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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day!

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   Happy Mother's Day To all the beautiful Moms out there!

                                   and the ones who might not feel so beautiful too!

When I first had my daughter I knew that my body would change but I had no idea how much!

         A day after I had her the doctor came in and palpated my stomach and when he did It felt like he was mushing on a bag of jello.

After we brought my sweetie home I was....

                    let me see...


                                 how can I put it .....

                                           A FLIPPIN' MESS!

Suddenly I had no shape...no wait I did.... I was the shape of a potato.

         a big lumpy potato

                 and nobody told me that the boobs would turn into huge painful boulders after about a day of being a mom.

                         and the leaking! Every time the baby cried there seemed to be a faucet attached to them.


If I wasn't changing my blouse because of the boobs, then I was changing it because all of a sudden I was sweating all the time...I'm talking pit stains the size of Texas.

My feet were still swollen and my skin was dry.

and to top things off the Zippity Doo Daa was....was... lets just say every time I went to the bathroom, I yelled in pain...I sort of sounding like this...


Yes, Mommyhood was a big adjustment...It shocked me and it shook me

         and from the beginning...from the moment I saw the extra line on that pregnancy test.

            I knew my life would never be the same. 

              I had a beautiful new baby that I loved all my life, but I had just met.

                    Does that make sense? 

                           I thanked God for every painful, ugly moment. I thanked God for it ALL!!!! I received the greatest gifts...My Two children.

                                        Happy Mother's day!!!

                     Enjoy and God Bless! 


Saturday, May 12, 2018

Three's a Charm

             Hi All! I started two new blogs.

                        Some of you know of the one I started a few months ago. Never Ready for Company That one is a blog about trying to get myself organized, and maybe helping others along the way. The third is one I just started Tea and Devotion. That one is about my wanting to be consistent with reading God's word. I combine it with a tea time set up (which I really do make for myself) and just write about a verse or more. 10minutes2breathe is still my baby with my ramblings about everything and anything and weekly art love shout out.

I'm hoping you stop by and give them a little look-see. 

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

A-Z Dropout

          OK, so I'm officially a A to Z challenge drop out.

                  I failed the test.

                  got sent to the Principal's office and got thrown out.

I'm a delinquent
                   Image result for 1950's delinquent       

 a rebel without a cause.
                                        Image result for rebel without a cause   

           all I need is a cool leather jacket and a motorcycle...

     or maybe a tight sweater and bra that makes your boobs look like torpedoes
Image result for 50's sweater girls

I'll wear red lipstick and tease my hair
Image result for 1950's bad girl look

               and wear tight skirts       
                                            Image result for 1950's bad girl look

         I'll even hold a cigarette to try to look cool...I won't smoke it, and quite frankly it'll likely be a candy cigarette...

But I'll hold it just the same!

I'll say "whats it to ya?!" whenever questioned by authority

and I'll stay out late with all my drop out friends.

I'll turn to a life of crime

       My days full of ding dong ditchin'

             talking back

                   and hangin' at the malt shop with my good for nothin' pals. After burgers and milkshakes we'll pinch candy bars from Old Man Wilson's store.

Yeah,  that's me

    bad girl through and through

             later in life when I'm doing a stint at Sing Sing...and the parole board asks how did I become one of America's most wanted...I'll say

                         It all started when I couldn't find a topic for the letter "I"


Tuesday, April 10, 2018



              Habit...no not that meaning...

                    I'm writing about a nun's uniform...The habit.

When I was going to change schools I begged my parents to send me to Catholic school. You see, I was bullied all throughout elementary school and I feared that it would get worse. 

My parents agreed and so I attended Catholic school.

The nuns wore something like this.

                                     Image result for nuns habit

When I was little I toyed around with the idea of becoming a nun. I think It was because of the movie The Bells of Saint Mary.

                                          Ingrid Bergman looked so beautiful and she was so kind and tough when she needed to be.
                                            Image result for ingrid bergman nuns habit

I was never scared of nuns even when they wore the black habit covering everything but their faces.

I was never afraid ...until.

I went from being afraid of bullies to having a bully for a teacher.
I was scared to death of her.
She was mean.
and yelled a lot.
She made it a point to humiliate students.

Reviewing homework in class was where my anxiety would reach it's peak. There was so much homework and more often than not I would be up until 11pm trying to finish it. Many many times I just couldn't. All the other kids seemed to be just used to the load, but I sure as heck wasn't.

She would make the dreaded announcement and everyone would take out their homework. She would walk up and down the aisles looking down at our work as the students would take turns answering each question. 

Now and then she would pick up a child's notebook and criticize their penmanship or the fact that the page was ripped or she looked at a child and comment that there was something wrong with their uniform or if their hair was unkempt.  Once she made a boy stand in front of class and asked him why his hair had not been cut yet.

"My, mom has been busy Sister, she's been working overtime, she couldn't take me"

She answered " If you dare come into school tomorrow like that, I'll cut it myself!!!"

She meant it

He was absent the next day.

Even though I was so happy all my friends from our neighborhood church attended that school, I was living in fear of this nun.

The day came when it was my turn.

I was fiddling with my pen as she was teaching.

I was paying attention.

I was not clicking the pen or making any noise with it.

She just wanted every one's hands on the table and eyes in her.

She yelled my name

I froze then said "Yes, Sister?"

She yelled again " What are you writing?"

I answered " I'm not writing anything Sister"

She stomped her swollen legs towards my desk and I swear I thought I was going to pass out.

She grabbed some old papers on my desk and accused me of working on homework and not paying attention. She yelled at me and made me feel like a liar.

I looked around at all the relieved faces of children that were glad it wasn't their turn yet.

They were scared too.

I became angry
and I prayed silently that God would do something about it,

and then something happened

She hit her side on the corner of her desk and I could tell it hurt.

She winced,

and I am ashamed to say I smiled just a bit.

I could tell my classmates were cheering in in their heads. I could almost hear it,

because for one moment she felt the sting. 

I decided then and there if I were to become a nun that she would be the example of what NOT to be.

There were plenty of nuns in my life that were kind and tough and funny and cared about children.

I wanted to be like them. They would be my example....

and then I discovered boys...and that was the end of that.

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

D is for Donuts

               I completely forgot about the A-Z challenge...Let me back-track a bit. In the last week there have been a few emergencies in our family. Like driving ten hours to get our daughter at college because she became really sick; to two trips to the emergency room with my own mom...and a bunch of stuff in between.

Its been (needless to say) a bit hectic. 

        So hectic that I forgot about the A-Z challenge

I'm sitting here in my messy living room trying to accept the fact that I haven't written anything at all and the challenge is already up to the letter D.

So instead of coming up with a brilliant post...something that will knock ya down, pick you back up and knock ya down again...

I'm thinking about Donuts.

I want one so badly

There's a dunkin' donuts down the road

and I'm thinking about getting in my little car and getting one ( or dozen)

But I know if I get that one (or dozen) I will regret it because I'm supposed to lose weight.

I also have a wedding next week and I need to look my best

and Lord knows that If I have that one donut (or dozen) I will expand at such a rate that my once sexy dress will become a sexy donation in the Good Will pile.

What to do what to do

               Such a dilemma of epic porportions

               I shall resist

               I shall not falter

               I shall

               I shall

               I shall look for some Dunkin' coupons because I know they're here somewhere!