Friday, July 29, 2011

Artsy Fartsy Friday~~~Whirligig


           "A whirligig is a device, moved by the wind, which whirls and turns around on its pivot. It's a working or playing figure mounted on a chassis, powered by wind-driven propellers, arms, etc. The entire "weathervane" turns with the wind's direction." Quote from The Artist Garden

I found these on You tube and fell in love with the clever designs. I'm trying to convince my hubby into making one for our yard. My very favorite is the last one called "Where's my supper" Please enjoy this weeks ART.                                        


                                          Cheating boy Whirligig


                                              Sir Issac Newton Whirligig



                                    "I'm not Dead Yet" Whirligig


                                   "Where's My Supper" Whirligig

 Hope you enjoyed this week's Art.
I will no longer be posting on Saturdays, But I will be back on Monday. I hope you all have an Awesome weekend!!!                           

 Blessings, Joanne


  1. These are so cool! May favorite is Kid Wash in the first one! Although the Newton one is really good, and rather complex!

  2. Those things are very amazing. There is some extreme creativity behind these.

    Tossing It Out

  3. So cute!! All of them. Love the supper one, I kept wishing she could hit him on the head with the broom. :-)

  4. So cool! I wanna make one myself!

  5. I loved the "Where's my supper?" best. Can relate to an impatient husband! The creator enjoyed making this; you can hear it in his voice.

  6. My dear you find the coolest things for us to see. I love your Artsy Fridays :)

  7. These are so neat! I'm loving the Artsy Fridays, too!

  8. My husband is quite crafty as well. I can't let him see these or else he'll want to try to make one, and my basement will never get cleaned up.
    PS: Joanne, I'm so proud of you sticking to this diet! I love hearing about your progress! Wayne started last week, and I can't believe how much weight he's already lost...stupid men, everything is so easy for them! As for having the ice cream, hey! It's ok to have those treats. I read somewhere that's it's actually good to have a couple of treats a week to "shock" your metabolism. Tomorrow I'm going to "shock" mine with something in a creamy white sauce!

  9. My husband and I will often say, "I'm not dead yet" in that high pitched voice the Not-dead-yet old man used in the Monty Python sketch. It's my favorite MP thing, except for Deja Vu. Would love one of those gadgets. This is probably the most fun blog post I've read from anyone in a while!

  10. I love these & the word whirligig! I hope you had a beautiful weekend! ~Tracy

  11. @ Ginny~ I know! They are so creative! I love the ones with lots of colors.

    @ Arlee Bird~ I just love that it's all hand made

    @ Charmaine Clancy~ I agree!

    @ Beth~ Yes! I wish that too! LOL

    @ Rae~ I wish I could too!

    @ sarah~ Thank You!

    @ Susan Kane~ I know! he sounded adorable didn't he?!

    @ Alexis AKA MOM~ Thank You I enjoy finding them!

    @ Maeve Frazier~ Awww Thanks!

    @ Jo-Anne Rambling~ Thanks!

    @ Sandra~ Thanks Sandra for giving me the inspiration!

    @ Melissa Ann Goodwin~ So glad you enjoyed it! and Thank you!

    @ Tracy Jo ~ I know! its a fun word to say!


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