Monday, July 25, 2011

Memories of Newlywed Summer

          When my husband and I first got married we lived in the second floor of a cape cod house.
It was the teeniest apartment ever, but we loved it (until the mouse incident) see post---->I~is for patter of itty bitty feet
We got married in April. That summer was one hot fry eggs on the pavement kind of summers. It was AWFUL and......

              We had no air conditioning.

I was used to hideously hot summers back home in the city because we never had ac there too. Oh and get this; my Mom would insist on making a hot full course dinner every night. The excruciatingly hot kitchen became the enemy number one  As a child I would beg my Mom to just order a pizza or make a simple salad. But No sir...having  cold chicken salads was like blasphemy (bless her). Ladies and Gents there is just nothing like sweating profusely as you cut into a roast with a hot steaming side dish when its 100 degrees outside and about 150 inside!!!

 So when I got married you'd think that I would be used to it....nope.

One week in particular in August was especially brutal....I didn't even have the relief of going to work and enjoying the AC there because the school I work at was closed.

Everything was hot. The walls, the cupboards and even the drinking glasses were hot to the touch. I would be covered in sweat just sitting in the living room. I was taking showers several times a day and would sigh with relief when the cold water touched my skin.

One day we decided the heck with the budget...we were going out to eat.
We went to our favorite sushi place. When we walked in the blast from the AC enveloped us and pulled us further into the restaurant. We ordered our faves and were disappointed that the service was so fast. We sat there hardly saying a word taking tiny bites and relishing every morsel.
The AC was delicious and we were going to enjoy it for as long as we could. The waitress came over several times to ask if everything was OK. "Oh yes." we 'd say and continued to milk the time there as much as possible.
After slowly eating our dessert of fried icecream we came to terms with the fact that we could not stay there forever (Lord knows we tried!) The waitress seemed a bit anxious for us to vamoose.         

 We finished our meal, paid and left. As we climbed up the stairs toward our apartment we could feel the steamy air rise with us. My husband and I looked at each other and he said

"How 'bout a movie?"
"Yep, lets go!" I agreed

We spent the next several hours in a cool comfy movie theater not caring what the heck was on the screen.

Here's something I found on You tube that fits right in with this heat wave we are having. Hope it brings back memories and puts a smile on your face. Please be safe and cool.



  1. The AC was delicious


  2. this made my morning.....and I think of how many people around the globe who live in extreme heat and don't even own a fan.....Stay cool out there.

  3. Excellent story. When I first went out on my own A/C was very important to me. As a child I remember waking up sweating in the middle of the night. I loved those old gigantic reel-to-reel computer rooms, because they had to be cooled (for the equipment not the people).
    Before I married my spouse (the education tipster) she moved down south from Long Island and she and her adolescent daughter had an attic apartment. Each hot evening they would sit in a local park until twilight, the attic heat was so brutal.
    So, can empathize, no, SYMPATHIZE with you there.

  4. Loved your story, Joanne! Can't imagine WANTING to cook a big, heavy meal in a hot kitchen! God bless the inventor of a/c!!! Great video - but my Hubby could relate to Mr. Heat Miser - he would much rather have a green Christmas than a white one!!

  5. @ Ma~ Thanks!

    @ Sarah~ I Know! how the heck do they do it? maybe one's body gets used to it after a while?

    @ Anthony Stemke~ Yes that apartment was brutal that summer! Your wife had the right idea!

    @ Darlene~ I don't know how she did it. I'm with your Hubby. I think for Christmas week there should be snow then after that... SPRING!!!!!

  6. I grew up without a c! Going to school was the hardest...staying awake after lunch! Back in the olden days! heehee! ♥

  7. Great story, The first summer Jim and I were married it was so hot. No money to spare but the local hardware store let us purchase a fan for $1 a week. What a blessing.

  8. So true, so funny! Loved the perfect video!
    I never understood June weddings in Illinois. One year a friend got married. the varnish on the pews had been affected by the heat and humidity. When the guests stood for the triumphant recessional, the sticky varnish stuck to their clothing. True story!

  9. That video's adorable. Heat is MISERABLE. You definitely were one hot newly married couple.
    Stay cool, Joanne.

  10. You crack me up girl, I love that shot from Airplane ... lol.

    I'm backing away from reading about the mouse again ... hehe

    I'm going to stop complaining about the rain we're getting. I must say we did have one day that was 80's then we had rain for 3 days.


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