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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

The Blame Game

            Hi All!

                     Today I wanted to write about "The Blame Game"...or otherwise known at our house as...Lets blame Mom/or the Wife for every stinkin' thing that happens in our home. Now when I say everything, I mean only the bad things.
                                       Image result for blame mom

If something is lost it's because I "Hid" it somewhere...Bwahahahaha
                                          Ace Ventura sneaking 

If something is broken...everyone looks at me, because even though they may have done it....the item was too delicate...and it's my fault for bringing it into a home full of klutzes...etc.
                                               Clumsy Big Bird  

If a tool from my husband's tool box is missing ...well, heck I must have used it and hid it ....in another part of his tool box! 
                                               Image result for giant hammer

and if an important piece of mail is gone from the Mount Everest pile that my husband has....well, damn-it-all if I didn't take it and throw it out.


             But not really.

If something is lost, then it's probably where it SHOULD be and not on the freakin' floor where my family left it.

If a Tool is missing it's probably in the tool box to the right or immediate left of where it usually is...in other words hidden in plain sight

And If my husband is missing an important piece of mail It's probably because I moved it to the office and filed it under "IMPORTANT MAIL".

Anyhoo, recently I went down to the laundry room and tried to turn on the light and it wouldn't work. I even tried to replace the light bulb and...no go.

I called down the Hubster

                        Me: "Light doesn't work, I think the switch is broken."

                        Hubster: "What'd you do to it?"

                        Me: "Nothing, It's just broken."

                        Hubster: "Things just don't break Joanne. SOMEONE had to break it."

                        Me: "Well, I didn't break it"

                        Hubster: "Well, I certainly didn't break it...I'm never down here."

Right, please remind ME again that I'm the ONLY one that does stinkin' laundry

                        Me: "Look, can you fix it? because I really don't want to play the Blame game right now"

                        Hubster: "Blame Game?" I'm just saying that you are the only one that comes down here and you probably broke it that's all."

                         Me: "You're starting to annoy me."
So the Hubster goes upstairs and I'm guessing he's going to go out to buy a new switch. I grabbed what clothes I could so I could fold some upstairs.
I walk past the kitchen where my husband is sweeping up a mess. Upon closer inspection I see that it's a glass that he's accidently broken.

               Me: "Hmmmm whatcha got there? Did YOU break a GLASS?!?"

               Hubster:  "Yes, I broke a glass."

 Now Ordinarily I never gloat, but darn if it didn't feel good to yell....

                                "YES!!! KARMA!!!"

                       He's lucky he is cute.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Artsy Fartsy Friday~Perfect song for a Broken Heart


   Heard this song a while back catchy tune and since my daughter is nursing a broken heart I thought it appropriate. Keep going forward Sweetie, God has his plans for you!     


Have a Awesome weekend everyone I hope it's full of beautiful new beginnings

 Blessings, Joanne

Friday, July 15, 2016

Artsy Fartsy Friday~~The Art of Patty Cake~~ Send My Love-Adele- Patty Cake Cover

                   Years ago I taught my niece some patty cake songs and every now and then she asks to play. I remember in school my friends and I would play with four girls and there we were hands up and under clapping side to side, perfectly timed and singing a memorized song. Miss Mary Mack doesn't compare to what I found for you!

Recently I came across a song by Adele covered by KHS, Sam Tsui, Madilyn Bailey, Alex G and they did it to a hand clapping routine...amazing! I think they are awesome!

 Please enjoy this week's Artsy Fartsy post...

                             Send My Love- Adele- Patty Cake Cover
                         Posted to You Tube by: Kurt Hugo Schneider

  Aren't these guys so talented?! I love their voices!

                      Have a beautiful weekend
                      Blessings, Joanne

Monday, June 06, 2016


                    Yep, I'm one of those people.

                                          I don't like to ask for ...
                                                            Image result for help

               I just don't

                                and that's bad...very bad

                                But I LOVE to help others
                                Image result for helping others

                                                and that's good... very good.

Soooooo what happens to the person that likes to help and never asks for help?

People think that you never need help...that's what.

               They think that you have it all figured out
                                Image result for confusing signs

                                         I sure don't

                  They think nothing fazes you
                                 Image result for crying over nothing

                  They're WRONG WAHHHHHHHHH!


             They think I'm super organized because I help them with their messes
                                   Image result for organiser who cant clean her own house

                I need lists to remind me of other lists...and those lists are under                               tons of lists that I have ignored for months

I always think that problems of others (even if they are the same as mine) are bigger and more in need of attention...but as my Sister-in-Law always says....

" A pebble in a shoe is a pebble in a shoe" Which means dear bloggy buddy, that everyone has problems and some might seem bigger but even the seemingly small ones bother and hurt.

Recently, I have decided to lay it all out there... and ask for help when I need it.

Ya know what happened when I tried to open my mouth? Another person opened theirs first....and lets just say that I will keep that pebble in my shoe a little while longer, while I go and help my friend with their boulder.
                                                               Image result for a pebble in a shoe is a pebble in a shoe

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

High School Sports and Funky Feet go together like....Stink and Stank

                  Got Teens?

                          Do they play sports?

                                  Then they have stinky feet.

                                              It's a given......seriously.

          It was a Tuesday I believe....just an ordinary Tuesday.

          I entered the living room to enjoy a bit of TV...but there was something.....in the air

                                                 a smell

                                                        a stink

                                                                  noxious fumes!

What the heck? what was that rancid odor?

                     I instantly had a suspect

Alas I  was mistaken

I look to the entrance and saw...

Image result for stinkysneakers

My son's track shoes


"D, get down here!" I called him knowing that if his shoes smelled that bad then his feet were worse

....they were.

"SHEEZE what the heck kid!" 

But wait there's more

When he invites his other friends (that are also in sports) and they get comfortable by taking off their shoes....

Lets just say there's a green cloud over the house
Image result for stink cloud over home...ugh

And washing the feet sometimes doesn't get rid of the smell either, because the bacteria needs to DIE and sometimes soap alone doesn't do the trick. 

what to do what to do.

well, I found a way.

Its easy.
simple and not expensive.

First, send the culprit with the offending feet to the showers to thoroughly wash the tootsies.

Then a nice soak. Fill a tub just enough to cover the tops of the feet with warm water....then pour in a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. The ratio being at least 2/3 water to 1/3 or less of peroxide. Then soak. I suggest at least a ten to 15 minute soak....That's it.

The peroxide kills off the bacteria that creates that smell.

Now onto the sneakers. If your child is in sports then you know that those shoes can be expensive. Here's how to get the smell out without having to toss out brand new shoes.

Fill two clean socks with baking soda, tie them off with rubber bands and put them into the shoes. The baking soda absorbs the smell. 

Smush them a bit so that it flattens out in the shoes and by morning the smell should be gone or at the very least be significantly less pungent. Odor-eaters inserts work well too.

Well there it is. I hope it helps my fellow Moms of Teens.

......and don't worry soon enough they'll be off to college and that little green cloud will move over their dorm