Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Another post resulting from last one

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OK I was angry.

                Very angry.

Now I have had a day to think about it...

Little Caylee is gone. God will take care of who did that to her. Why is everyone so angry? because MOST people have been brought up to believe... if you do something wrong you have to pay the price of punishment. 

So yesterday that didn't happen. So there is nothing that we can do about it right?


There are millions of kids out there and Many many are in need of help.
There are kids that are being abused.
There are kids that are in danger.
There are more kids like Caylee and there are more people like Casey.

 We can help kids right now who are in distress.

 unfortunately there are kids right now that are being raised to be like Casey~we can help avoid that too.

401-KIDS Foundation Against Child Abuse

How Do I know if a Child is Being Abused? - Parents -

How to Raise Responsible Kids:

Raising Caring, Competent and Confident Children - Earlychildhood

Here are just a few sites that I found (in just a few minutes) that help kids and teach parents how to raise confident responsible adults.
In our own communities there are tons of places that help kids.
even if you donate clothes or toys or time or money. ...or even prayers.

Getting angry and not doing anything to make things better is just a waste. I don't want that. I don't want to be that.  I want to make a difference even if its a small one.


  1. A very cool post! Yes, God says that vengeance is his!! All in His time, not ours!

  2. Great wistful post. I've always said that justice is a very elusive thing. Many times, defendents can't afford to go to trial to prove they are innocent, it is cheaper to plea bargain and pay a fine. Attorneys cost more to go to trial because of the extra work (depositions etc).
    That aside, Casey's lawyer through out a lot of stuff to cloud the issue, stuff he didn't have to back up. He said Caylee drowned? How does he know that. If it was true, how did she end up several blocks away? And what does Casey's dad abusing her got to do with anything.
    A big mistake was made, I don't care what anyony says.
    But yes, vengeance is God's.
    Very sad how it ended.

  3. What a great post and it made me think of the time my mum decided to do something, my best friend when I was around 10 had a little brother who was being abused but his father, the kid was being bashed and left to sleep outside etc so my mum decided someone had to do something so she rang and reported the abuse to the school then to child welfare agency and he was taken from his family and put into care. Today he works with abuse children himself my mother only told me a few years ago that it was her who made the report about him being abused. His sister who was my best friend grew up to be a forster mother also.

  4. @ Debby@Just Breathe~ Thank You!

    @ Madeleine~Sometimes its good to get mad. it makes us stand and take action.

    @ Beth~ Thank you!

    @ Anthony Stemke~ It is very sad how it ended. But maybe it was supposed to be this way. can you imagine what her life will be like as a free woman? who's going to hire her. is her family going to take her back? I have a feeling she's going to wish she was in jail.

    @ Jo-Anne Rambling~ Your Mom is a HERO!!!!! Horray for her!!! You have got to be so proud of her. She did the right thing and saved their lives! Thank God for her...because of her the abuse stopped for him and his sister and she stop the entire cycle of abuse! what a gift she gave!!!!
    Blessings, Joanne

  5. @ Ginny~ So true! God sees it all and even though we may not understand...He always does!

  6. Great job my dear. I know we're all still po'd about the situation and know that in time judgement will come.

    It's the small things that matter!


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