Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday's Question...Z is for~~~which ZANY hat?


I made IT!!!  This is the very last day of the A to Z Challenge.  I must admit there were times when I thought I could not post...Q and U were hard. Oh and X that was a killer! I want to thank all new followers that have joined up. I hope you come back often. Thank you all!!! 
Today...I ask a question about hats. I'm sure most of you have seen part or all (like me) of the royal wedding. and yada yada yada  Kate was beautiful yada yada yada so was William. .......though....WHAT WAS UP WITH THOSE HATS!.......people, some of those hats were hideous. That being said....I LOVED THEM!!!!! why don't we have that tradition here?

I think it would be so fun to don a crazy, wacky, zany hat and parade around as if its the most gorgeous thing in the world! So...Saturday's question is... which one of these hats would you have chosen to wear if you had been invited to the royal wedding? Remember hats were a must.

A butterfly hat?


            A subtle demure hat that says I'M HERE I'M HERE I'M HERE!!!!


A....oh geeze I just don't know what to say about this one. It is a pretty color?Maybe if the whole front part was smaller? OR GONE!

                                       Huge flowered worries about a hair style!


Another huge flower on side of pink flower pot.


                                     Blue hat with loose ribbon and lonely blue feather


A black swirl of feathers. I wonder if she sneezed alot during this photo shoot.
Isabella Blow Pictures, Images and Photos

      Wind swept feather look that would surely tickle the person next to her

UFO hat


                                                                                                                                Minnie ears


Perfect for Florida weddings hat

I would wear any one of these. They look like alot of fun!
Well that's it for now. I had a blast and this past month was certainly a challenge... and now I'm going to take a little rest. See you all Monday! Have a great weekend!  Blessings, Joanne                                            

Friday, April 29, 2011

Artsy Fartsy Friday~~~Y is for~~YELLOW

When I think of YELLOW...

I think of black eyed susans and how they look like little fancy fairy umbrellas

I think of lemonade and how there is nothing like it on a summer afternoon.

I think of pretty yellow baby girl dresses and how I wish my Daughter had stay a baby for just a little while longer 



I think of how beautiful blue and yellow go together
and I think of the sun kissing the sparkling ocean


Yellow is peace and the warmth of love~~I think we all need a bit more of that don't we?

This is one of my favorite songs. The creator of the video chose beautiful pictures; together with the song's lyrics it makes me love the song even more.

Hope you enjoy this week's art... Coldplay's YELLOW        
                                                                                                   Blessings, Joanne

Thursday, April 28, 2011

X is for ~~~X marks the spot

When I was little I had this fantasy.

        I would find a secret compartment in a wall or loose floor board.

                                         There I would find a scroll.

I would carefully unwind the scroll.

  and drawn on that scroll was a secret map...sshhhh! The map would display winding dotted lines.


I would follow my map carefully making sure I did not deviate from the path...


                         ...It would lead me to a secret place...a cave or beach .

 I would finally get to where X marked the spot and I would dig and dig.

 A golden box would be unearthed.

               and inside........a treasure of untold riches!  Yes that's right...



 Inside was an infinite amount of chocolate and candy!  

Hey what can I wasn't that important to me when I was 6...but chocolate ? That was a different story.    ;o)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

W is for~~~Weddings

 I love weddings and since this week is the royal wedding, I've included pictures of past brides of the House of Windsor.

                                                                                                                            The Queen Mum
Queen Victoria



                                                                         Queen Elizabeth  


Princess Margaret


                                                                 Princess Diana

The Duchess of York Fergie 


What style will Kate choose? It's anyone's guess. I kind of hope it is over the top, but to me she seems like she's going to go with a classic simple dress. Whatever the case I am sure it will be beautiful. Every bride is on her special day. Now one thing is certain however thing are bound to go's inevitable.

1. She will cry at least once because someone will say once too often "ARE you nervous?"

2. She will be dissatisfied with her flowers, hair or make-up

3.Someone in the Bridal party is going to make her yell "Hey this is MY day!!!"

4.She will prank call her High school bully and yell "IN YOUR FACE!"

5.As soon as the special underwear garter, bustier bra and dress gets buttoned and is perfect...Kate will have to go to the bathroom.

6.Some idiot will step on her dress

7.She'll wonder what really happened at that bachelor party and if Wills is telling the truth about that suspicious mark on his neck...did he really burn it on his hair dryer?

8.She thinks about William's collection of Star wars memorbilia that will be moved into her new house and thinks "Oh well, if I accidently threw a bit of gas on them and placed his collection too close to the could totally look like an accident!"

9. Someone will have a coughing fit during the ceremony

10. The sweet photographer she hired will turn into a pushy wanna be director.

11. Someone's uncle will get drunk and try to dance the hula

12. Her slutty cousin will hit on all available and unavailable men.

13. Slutty cousin gets her butt kicked by angry wife

14. The food will be cold

15.Queen Elizabeth will face the wrong way during the chicken dance

16. Prince Harry might very well overindulge and yell "Food fight!!" during speeches.                                            

17. Unmarried Aunt will tackle and sucker punch anyone who gets in the way of her catching the bouquet

18.Even after repeated warnings Prince William still smashes cake in Kate's face...looks like no nookie for you Wills!

19. Bridesmaids will eventually have to go into stall with bride to hold up her dress while she pees

20. While carrying Kate over threshold William will bonk Kate's head in door jam...yep definitely no nookie for you Wills.

Ah Yes...I just love A perfect wedding!!!

ok I think I've been reading too many wedding horror stories on the internet. ;O)