Thursday, July 07, 2011

Fashion Wednesday Accessories Throughout the Years~Which One Did You Use?

 When I was little my Mom would put my hair in a pony tail or pig tails and fasten them with elastic bands that had colored balls on either end. I can't tell you how many times she and I got whacked in the knuckles by those things...Ouch! 

 Today we will take a peek at hair accessories through the years.
             Alot of the older styles have seen a resurgence in recent years.

1940's snood  


what's  a 50's  hairdo
 without a cool scarf to match?

                                   movie~Peggy Sue Got Married~

The 60's were all
 about the head band


This butterfly clip
screams 70's for me

I had a million
 scrunchies...did you?

I remember these in
the later part of the 90's

The look now is
Feathered hair extensions

  Which one is you favorite?  Do you still wear any of these? Have you tried the latest trend or know someone who has?



  1. I remember using a horrible banana clip thing that pulled all my hair back, probably 80's.

  2. I still have tons of scrunchies. I do wear my hair up in a bun a lot and use hair sticks.

  3. I remember tying those knuckle busters in my daughters hair! But I suppose I was a 60's/70's gal. I had the leather pick and headband for a while...Thanks for the flashback!

  4. The look from the 60s is totally coming back! And I really want those feather extensions, but I'm afraid I'm not funky enough to pull them off.
    Also, when I was in the Dominican Republic all the ladies there wore that net thing on their head. I think it was to protect their hair styles while commuting to work:)

  5. Do not remember if I wore any of these. I do remember all these nice accessories!

  6. None of these are ones I tried!! I had a little curly hairpiece I put in the back of my hair sometimes. Also the bandanas, very rebel looking. And one of those wire shapes to roll a french twist around. Oh wait, I did have those pretty scarves like in Peggy Sue!! The snoods were absolutely awful, I don't know who thought they were pretty!!!

  7. Scrunchies and ponytail holders are still in use at my house - both by me and my daughters, although they prefer the plain, snag-free bands for their hair.
    I used to love scarves, and I have a butterfly clip that I purchased 4 years ago that I still wear in my hair on rare occassions. Usually, a ponytail will do for every day.

  8. Oh goodness loving the scrunchie ... hehe

    Ok the feather in the hair kind of creep me out, I know it's crazy but they do.

  9. I remember having so many headbands with beautiful designs. I loved them. My Grand-daughter wears the extended feathers in her hair. It looks very pretty on her.

  10. scrunchies i still wear them have in multiple colors nothing works better then a ponytail

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