Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Making Time to....You Choose.

            No time no time no time.

                                  That is why this

                             My beloved doll house the Hubster gave me last year is still looking like it just came out of the box! Well, not really... I did actually nail the walls and the roof on so that it is now a three dimensional structure instead of just a pile of wood.

             I have always wanted to build a dollhouse, and I finally have one, but.....there it sits just waiting for my hands to start working on it.

Sooooo... I have decided to MAKE the time.

                            Make the time

                                               unheard of!


It doesn't make sense!


Yes that's right I will make the time to do something that brings me 

I made the mistake of just waiting for the "right time".

               Well, all that waiting for the "right time" sometimes turns into

                        "Never gonna happen!"

and "never gonna happens" turn into

                     "I should have, could have, but I never did!" 

So sad.

and this all is prompting me to ask you all....
Are there any projects that you have been putting off? Is there something that you have long since wanted to work on, build, create, and it has been put on the back burner? 

Whatcha waiting for?


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Artsy Fartsy Friday~~~Wilson Bentley The Snowflake Man

              Sometimes the most beautiful things in nature are the tiniest. 

                            Across the nation many have been getting a lot of this lately...

And as beautiful as it is; it can be such a pain in the rump. However, when I see it like this....


                                                  and this



 and the following pics too.




I see it in a whole new light

            There are people who's job it is to photograph snow flakes. These delicate Nature's works of art float to the ground and their divine design disappears and would still be unknown if not for brilliant photographers. The most famous of them all would be Wilson Bently. He was called the Snowflake Man. His photography became wonderful works of art still cherished today......enjoy.


Stay warm,

              Blessings, Joanne

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Teens and Coats Don't Mix

          People it is COLD!


                         stuck in the deep freeze kind'a cold                                              


             This brings me to what I really want to write about

                              Teenagers are blockheads

OK, OK that wasn't nice. What other word can I use to describe the behavior that I am to write about.....

                   lamebrains? No...too harsh

                                Idiotic?....still kind of mean.

                                        Irresponsible?....nope , not mean enough

What i want to talk about is the fad, style, indisputable disregard for COATS.

Let me explain. Years ago I noticed a young man who was waiting for the school bus ( it stops right  outside my home.) It was the dead of winter and he was out there in the cold with nothing but a t-shirt.

I just felt so sorry for him. I thought..."poor thing doesn't have a coat!" I was already trying to figure out a way to give him one of my Hubby's coats ..when I was told by my then 10 year old that a lot of High School kids don't wear coats.

             "Why the heck not?" I asked.

                "I dunno." was her reply.

                "J,  honey please promise that you will not be that silly as to not wear a coat when its cold.

After that I noticed more and more teens donning not so much as a thick sweatshirt for the middle of January!!!!

                 are coats not cool?

                       are they just too cumbersome?

                           or are Teens just Blockheads..there's that word apologies.

So fast forward some years to when my own sweet, smart (so I thought) children are now in Middle School and High School)

September, then October rolls around and the days get cooler but their attire has not be adjusted to match the weather.

They wait for the bus in 30 degree weather in sweat shirts. 

                               I complain and I get resistance!

Oh ...I'm sorry my sweet angels for wanting you not to freeze!

I mean I found myself saying things like ...."There are children in Africa who would love to have this coat!!"



                                 My daughter looked at me like I am the moron ( which I am until I realize my mistake and say Siberia.....

                                 "I meant Siberia!"

After a few mornings of this nonsense my Hubby suggests that I let it go

                                  "What did you say??"
                                   dramatic chimpmunk                                    



                         I never thought to just....let it go.


In other words...let them freeze.


     So, for weeks I gritted my teeth as morning after morning they walked out with just sweat shirts to join the other sweat shirt and t-shirt-clad teens who are also pretending not to be cold in below freezing weather.

                          Then we experienced the Deep freeze that the rest of the country was experiencing....

They both took out their coats which haven't seen the light of day in ....forever.

                   I said to my son in a nonchalant sort of way....

                        "Oh, you're wearing your coat today?"

                     He said " Of course mom, ....I'm not's freezing out there!"

                             Chalk one up to The Hubster

Monday, January 06, 2014

Anyhoo, it's Monday....

           Anyhoo, it's Monday and I must have passed my office/ craft room/ guest room a million times in the past few days and no ideas for a blog post have wandered into my cramped, cluttered mind.

And since The Hubster goes to work a bit later in the soon as I sit down to write...he opens the door to ask " Hey, whatcha doing?"

                                    OR states

                    "Man, that basement is getting a bit messy." or "Hmmmm, I wonder where this is or that is."


               The dreaded....sounds of him "building" something. Now don't get me wrong...his creations are ALWAYS beautifully made....but they come at a cost...

                           lets see... There was the time he was building some shelves and sliced up my linoleum floor in the kitchen....(to top things off the linoleum is a hideous design we inherited from the previous owners and now it has been made worse by deep slashes).

                          Then there are the holes he drilled into my kitchen table ...10  small drill holes.

                          and if the table hasn't enough "decorations".... He somehow spilled some kind of dark stain that ( I believe) only an exorcist can remove.   

But, you see right outside my Craft/ office/guest room There are two children.....a teen and a pre-teen. They too have been infected with the "Lets drive Joanne crazy" virus.

                        Yes, I am blaming it on some weird neuvo "after Christmas" virus...because why then would my son accidentally boobie trap the place over and over again with legos. People, a root canal  is pain free compared to stepping on a teeny lego piece with your bare feet.

                         And my sweet daughter? Well somehow this "virus" has made her throw all clothes on the floor instead of into the dresser drawers. There is a strict no food in your room policy , but alas I still find wrappers and sometimes even a dish or two in their rooms that I think have teleported through the space and time continuum...because no one will admit to it.

      Well, I guess I shouldn't complain too much...I mean we were able to make it through the Christmas Holiday with a clean, fairly organized house...This miracle was accomplished by my kind gentle words of encouragement....

                     "DON"T TOUCH or MOVE ANYTHING .......OR ELSE!!!!!!"

But since the kids were off for 16 days straight and the Hubby in turn took off several days from work.... well, I will let you do the math...


                          So, as you can imagine....I look at my Craft/ office/guest room as an oasis...a getaway from after Christmas messes and chipped dishes haphazardly placed in dishwasher by .....NOT ME. 

          It's a place where my imagination soars and creativity reigns...Its where, where.....

                 's a MESS in here!  

                                    OH  NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

 I've been INFECTED!!!


                                         Run for your lives!