold 'em
                           Know when to fold 'em
                           Know when to walk away
                           Know when to run...~

Kenny Rogers had it right. You gotta know when to call it quits.

I'm not a quitter. I don't like to say the words "I GIVE UP".

I will try and try to get it right...and usually a good outcome will be the result.

But sometimes....

            No matter hard hard ya try...

                  There comes a time when you just have to throw in that towel and say Que sera sera.

                    and in my case the fat lady has sung.

After the kids went off to school I went into their rooms and ...

I went into office and.......

I went into the kitchen and......

and the straw that broke the camels back... the play room downstairs....

 I clean one end of the house just to find that what I thought was clean at the other end is now a mess.

I'm done. I'm hangin' up the Windex bottle and duster; I'm putting away the dustpan and broom...I'm unplugging the vacuum.

There's a tent that we have never used...

I'm going to set it up in the back yard and take up residence there.

I'll bring my books,

         some magazines

           my Ipod nano

            my comfy pillow

                I'll run a extension cord so that I can plug in a hot plate and use the BBQ grill for din din.

It'll be great.

    It'll be clean!

and any of my blogging buds can come and hang out here too. We can start a no time there will be millions of us moms putting up backyard residences all over the nation.

Who is with me???!!

OK OK, back to work. I'll need the broom, duster, Windex and a grenade...

                          Just kidding....about the broom.

Monday, April 23, 2012

A to Z 2012~~~ T is for ~~The Tiff

           Remember yesterday when I wrote about my anniversary? If you didn't read it click here- it's short.

OK, good you're was sweet right? is what happened right after I posted....

"Hon, come read my blog." I called out to the Hubster

"Not now." He replied

"Come see, you'll like it."

"I'm eating."

"I wrote it for you." I insist.

"I'm eating a sandwich and my coffee will get cold."

OK, I have to admit that all those warm and fuzzy feelings that I had while writing the stinkin' post are now flying out the window fast.

"Oh my gosh, just come read the post will ya?!" I'm miffed.


                        In comes Hubby ready to read it.

He reads this line " Today in Church I looked at him and I still see the same beautiful blue eyes,..."

"You didn't gaze at me in church" he states.

"I wrote the word "looked" not gazed!"

"Well, I don't remember you looking at me either" He starts to laugh. He's teasing, but I'm not laughing.

"Just read the rest of it!" and then I said "You Know what! FORGET IT! You are making fun and you don't deserve my post! I take it back!"

I click the computer and walk out of the room. The Hubster, finds my post and reads it.

He walks into the kitchen where I am reheating his coffee.

"You know, I read your post....I'm sorry I made fun.  I love you too."

"Yeah Yeah Yeah, here's your coffee" In wifey language means "Ditto".

                 I smile.

I look forward to our 50th when he'll say that my hair is an interesting shade of blue and I storm out calling him an old blind geezer. Five minutes later we will probably be laughing. 
                                            Now that's true love

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Seventeen Years

        Seventeen years ago today my Husband and I were married.

  Today in Church I looked at him and I still see the same beautiful blue eyes, the same sweet smile. As we walked down the side aisle when the service was over he took my hand.

             ...and for a moment dear friends

            We were right back in that church all those years ago...lovingly taking our first steps as Husband and Wife.

     Happy anniversary My Love

           ~Forever My Darling My Love Will be True
                             always and forever I'll love just you~

                    Our Wedding Song


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Artsy Fartsy Fri... Saturday? R is for~~~ Rocks

OK, here's another tid-bit about me....I LOVE rocks.

             Don't ask me why, I just do. whenever we go somewhere I will look for interesting rocks to take home with me. I guess its the way they feel in my hand or the fact that some have have been smoothed by the ocean for thousands of years.

When I was very young I started to paint on rocks.  Recently, I found others that like to paint on rocks too and their work is beautiful!

These are simple designs, but aren't they simply beautiful?


                                                             These are African inspired rocks

Sweet little mermaid resting after a long day's swim.


                                                     This one looks like she's ready to pounce

I love the 3-D effect here


                                                                   Nap Time

 Please enjoy this video.
 Painting on rocks would be a great project to do with the kids. My KIds love it and we love collecting rocks at the beach.
                           Uploaded by   and she is also the artist

Have an awesome weekend! 

