Saturday, March 02, 2019

Artsy Fartsy Friday ~~~Stop Motion~ ParaNorman | Building Characters

I LOVE stop motion animation . The only thing I LOVE more is the behind-the-scenes peek at how stop motion is made. Today I have found a peek for you! The movie is ParaNorman and the way they create this movie and characters is insanely, incredibly AWESOME! The only thing better would be to be on the set of one of these movies.....

                          So if someone out there is working on one of these masterpieces, I promise I would be as quiet as a mouse...just put me in the corner and let me stay to watch the magic....please!


                             Uploaded to YouTube by LAIKA Studios

         Hope you enjoyed your "peek" and it made you feel that childlike curiosity and wonder again!

           Blessings, Joanne

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Perfect Moment

             Well, sometimes ...sometimes you have that perfect moment. 


       Image result for perfect sunrise

                    They are rare, but when they happen they are magic

                Image result for aurora borealis and shooting star

You pray and your prayers get answered
You hope and hope turns into a dream come true

You realized that you have been holding your breath with anticipation and finally you can breathe again.

My Son....

He has worked so hard.

He has always had an uphill battle with school.

Nothing, and I mean nothing ever came easy for him.

And sometimes, when he worked his often was not enough.

There was never a straight line between points a and b for him.

But he has never ever given up.

He was knocked down so many times and each and every single time he would get up and start over.

He has the kindest heart and prays for others...even those that have wronged him.

He has a laugh that makes me laugh and has an empathetic, sympathetic nature that touches the hearts of those who know him.

So it was my honor and privilege as a mom to tell him the other day that the news of his acceptance had come and that he was going to the College that he dreamt of attending.

He yelled with such Joy and he thanked God and nearly cried with happiness and relief.  

You did it My Sweet Son David. 

I am so very proud of you.

                               and thank you God for that perfect moment

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

College Response...YAY or NAY

                    I'm sitting here a little breathless and feeling a bit paralyzed with anticipation and fear all at the same time.

A week ago my son went on a college interview. He says it went well and the interviewer seemed pleased with his answers. My son was told that he would know as soon as the next day but definitely within 7 days.

                              It has been 6 days

                              In total my son has waited months and months

                              My son wrote my e-mail down as point of contact, so everyday, every ding my computer or phone makes I think....maybe.

                              Everyday when he walks in the door he looks at my face to see if there might be a hint of a result received.

                              Everyday I have to tell him no.

                              Today is the 6th day since the interview. Does that in itself mean that he didn't get in? And if that is the case...why not tell him right away?

Does this wait mean that he DID get in?

                            Does this worrying mean that I'm finally losing it? Just trying to look calm so that my son doesn't feel any added stress (piled on top of what he feels right now) is making me feel like a ticking time bomb of nerves.

 I'm guessing that when and if this answer comes I will know the very limits of this anxiety ridden impatience.

                                                       I need to RELAX

Saturday, February 16, 2019

My Daughter's Broken Heart

                    So my Daughter's boyfriend broke up with after Valentines day after standing her up ON Valentines day.

Oh, he's a peach
arielle kebbel eye roll GIF by NBC

Needless to say she is heartbroken

Now, as a mom when you hear your child so upset and you can literally feel her pain what do you do?

What I wanted to do was go there and gently talk to the guy and ask him why he felt the need to hurt her in that way....yea, just talk...

                       bitch slap slapping GIF

I wanted to drive the 5 hours to her school and sit with her and be her comfort 
big hero 6 friendship GIF by Sky

But she's no longer a little girl. She'll be 21 soon. She didn't want me to drive there. We talked for a while and somewhere I remembered an article that stated that a parent dealing with this situation should never say bad things about the child's EX boy/girlfriend (in case they get back together then you'll be the bad guy because you said all these awful things).

OK, I failed big time with that rule because I think I hold the record now for saying the word 

Image result for animal ass cartoon +   Image result for a single conversation
               source                              source

By the end, she chose to spend the night at her girlfriend's and I'm sure they were a great comfort.
hug gif GIF

As for me I'm still getting use to the fact that I can't swoop in and fix things for her. This is something that she is going to have to hurt through.

...but she knows I will always have her back....
and no matter what,  she just has to say the word and I'll be there
big hero 6 friendship GIF by Sky

Monday, February 11, 2019

Well, Hello There

                      Well, hello there.

                                Its been a while and I know most of you might have gone on your merry way.

I don't blame you. If blogging were my job I would have received that pink slip long ago.

    So for the few that have happened upon this new post....

    Here goes.

    This year greeted me with with a long hard look in the mirror. In fact if I must be honest it started in the beginning of December.  There I was sitting in my friend's dining room having our woman's bible study. We usually chat for a few minutes and we started to talk about how we are feeling and the topic landed on the weight know...

 "I wish I could lose weight"

"I know I would feel better if I lost some weight"

My friend turned to me and said ...Its so funny I have a treadmill, an elliptical and even a bow flex in my basement, but I have no motivation to use them.

I told her I wish I had those things, I added that my husband goes to the gym and offered to get me on his plan, but I just feel so self conscious with all those people around.

She said " Hey, we should exercise together!"

Me : "We should!"

We started that following Monday.

We've come up with a routine where we start on either the elliptical or treadmill for half and hour then crunches, leg lifts, and planks. We end it with light weights and finally a few stretches.

That first day was hard for me. I didn't realize how horrible my endurance has become. The next day my stomach muscles were sore and my arthritic knees complained.....LOUDLY    

                     family guy knee injury GIF

We continued and 9 weeks later  are still exercising together. I have lost some weight ( I wish it was more but hey its all good).  We are watching what we eat and giving each other encouragement.  There are days that my drive to her house are filled with my head telling me...

"Whats the use! Don't go. Don't put us through this anymore! 

My stomach says..."Dude, don't you just want to call it a day and go to Starbucks and get yourself a cappuccino and a sweet treat?"

My knees say " OK, seriously? again?"

My heart says " Hey I'm feeling stronger, don't listen to those guys. Keep up the good work"

I'm going to listen to my heart.