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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fashion Wednesday~ Charm Bracelets

First, let me start off by thanking all my Bloggy Buddies for all the sweet comments yesterday and for indulging me in my Pity party.    Even when I have a hard day I come here and read your blogs and read your comments on mine and feel so much better. You all put a smile on my face! Thank You!!!!   Now onto Fashion Wednesday!

Do you own a charm bracelet?

Charm bracelets have been around forever... hundreds and hundreds of years.  In her day Queen Victoria started a trend among the noble classes with her use of a charm bracelets and in WWII soldiers returning home gave their sweethearts charms made abroad.
Charms bracelets are so versatile. They can have one single solitary charm or can be filled with sentimental reminders of events. I have two charm bracelets. one was  given to me by my mom on my sixteenth birthday. It had and still has just one single charm. I wore it on my wedding day.

                                                            Bracelet from the 1920's

                                    This girl loved music. can you figure out what the other charms are?


                                                               1940's -50's    
                     notice the many charms... many of these charms have moving parts to them

                                                                  60's and 70's
My Mom had one similar to this made of dimes (not my favorite) it seemed to be in style in the 70's.             


                                                     Religious Christian  bracelet


                                             This person loves animals


                                                   Unique locket bracelet
                                                     One of my favorites

                                              Any Disney girl would love this one
                                                       Definitely MY favorite!

             Wedding bracelet complete with tiny frame for wedding picture


                                                  Jewish charm bracelet
                                                    I love the bead color

                                        This is currently very popular

If you have owned  a bracelet in the past or currently wear one what are/were some of the charms on it?



  1. I had them when I was younger and I loved it.. But I didn't wear any lately..

  2. Wow! You are really taxing my memory here. I had a charm bracelet that had different colored charms that were tiny stones in all different shades of green. I have absolutely no idea what happened to it.

  3. I have had a few charm bracelets in my life. What I really got into were the Italian charm bracelets that hooked together. I want to start a Pandora one.

  4. I had a charm bracklet and loved getting little charms for it....and I loved getting my girls one....and Joanne....your comments on my blog always touch me. Stay cool out there and have a great day

  5. I had the coin bracelet and loved it! Wish I had it now. I love charm bracelets!! I don't really understand the Pandora thing, what the deal is. They seem like mostly beads and not real charms, but are really hot now!

  6. You know I use to own on that my mom would pick up random things to put on it! I think I would love that wedding one. And even though I'm not jewish the colors on it are beautiful!

  7. I had one as a teenager, and my grandma gave me charms occasionally. I have no idea where it is now. The Pandora bracelet is mucho dinero.

  8. totally want the disney one but right now loving my new one i got

  9. Love the Disney bracelet, the wedding bracelet, and I love my Pandora bracelet although it has so few charms, it's kind of pitiful looking.
    Also wanted to tell you that I'm so excited to have you on the "Diet" with me. I'm totally craving an Eggo waffle right now, which is ridiculous because I rarely ever eat stuff like that...leggo my eggo!....ok, going to read about your pity party yesterday!

  10. I've had a few in my life. I tend to lose interest in such things. I collect charms, wear the bracelet for a while, and then it sits in my jewelry box. My latest was an Italian charm bracelet when they were the rage.

  11. @ Marina~My little girl still wears her disney one from time to time

    @ Beth~ yours sounds pretty!

    @ Debby@Just Breathe~ I have to check out those italian ones they sound nice...yes pandora is very expensive from what I hear

    @ Sarah~ I have a yen to get another one now! You are welcomed you have a wonderful blog and I know you are helping alot of people.

    @ Ginny~ I love the whole concept of having memories jungling right there on your wrist...really cool. I have seen some pandoras and it does look like mostly beads but still pretty I think though I would rather have an old fashion heavy jingly one myself! LOL

    @ Alexis AKA MOM~ Awww that is so sweet of your mom I wish My mom would have done that. Yes that wedding one is very nice.

    @ Susan Kane~ Aww wow alot of girly girls here so cool that every one had a charm bracelet growing up so special I think!

    @ Becca~ Yes I saw the picture you posted...it is very beautiful and what a special gift from your friend!

    @ Sandra~Great choices! and thank you for posting the diet. all I think about is bread bread and more bread!

    @ Retired English Teacher~ I am not a jewelry person (I just wear my wedding band and hardly ever wear anything else) either but I think I might be interested in wearing mine now.

  12. I enjoyed this charming post. My mom had a charm bracelet back in the '50's, a hat, a fire engine and a trumpet are all I can recall.


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