Friday, July 29, 2011

Artsy Fartsy Friday~~~Whirligig


           "A whirligig is a device, moved by the wind, which whirls and turns around on its pivot. It's a working or playing figure mounted on a chassis, powered by wind-driven propellers, arms, etc. The entire "weathervane" turns with the wind's direction." Quote from The Artist Garden

I found these on You tube and fell in love with the clever designs. I'm trying to convince my hubby into making one for our yard. My very favorite is the last one called "Where's my supper" Please enjoy this weeks ART.                                        


                                          Cheating boy Whirligig


                                              Sir Issac Newton Whirligig



                                    "I'm not Dead Yet" Whirligig


                                   "Where's My Supper" Whirligig

 Hope you enjoyed this week's Art.
I will no longer be posting on Saturdays, But I will be back on Monday. I hope you all have an Awesome weekend!!!                           

 Blessings, Joanne

Thursday, July 28, 2011

RVing Brady Bunch Style

            When I was young I loved watching the Brady bunch. I thought their house was cool though I couldn't get over the fact that Mike was an architect and yet couldn't expand the house to fit a couple more bedrooms for the kids. And what was the deal with Carol? She didn't work but yet had a live-in maid to help with the house? OK OK I digress. The one episode that I loved was when they went to the Grand Canyon. They hitched a pop up camper to their huge car and off they went. Ever since then I have always been fascinated with these...
[Image:]                             [Image:]

No not exactly those from the show ...more like these.------->

My neighbors down the street have a HUMONGOUS one that they keep in their driveway (completely blocking the view of both neighbors on either side of them). Every year they take a few trips and every year when they return they can be heard for miles it seems arguing on how to maneuver the giant house on wheels back into the driveway.

Alot of these are bigger than our first apartment! Look at the interior

Somethings never change Mom is always slaving away in the kitchen even in this staged photo
...sigh :O(

                                          another interior shot



They are amazing! they have definitely come a long way....

This was one of the first                  Airstream Silver bullet

Every time we go "camping" I look at alot of the RVers and their RVs are unbelievable. There are some that you can rent and I think that we might just try it. How about you? have you ever traveled in one of these or even own one of these? Was/is the experience a good one?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fashion Wednesday~~~These are Not Your Grandma's Dolls

 Ok today is not exactly about fashion but I had to fit this in because I really want to know your opinion....

Little girl love their dolls...I know I did. I wanted a baby alive doll so badly the year it came out....never got one , but that's a story for me to discuss in therapy ( just kidding I'm not in therapy.....yet ;o)
Dolls that ate and drank, pee'd and poo'd were the ultimate and every young girl wanted them.

 Remember ................
                                                             Betsy Wetsy?

          and                                                 Baby Alive?

Cabbage Patch Kids

 Baby Alive was the "it" doll until these came along.  I remember in New York City they had an actual cabbage patch hospital where you could see your "baby" being born out of a cabbage patch! To this day I think that was one of the greatest gimmicks ever. I believe in a way that idea gave "birth" to the "Build- a- Bear" franchise.



 Having dolls born from a cabbage patch wasn't enough we had to have a pregnant doll. I totally think Mattel ripped me off because I was stuffing my fake barbie (never really got a real barbie either...another topic to discuss with future therapist) with tissues to pretend they were expecting after a marriage to my little brother's GI JOE toy of course ( my brother was not thrilled)

                                                     pregnant barbie midge

 Then Taaaa daaaaa so the prego barbie wasn't enough.....we now have a Breast Feeding doll! Yep, that's right. The doll comes with a vest with sensors that the child wears and the doll simulates breast feeding.
What The freak? My daughter was never really into dolls...she liked her dinosaurs better, But I am trying to think what would I have done if she had at the age of four or five really wanted a doll like that...I don't know but I might very well have said no. NO NO NO!  I mean I'm all for breast feeding, but this is just a bit too real for

 me. Would I really want my little four year old pretending to breast feed?  and would that be so wrong? especially since I breast fed both my children? why does it bug me? I think it's because I wouldn't want her to... and didn't want her to... and still don't want her to grow up too fast.   So... what's next? a doll that gives birth? Hahahahahaha........wait.....I'm looking on the Internet and ......


These dolls actually give birth!

 In this doll maker's defense  these dolls are meant to be teaching tools. And as much as I would not buy this for a child for Christmas...they are very pretty dolls until you see the pictures of nether regions and then it just gets a bit strange....(you can see for yourself here) So how do you all feel about these dolls? If your daughter or granddaughter wanted a breast feeding doll or the one above would you get it for her? Do you think they are appropriate? Has the world gone COO COO?  In the meantime I'm just going to relax and think back to a much simpler time......Ah yes

The good old days! I still have one of these.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


     Play video song and scroll down                  


Yes !!!!! IT"S TRUE!!!!! I have reached the 100 follower mark!!!!

Now before that number goes down
                          I am just going to enjoy this moment!

