Monday, July 18, 2011

It Ain't Campin' if There's a Roof Over Your Head

Hi Everyone!

Thank You for all the cool comments you posted while I was away and for my little boy's birthday. He loved them!

I was completely expecting to hate our "camping" trip. I don't know..can you call it camping if you're in a cabin? anyhoo...

 little cabin

I was expecting to hate it , but it was a great week. The kids ( especially my son) were so happy to be there.

The first day was raining but since we got there late we didn't mind at all. The second day we went fishing. I can't bait a hook(squishy worms make me gag) or even take a wriggling fish off a hubby patiently does that for me.(I suffer from the HEE BEE GEE BEES) ....but I do enjoy throwing a line out there and just love the quiet of the lake. Its one of the few times where I can just go for hours and not say a word. I had forgotten how pretty it was at the lake and how surreal it seemed as the sounds of summer surrounded us. I drank it all in and realized these were the times that I hope the Kids remember always.

So there we were on the edge of one of two lakes available to us and the sun was shining bright and hot but just when we thought we could not stand the heat any longer, a breeze would come by and lulled us to stay.

Memories of last year's snake encounter was still fresh in my mind while I threw out my line over and over. We were there about half an hour before I heard a familiar rustling in the reeds. I quickly stepped back and waited .....sure enough a snake slithered curious to see if  the splash of my cast was actually a fish I guess. Hubby threw a few pebbles his way and the snake seemed to want no part of us anymore.

My son was on another part of the water's edge when he suddenly got his line stuck in some low tree branches. I told him to step back so that I could try to untangle him. Just after he stepped back another snake crossed where my son had been standing. Like I have written before I do not believe in coincidences. Small miracles happen each and everyday. I hope I am always aware of them.

This is last year's picture because guess who forgot to put in a new memory chip in the camera?
OK you can stop pointing at me now

We moved to another fishing spot and were very much aware that we were the intruders. Dragonflies happily danced around us and bugs buzzed by us. My son was the hero of the day catching enough fish to add to our dinner that night.

After dinner my Husband made a campfire and even though I don't like to be around the fire at night ( I hate that my clothes smell like the fire afterwards and the buzzing of the mosquitoes make me flinch and twitch) I went out after I finished the dishes to enjoy some star gazing.

 I was out there 5 minutes before I saw some huge bug from the prehistoric age fly past my head. OK I thought at least its better than last year when I was pelted by them. I screamed only once and stayed put around the campfire......until my daughter remarked and pointed at a "black bird" that was flying around. I looked at my husband and I could see him mouth the words to our Daughter...
                                          "Thats a Bat"

"OK" I stood and covered my head "I'M OUT!" I ran back to the cabin and opened up my book as the kids and Dad bravely enjoyed the fire.

Later as sleepy eyes wanted to rest we all got ready for bed. The cabin has one small little bedroom that squeezed two sets of bunk beds and the kids took both top bunks and Hubster and I took the bottom ones. We were all cozy in that one room. As the roar of my Hubby's snoring blared into the wilderness alerting all wildlife that we were there; I felt a sudden calm and happiness in my heart. We were all there as close as a family could be and there was nothing that was interrupting that. No family drama or work or errands or even school. We were there together. I was counting my blessings and after a while I happily fell asleep.


  1. That sounds great:) And I would have been outta there after the bat, too.

  2. As a veteran of tent and cabin camping, give me the cabin! Especially as the kids get older - we needed more room. We used to rent a cabin camp at a KOA in the Adirondacks - no fear of rain, leaks, etc. But we were in the woods, you could still wake up to the raccoon rummaging outside, you could have the campfire and smores, and so on.
    My daughters are now grown. No more family camping. Sigh.

  3. It all sounds wonderful. Enjoy times spent with your kids, they grow up way too soon.

  4. These are great memories with your family! Even with a bat but you had a campfire, fishing, snoring:), etc....

  5. @ Lemons Don't Make Lemonade~ Thanks I'm just happy it has running water!

    @ Ma~ LOL you should have seen me run!

    @ Lee Strong~Yes! I don't how people do the tent thing! I could hear alot of strange noises and was so thankful there was a wall instead of tent between us and the critters.

    @ Beth~ I kept think that one day they won't want to do this with us anymore....sniff sniff!

  6. Wow you had yourselves a great time.. You were not home, that's camping to me

  7. First time here and I must say I'm glad I followed the link from another blog. sounds like you had a great time, nothing beats family time its pricelessFirst time here and I must say I'm glad I followed the link from another blog. sounds like you had a great time, nothing beats family time its priceless

  8. Beautiful place! We have a cabin in the woods and that's why I love it- no distractions, phones, emails, obligations...just family and fun and the peace of a wonderful life. PS(We have snakes, bugs and bats, too. But I'd gladly welcome them instead of loud people, traffic jams, and cleaning a big house!lol)

  9. Camping can be a challenge...but you are always left with wonderful memories! Glad it turned out to be a good time for all! Thanks for popping over to visit...I will sign up to follow along here and keep up with your comings & goings...♥

  10. I love to camp...but we don't do much tent camping any more! And bats and bugs always find me, too! ♥

  11. glad you had fun and what a cute cabin

  12. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. The cabin seems charming. I am like you and do not like to bait the line and do not like snakes. I bought a pair of cloves especially to fish with but I have not used them yet. I think those adventures are the ones everyone has fond memories of even if everything is not perfect. Times like those does make you stop and count your blessings and feel so thankful for the family you have and the things you do.

  13. @ Poetic Soul~ LOL I hadn't thought of it like that!

    @ Soul Dose~ Thanks..I stopped by your blog and was in awe of your courage!

    @ Rae~ You Are right about that! :O)

    @ Carrie @ Cottage Cozy~ Thanks for your comment and welcome to my little blog!

    @ ~Lavender Dreamer~LOL I'm a magnet to them!

    @ Becca~ Thanks I wish we owned it instead of renting it every year.

    @ Barb~ You are so right Barb! now where did you get those gloves?...I have to have to get a pair! :O)

  14. Hi Joanne, This was such a fun post to read! I think we must have a lot in common. Bats - out of here! Too funny. Thank you so much for your shared comments on my blog today. Boy are we struggling to gain acceptance by our daughter's fiancee's family who are of a very strict religion when their son now longer is a member. Your words were so encouraging, and I will keep them as reminders as we plan our wedding picnic. Elizabeth

  15. Sounds like a wonderful family trip. I'm glad you appreciated the experience.

  16. I have done plenty of roughin it camping. So I always consider it a blessing when I get to camp with a roof over my head. Spending time with family makes up for all the snakes, bugs, and bat (not so sure about bats) encounters. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. J.F.Y.I. I think that was a salesmand sample like you thought. I am a new follower.


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