Friday, April 02, 2021

It's Friday... But Sunday's a Coming!



Monday, November 02, 2020

It's Going to Be OK


                   It's going to be Ok.

     I know how you are feeling, because I am feeling the same way too.

It's the Eve of the Presidential election and almost everyone feels....

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 Its hard to get a handle on what has happened this past year. 

While I was grocery shopping today looked around and suddenly realized what has now become "normal". Everyone was wearing a mask and it was Normal. I had forgotten I had one on. 

I watch the news for a few minutes each day and I turn it off. I want to shout at the top of my lungs "STOP!!!"

Can't we just stop?!

But would anyone listen?

I pray and beg God "please".

But I am just me and God is God and HE knows the plan and outcome of all this chaos. 

So tomorrow I will exercise my right to vote and I will accept and respect whoever becomes the leader of my beautiful country, We are bruised and battered but we will continue...God willing. 

The first line to my post was "It's going to be OK"

Sometimes we have to just keep repeating that to comfort others and ourselves. I say it because I need to believe it. 

It will be true. 

I virtually hold each and every one of you who may need that hug and assurance and pray along with you.


Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Weekend Away


                     So last weekend we went "camping" (Is it considered camping if you're in a cabin?) with some church family. This is our third time with them and our hundredth time in our happy place in upstate New York.  It was sooooooo needed. I had no idea how much I needed to get away. We were away from TV, internet and all negative distractions. 

In the morning the lake was covered in a misty veil (of which I forgot to take a picture). I stood there in silent awe as if I had never seen it before. Every year the lake touches my heart with its beauty.

We visited just a few weeks before the trees would burst with color. Summer was hanging on by a thread and the Autumn cool would nudge its way in at night.
We laughed and played silly games during the day. The men took over the grilling. We had SIX grills!

Dinner Menu
Thick steaks, Spanish rice, salad
Smoked ribs, potatoes, fresh homemade coleslaw
Adobo Chicken, Jasmine white rice, Grilled Pork Butt Steaks sliced thin

needless to say we ate very very well.

We played Christian Music and then switched to 60's and 70's too. I was surprised at how familiar all the kids were with our "Oldies songs". 

At night as we sat around the fire cooking our "schmoes" (smores, but I like saying it the "TOY Story" way) We played silly pranks, and retold hysterical stories. lastly we said our sleepy "goodnights". I was sad to see yet another day end, but as much as I tried I could not make it last longer.

Before we knew it the weekend ended and the sad pack-up began early on the last day. I went into town early for some fresh bagels for cooking, greasy clean-up or waiting for grills to cool down. We sat down to an assortment of bagels and cream cheese and butter, fruit, coffee cake, orange juice and apple danishes.
We gave hugs and lingered in the beautiful surroundings til it was almost silly considering we all live within minutes of each other!!!

Goodbye Lake, see you again soon

Saturday, September 05, 2020

Just a Thought


                   Strange times we are living in.






                                         Death to our bodies

                                             Death to our Humanity

                                                 Death to our very souls

                        In our opinion: America is dying of despair - Deseret News


         ...and what is left?

     What is left after all that? 


     What is there after being stripped, and left with raw skin and heart exposed.

In the swirling darkness of sadness and despair, hate, fear and despondency...There is a NOTHING that swallows us and destroys us until we're part of that swirling seething emptiness.

I have to keep reminding myself...

                       There is HOPE

                          There is healing

                            There is Kindness

                                There is LOVE

                                    There is disagreement without Violence

                                        There is beauty

                                            There is God

   And once we can seek and see and feel that

             Then those who would rather we hate and hurt will have no power

                       and maybe we can heal, forgive, and start again.

                    10 Tips on Disarming Despair | Common Dreams Views  


               we can put down that stone and dare not cross that line.

                        and we can encourage others to do the same

                                      God please help us

                                         It can be done

                                            Let us try




Friday, July 31, 2020

Artsy Fartsy Friday....Street Art by David Zinn...Guaranteed Smiles


                 Happy Friday, Its been ages since I've done a Artsy Fartsy Friday post. 

But I woke up determined.... 

                               and you will not be disappointed. 

I LOVED art that I find out of the blue.   

No museum or show...Just art as I'm walking around.

 The people of Ann Arbor Michigan are very very lucky to have this artist in their area. 

His name is David Zinn and he creates art out of the cracks and imperfections we walk by, and step on.

Well, you'll see.  Here is David Zinn....amazing artist that will make you smile.


                                         David Zinn Master Street Chalk Art

                                 Posted to YouTube by: ahloke cafe  


                     Have an amazing weekend! Be safe, be happy and smile  

                                               Blessings, Joanne