        Blessings, Joanne       

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A to Z 2012~~~ P and Q is for~ Peace and Quiet

        Yes, I am bending the rules a bit and combining two letters for the a to z challenge.

When was the last time you had peace and quiet?

                  Do you crave it?

                              It is as rare as hen's teeth?

Is it me or is everywhere extra noisy these days?

The first thing that comes to mind is Movies. Looking at older movies in comparison to current ones, the one thing that I find is that the background music seems to be at the same volume as the dialogue.

Commercials blare their message.

The bass from music inside cars have actually shaken the walls of my home as they drove past us!

Even the kids cartoons have evolved into a 30 minute scream and loud special effects blast.

When was the last time you experience PEACE and QUIET?

Was it at the lake?

Was it in your overstuffed chair reading a book?

Was it while you were quiet in prayer?

Was it while you checked on your baby late at night and could not take your eyes from their beautiful face?
                                                         Anne Geddes

Was it while you cuddled with your sweetheart?

Or a nice walk in the park?

For me it was the other day as My Mom ( walking with her trusty wheeled walker) and I walked in our local park. The only sound heard was the sounds of our steps and the walker wheels. She drank in the sight of the little butterflies that were fluttering around us and commented on how the trees are beginning to bloom. 
 It reminded me of the times when I was little and she would take me for walks in our local park.

 She would slow down so that my little feet could keep up with her strides

        Now, I slow down for her.


Peace and Quiet is truly a Blessing.

                             Here's hoping you have a bit of peace and quiet today.  


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A to Z 2012~~~O is for~In My Humble OPINION

In my humble Opinion

                Once a month all politicians should step down and let a Budget conscience mom take over. They would have the national debt under control within the year. They would Never pay full price for anything, they would use coupons and nothing would be wasted... and anyone who didn't follow the rules gets put in time out!


In My Humble opinion...
 Bathing suit designers should make this the new must have....

Us chubby gals will get the coverage needed and covering the younger more in-shape girls will make us not so jealous of them dislike them so much!

In my humble Opinion...
Young celebrities who think they can tell us what we should think, believe or vote for... should wait until they have lived  a bit before they demand that we follow their lead.

In my Humble opinion...

                        There should be more God in schools, not less. The Golden Rule should be reviewed on a weekly basis. "So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you". This will also be included in  "Homework" to be taken home to be done by parents.I think we parents need reminders in this area too.
                                    Norman Rockwell

In my Humble opinion...

                      We should restart the U.S. shuttle program at NASA. and reignite that dream of being an astronaut for millions of kids.

In my humble opinion...

                         Tickets for a baseball game should be slashed so that a Dad and his kids can see a game without taking out a home equity loan.
                          for the love of the game

In my Humble opinion ...

                      Politicians that voted to cut school funds should in turn donate a portion of their salaries to Teachers who are working hard with very little pay.
                               Norman Rockwell

In my humble opinion...

                            Three phrases that have been forgotten will now be revived in our vernacular


In my humble opinion...

                            Dad in movies and TV shows will no longer be portrayed as oafs, buffoons and complete's time to stop that nonsense.

The courtship of Eddie's Father ( Loved this show!)

                                                                                  L:ittle House on the Prairie

My Three Sons


In my humble Opinion...
                            Parents that have let "experts" tell them how to raise their kids to be self absorbed, entitled, world will revolve around me type of kids....will wake UP, smell the coffee and take control...which means saying NO once in a while.

                                  Remember Dudley from Harry Potter?

     Or Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka?

In My humble opinion...

                           We should take better care of our elderly. They are not to be discarded and forgotten. They paved the way for us..the least we can do is care for them with Love, compassion and respect.

and on that note...In My opinion...

                            We should no longer say " if they respect me I'll respect them" It should be " I will show respect first, then in turn others will respect me.

In my humble opinion...

                The " What's in it for me" attitude would turn into " What can I do today to make some one's day better?" karma works both ways.

Well, That's it.

                    and it's OK if you don't agree, because it's just my humble Opinion.

Now lets see if I can get off this soap box without falling or twisting my ankle and who knows there are a few things on this list that I may be able to do...Change always starts with one person and if we do this together there will be two!!!!