Sunday, May 31, 2015

Tiny Doll House

  Hello bloggy buddies!

                 I have GOT to get out of this slump!

                            I used to love writing in this blog


             I would spend hours writing a post and eagerly wait for your input.

Now weeks pass by and when I sit down to write...nothing .. absolutely nothing comes to mind.

So today, as boring as it may be I am going to share a little something that I made for my own Mom.

A tiny little dollhouse 

She loves minis...I mean who doesn't!!! 
In Michael's Art and Craft store I found a plain shadow box and thought I could make something sweet. 

In fact I bought two and added a hinge so that it could be closed and put away along with all it's contents. I took some scrap-booking paper and used it as wallpaper. Well, I had so much fun making it and when I gave it to my 80 year old Mom she smiled  and set it up right away.

I felt like a kid who gives their mom a hand made card and feels so proud when she puts it on the fridge....It really took me back