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Friday, January 05, 2018

Didn't Plan on This

                Baby, it's cold outside......

                        A bit over a year ago My husband and daughter decided that they would run in the big marathon at Disney. They signed up and paid the entrance fee. They trained for a year. They each encouraged each other through Face Time and texts. My daughter trained at college and the hubster trained here. We paid for plane tickets and booked the hotel. My son and I would be their biggest cheerleaders and we were so excited to spend a few days away in sunny Florida right after the holidays.

We were packed
         Image result for overstuffed suitcase cartoon' 

I stopped the mail

We boarded our dog in a really awesome doggy daycare.
                               Image result for spoiled dog

                                 WE WERE READY!

Then we got hit by a huge blizzard with gale force winds that affected the whole eastern seaboard (even Florida!)  and worked its way up.
Image result for snow storm of 2018

Our flight was Image result for flight cancelledand so were all the others.
We had to call the hotel and cancel our reservation and they were so kind and understanding they even returned our deposit.

 Instead of traveling to the airport...we all changed into our PJs and watched a scary movie and played board games.

As the wind howled during the night I thought about how our plans went down the drain. My daughter was so sad and this cancelled trip was just the cherry on top of a huge sour sundae.
This has not been the greatest holiday season for any of us. As much as we tried to make the best of it...it just wasn't.

These few days were supposed to make up for that.

So now we're stuck inside, playing board games and watching movies and I have to admit....its not so bad. We're all together, we're all safe and we are all warm (this includes our dog Max because early this morning I ventured out and got him from the boarding place).

So we are all together....let it snow and let the wind howl...It's is well with my soul.

                Praying you are all warm and safe too!
                Blessings, Joanne

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

All I Wanted was to See Jumanji

                          A simple conversation years ago....

           RING RING

    "Hi Brenda, Its me... you wanna go to the movies tonight?"
Image result for 1960's talking on the phone teen boys
                                                                 "Sure, Which one?"
                                      Image result for 1960's teen girl talking on the phone

 "Oh the new one with the alien that teams up with Bigfoot"
                           Image result for 1960's talking on the phone teen boys 

                     "HAHA, sure sounds like fun! What time?"
                                    Image result for 1960's teen girl talking on the phone 

  "It starts at 8 so lets meet up at 7:30 so we can get popcorn"
Image result for 1960's talking on the phone teen boys

                      "Ok, see ya then!"
                        Image result for 1960's teen girl talking on the phone  


                 BUZZ BUZZ  Text buzzes in while glued to snap chat...

                       Hey B, wanna go to see that new movie?

                                                         To c wat?

                     that new one wit the alien 

                                                          LOL yes

                      im  chekn on tckts

                                                            any luck?

                      yea, got 2 in front...better than nothin๐Ÿ˜Œ

                                                               ok ๐Ÿ˜

                       Ok, c u in 3 weeks.


This afternoon I wanted to take my kids to the movies. We planned on a 4:15 showing of Jumanji and then maybe a bite to eat. We went to two theaters and all the shows were sold out for today. Then the young woman behind the ticket counter said most people get their tickets on line.
Of Course I knew that, but weeks ago or even this morning I did not know I wanted to take the kids to the movies.

So there is no such thing as a spontaneous"Hey lets go see that new movie!"

Its now "Hey, lets go to the movies in three months!"

We recently went to Disney world and found out that now you can reserve your rides at the parks weeks ahead of time...what the what? I'm supposed to know what I will feel like riding weeks and weeks in advance? I cant even decide whats for dinner in ten minutes ( darn it and here I am typing away)

But you get me right? am I the only one who finds this weird? am I ? Or have I turned into that old person who says "well, in my day"
                         Image result for old crotchety woman
or yells at the neighborhood kids to "Get off my lawn!"
                                                           Image result for old crotchety woman

                                       I would really like to read your take on this