                                       WOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Thank You ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blessings, Joanne

After Forty You Shouldn't...

I have read and been told that after forty we shouldn't wear these


                                  or these


    and especially not these                                  low rise jeans

We should not try to do Runway modeling


or become Chippendale dancers ( how cute are these guys!)

and we should lay off the spicy food

 and sports should be played with caution


But I am not yet ready to give this up

My friends and I go away for a girls weekend every year. This year we have decided to do something fun.  We will be going to Virginia. We will see some historical sites and visit Bush Gardens... and we will act like silly school girls!

Amusement parks always make me feel

And you're never too old for that

Monday, July 25, 2011

Memories of Newlywed Summer

          When my husband and I first got married we lived in the second floor of a cape cod house.
It was the teeniest apartment ever, but we loved it (until the mouse incident) see post---->I~is for patter of itty bitty feet
We got married in April. That summer was one hot fry eggs on the pavement kind of summers. It was AWFUL and......

              We had no air conditioning.

I was used to hideously hot summers back home in the city because we never had ac there too. Oh and get this; my Mom would insist on making a hot full course dinner every night. The excruciatingly hot kitchen became the enemy number one  As a child I would beg my Mom to just order a pizza or make a simple salad. But No sir...having  cold chicken salads was like blasphemy (bless her). Ladies and Gents there is just nothing like sweating profusely as you cut into a roast with a hot steaming side dish when its 100 degrees outside and about 150 inside!!!

 So when I got married you'd think that I would be used to it....nope.

One week in particular in August was especially brutal....I didn't even have the relief of going to work and enjoying the AC there because the school I work at was closed.

Everything was hot. The walls, the cupboards and even the drinking glasses were hot to the touch. I would be covered in sweat just sitting in the living room. I was taking showers several times a day and would sigh with relief when the cold water touched my skin.

One day we decided the heck with the budget...we were going out to eat.
We went to our favorite sushi place. When we walked in the blast from the AC enveloped us and pulled us further into the restaurant. We ordered our faves and were disappointed that the service was so fast. We sat there hardly saying a word taking tiny bites and relishing every morsel.
The AC was delicious and we were going to enjoy it for as long as we could. The waitress came over several times to ask if everything was OK. "Oh yes." we 'd say and continued to milk the time there as much as possible.
After slowly eating our dessert of fried icecream we came to terms with the fact that we could not stay there forever (Lord knows we tried!) The waitress seemed a bit anxious for us to vamoose.         

 We finished our meal, paid and left. As we climbed up the stairs toward our apartment we could feel the steamy air rise with us. My husband and I looked at each other and he said

"How 'bout a movie?"
"Yep, lets go!" I agreed

We spent the next several hours in a cool comfy movie theater not caring what the heck was on the screen.

Here's something I found on You tube that fits right in with this heat wave we are having. Hope it brings back memories and puts a smile on your face. Please be safe and cool.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday's Question~~~Strange concoctions?

It was hot today people. It was super conductive sweat streaming down your back and into the back of  your pants hot. The power went out twice causing our house to turn into a oven quicker than you can say burnt toast. We took the dog and rode around in our air conditioned car hoping that by the time we got back the power would be we went again on a trip to nowhere in particular.

As we rode around I started to think about what I would write or ask you today. Nothing came to mind except the fact that its HOT and that I am yearning for a Cinnabon or a chessy pizza or anything that doesn't say on the label low fat or sugarless,. I am on a diet . My blogger buddy Sandra at  Absolutely Narcissism  is in great shape and she posted the diet--->The D-I-E-T...dum dum duuuuuum!
 on her blog. so I decided to try it and its hard but I feel like if I could look half as good as she does then I'M IN! 

Now for the question...since I am currently obsessed with food...who am I kidding I been obsessed for a long time hence the jiggly parts that sound like applause when I run.

Remember Laverne and Shirley the TV show? Do you remember Laverne's favorite drink? That's right it was milk and Pepsi. In fact Penny Marshall ( the woman who played Laverne stated that that was an actual drink that her family drank when she was young.

Today 's question is...
Did you have a crazy favorite drink or weird combo of food that you and maybe your family loved or still love?

My brothers and I drank soda and orange juice mixed together. I know it sounds horrible and it is, but back then we thought it was tasty. I also would sprinkle popcorn on my ice cream or if there was no popcorn available I would use potato chips...I still love that combo! I would also mix pancake mix and water then fry little crispy rounds in olive oil ( I don't remember when I came up with that one!   My Mom would place premium crackers in her coffee and scoop them out and eat them when they were soaked through. yuck.

So what was your favorite snack or drink that perhaps everyone around you would roll their eyes whenever you ate/drank  it?

             was it a weird sandwich combo?

                    or a strange dessert? chocolate covered bacon?

                   Did you concoct a weird drink?

or was it a strange snack combo that perhaps you still like?
Disco Fries...french fries melted cheese and gravy

Have a great weekend and I hope it's cooler where you are.
Blessings, Joanne