Wednesday, July 06, 2011

TODAY is a SAD day for our Justice System


OK I am moving the fashion post to Thursday this week can I put this without being crude..........I'M P.O'd!!!!!!!!

I came home from taking the kids to the zoo to find that Casey Anthony was found NOT guilty.

I try not to rant too much here and when I do I try to take the comedic route...but this is freakin' insane. Are the  jurors  a bunch of MORONS? If Casey didn't kill her daughter then who did? Did they just want to get the case over with?

I try to not bash people on this blog but what exactly did these jurors take in during the trial? Anything at all?  Ok, I can maybe see why they could not come back with a guilty verdict for Murder in the first degree, ( I do not believe in the death penalty) but not guilty at ALL? Were they not listening during the trial? did they not see the evidence? have they no common sense at all? She's only guilty of LYING? I hurt for that baby girl and all those kids that are victims to heartless monsters.  I feel sorry that she is dead and the person who was supposed to protect her with her life instead murdered her and now gets to have a full life.

So what now for the  free Casey Anthony?

    Does she go back to living with Mommy and Daddy?
    Does she just join all her friends and continue right where she left off?
    Does she do the talk show circuit?
    Does she write a book titled "If I killed my Child?"
    and finally does she get her own reality TV show where tons of teens follow her every move and think she is so deep with her philosophy on life?

   Sound absurd? not as absurd as hearing a NOT guilty verdict today.

TODAY is a SAD day for our Justice System

                                I have to go pray


  1. Even sadder than the O.J. day!!! I totally agree!! But the jurors are bound by certain laws, and lots of them, so they have to go by the rules, even if they may want to do something different in their hearts. I'd like to know what went on in there, but they're not talking to anyone! And maybe they should remain anonymous, because there will be those who are out to get them.

  2. My heart hurts for that beautiful little baby girl. here is something I found on line.

    Dear Mommy...I see you smile down there below...are those tears of joy you show? I'm glad you're happy, although you lied...I'd love to be right by your side...but by your choice, I view from above...tell my Grandparents I send my's beautiful here, is all I can say...your life will go on... without me in your way.
    Love Caylee, xoxo

  3. @ Ginny~ I don't know Ginny, something is so wrong there. I mean I have heard of cases with less evidence and the served jail time...why not her? Its very confusing and it makes me feel that people can get away with anything now. so sad. Thank you for commenting. You have a great way of seeing the whole picture.

    @ ms nk rey~ Thanks for your comment. I hadn't read that. That is very sad. I know that poor little baby and all those kids that are victims are being loved by a God that will in the end make sure there is Justice for them.

  4. I halfway expected this verdict. We had a tired jury that missed their familys. They did not want to be burdened with anything but getting out of the court room in a hurry. I am POffed too!

  5. It is sad but I trust our Justice system??

  6. i still can not get over this how awful makes me ashamed to live in FL

  7. I was completely baffled when I heard the verdict.

  8. I had to go to this one first before I read the newest post. I think the whole nation is in shock over it! It's so hard when we see it from this side, and think how could there be anything but guilty. I want to trust in a group of our peers but it does make you want to just scream!


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