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Sunday, March 18, 2018

My Father-in-law

          Its been a rough week...the worst. After a long few years of debilitating illnesses, countless stays in the hospital throughout the years and a horrific hospital stay for 6 weeks...my Father-in-law passed away quietly in his sleep. In the end God was merciful and lifted him home.

I am heartbroken. My heart breaks for all the suffering he went through, and my heart breaks for my mother-law who misses her husband of 55 years.

I came into this family nearly 30 years ago. I was very different from everyone in my husband's family. I was a city girl, not the girl next door. I was an artsy girl whose choice of color was always black. They were a loud Italian family who ate the most delicious home-cooked foods every meal.

My Father-in-law and I had an interesting relationship. He accepted me but never hesitated to let me know exactly how he felt about everything. I always knew that I was the odd one out and no matter how much I tried not to be...I had a permanent spot in that role. No matter how odd I seemed to him I knew that there was love for me in his heart...and I loved him.

When My husband and I had our first child ( the first grandchild on both sides of the families) It changed my Father-in-law. When we announced that we were expecting, my Father-in-law said that he didn't feel old enough to be a grandfather.  He ( I think ) was scared of his new role. When I had the baby My Father-in-law was the first one through the doors during grandparent's visiting hours. He practically ran to the nursery. He told me that he instantly fell in love.

After we brought the baby home He would call me while he was out on his errands and ask to see the baby. He'd come and spend about half an hour, (never wanting to overstay his welcome), Carry her and cuddle her and speak to her. He'd smile and laugh whenever she cooed at him. His heart melted with every toothless grin.

He would go out and spend countless hours finding just the right toy for her.

It was like that for every one of his four grandchildren.

He introduced them to chocolate and then complain that they were hyper. He would make them ramen soup and they called it Grandpa soup for the longest time. With every visit he would have Italian S cookies waiting for them. After the funeral, My daughter asked if we could go to the neighborhood bakery so she could buy some S cookies to take home. She wanted to remember the feeling.

I think my son was the closest one to his grandpa. Grandpa babysat him for a while when my hours changed at work. Whenever I picked up my son he was either wearing grandpa's glasses that he'd steal from his shirt pocket or pushing random buttons on the phone. I don't remember him ever crying with his grandfather. I think Grandpa carried my son around the whole time he would babysit....and he loved every minute of it.

My son went to see his Grandfather in the hospital and he was so strong as he held his grandpa's hand. One of he hardest moments in my life was telling our son that his grandpa had passed away.

My baby's heart is broken and I can't do anything to heal it.

I loved and still love my Father-in-law. I still feel that he is here and we'll all get together soon for dinner, then in a flash I am reminded that I will never see him again in this life time.

We know that this is not the end. We trust and believe in God's promise and we know that we will see him again.

So I will not say goodbye. I'll just say...see you later Grandpa...I love you.

Monday, March 05, 2018

What I've Been Up To

My best friend is getting married.  I am so excited for her. Her fiancĂ© is sweet and kind and so loving...They make a perfect match. I was so surprised and honored when she asked me to be her matron of honor.

Her bridal shower was this past weekend and I made the centerpieces for her.

It was a labor of love.

I worked on them a very long time.

Her wedding theme is Books. She and her fiancé are avid readers.

So I decided to add flowers made from old books to her centerpieces.

if you look closely you will be able to see them.

My daughter and I got to the venue early to set up and when my friend walked into the room the look on her face was pure joy. I feel like so many hurdles tried to derail what I was trying to do. Getting sick was the last, but seeing her face made everything worth it.


Have a  beautiful week!!!


Monday, February 26, 2018

I don't have time for this

                Last week I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia. 

 I said  "I don't have time for walking pneumonia, I have centerpieces to make for my friend's shower, a Mom to care for and a family to keep alive. 
I also have a lesson to prepare for my Sunday school kids."
                                                            Image result for too much to do 


                          I don't have time for walking pneumonia

I have a Father-in-Law in the hospital, and a child who seems to be getting sick too.
                           Image result for taking care of everyone

                     I said "I don't have time for walking pneumonia".

           I have a home that needs to be cleaned from top to bottom
                                      Image result for woman cleaning the house cartoon   

                     I said  "I don't have time for walking pneumonia"

                         I have to do loads and loads of laundry
                                      Image result for too much laundry cartoon

                     I said "I don't have time for walking pneumonia"

So I worked on centerpieces, took care of my family,  cleaned the house, worried and prayed for my FIL, did about a million loads of laundry and worked on the Sunday school lesson.

Today I woke up feeling like a I was hit with a bat over and over again and my head feels like I'm underwater and there's a drum banging away in it all at the same time.

                         As I lay in bed feeling like a discarded rag doll...
                             Image result for woman sick in bed cartoon         

                    I think have time for walking pneumonia today

Friday, February 23, 2018

Artsy Fartsy Friday~~The Art of the Doodle

                        Wherever I am, If I have a pen and paper...I'm going to doodle. When I was younger I used to draw wedding dresses and faces and flowers. 

Every exam paper that I handed back to the teacher would have some type of doodle in the corner. One day I even got into trouble because I made doodles of all my teachers. So embarrassing!

 I found these art videos and they are all about the doodle.

Very simply, the artist doodles faces and stick arms on inanimate objects and some animals and it turns out to be quite fun to watch.

                                     Enjoy Real Life Doodles Compilation
                           Posted to YouTube by: Gifs Video



                             Have a beautiful weekend fill with sweet surprises!
                                        Blessings, Joanne

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


                     A few days before Valentines Day I went to the Supermarket and right there in the flower section was this...


It was a tiny rose plant in a teeny lady bug planter. I stopped to admire it and went on to start my shopping. Later, as I placed my items on the grocery belt there was the little rose plant that was not on my shopping list.

A few years ago I had a friend who was in a nursing facility. She had fallen years before and her health  started to seriously deteriorate after that. We never ever went out for coffee. We never went shopping. In fact I never saw her stand from her hospital bed. The pastor from my church asked if I would run some errands for a member of the church. This is how I met my friend. Whenever I visited I would bring her whatever was on her list and we'd talk for a bit. She would tell me about her family and all the things she did while she was an active member of our church. 

She loved to crochet and she would proudly show me all her creations. She even had a little business on the side at the nursing home!

One day I came across a plant just like this and I bought it for her. She loved it. She kept it on her food tray.

Shortly after she became very ill and ended up in the hospital. Her health plummeted and all the dreams she had of eventually going home were dashed. The last time I saw her I knew her time was short in this world. Another friend and I talked with her as best we could. She had on an oxygen mask and it was so hard to understand her, but something she said came through loud and clear. she said 
" I thank God for you"

My friend passed away shortly after that visit.
That was about 2 1/2 years ago.

I think of her when I see a pretty crochet pattern or when I hear her favorite song.

She was tough.
Even though she was in a nursing home completely dependent on others for just about everything she had a dignity that could not be erased.
She had a way of being that made you forget the fact that she was stuck in that bed. 

I miss my friend.

So when I saw that little plant; I knew I had to buy it. 
Today I pruned it a bit hoping that more buds will grow. I put the tiny flowers in one of my daughter's old toy tea cups.

Thinking of you Carol, and I thank God for you too.