Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday's Question~~~Strange concoctions?

It was hot today people. It was super conductive sweat streaming down your back and into the back of  your pants hot. The power went out twice causing our house to turn into a oven quicker than you can say burnt toast. We took the dog and rode around in our air conditioned car hoping that by the time we got back the power would be we went again on a trip to nowhere in particular.

As we rode around I started to think about what I would write or ask you today. Nothing came to mind except the fact that its HOT and that I am yearning for a Cinnabon or a chessy pizza or anything that doesn't say on the label low fat or sugarless,. I am on a diet . My blogger buddy Sandra at  Absolutely Narcissism  is in great shape and she posted the diet--->The D-I-E-T...dum dum duuuuuum!
 on her blog. so I decided to try it and its hard but I feel like if I could look half as good as she does then I'M IN! 

Now for the question...since I am currently obsessed with food...who am I kidding I been obsessed for a long time hence the jiggly parts that sound like applause when I run.

Remember Laverne and Shirley the TV show? Do you remember Laverne's favorite drink? That's right it was milk and Pepsi. In fact Penny Marshall ( the woman who played Laverne stated that that was an actual drink that her family drank when she was young.

Today 's question is...
Did you have a crazy favorite drink or weird combo of food that you and maybe your family loved or still love?

My brothers and I drank soda and orange juice mixed together. I know it sounds horrible and it is, but back then we thought it was tasty. I also would sprinkle popcorn on my ice cream or if there was no popcorn available I would use potato chips...I still love that combo! I would also mix pancake mix and water then fry little crispy rounds in olive oil ( I don't remember when I came up with that one!   My Mom would place premium crackers in her coffee and scoop them out and eat them when they were soaked through. yuck.

So what was your favorite snack or drink that perhaps everyone around you would roll their eyes whenever you ate/drank  it?

             was it a weird sandwich combo?

                    or a strange dessert? chocolate covered bacon?

                   Did you concoct a weird drink?

or was it a strange snack combo that perhaps you still like?
Disco Fries...french fries melted cheese and gravy

Have a great weekend and I hope it's cooler where you are.
Blessings, Joanne


  1. I'm so sorry about the power outage, yikes! I was just thinking about the Laverne and Shirley. The milk and Pepsi would be kind of like an ice cream float perhaps..still not my thing.

    I like to dip pretzels in BBQ sauce. My son puts cinnamon and sugar on cucumber slices and dips saltines in his iced tea.

  2. I eat pickled corn but no one around me rolls their eyes because they eat it also. Hubs does roll his eyes but not my sisters. I dont think it is strange but?

  3. You have probably heard of this, it was putting peanuts in the bottle of coke. YUM!! Quite a challenge to get them out of the bottle without choking.

  4. My hubby said he liked orange juice in hot cocoa! Hmmmm...I still haven't tried that! lol ♥

  5. I like to eat peanut butter and crumbled bacon on crackers! You get strange looks, but it is so good!

  6. I have two friends who love ketchup on scrambled eggs. I like a bowl of chocolate ice-cream with milk poured halfway up the bowl. Quite a few years ago, I loved lime sherbet with Hershey's syrup poured over it, but that doesn't seem appealing anymore.

  7. I poured chocolate syrup on cottage cheese yesterday, and I enjoyed it. (I was out of yogurt.)

    Hope things cool down soon for you over there!

  8. @ Ma~ cinnamin and suguar on cucumber...kind of sounds interesting to me.

    @ Kim @ Stuff could...~ Actually that sounds kind of good

    @ Beth~ actually I have heard of this...though I have never tried it sounds good though

    @ ~Lavender Dreamer~Yowza That is a new one for me!

    @ Maeve Frazier~ Did I hear bacon? I'm IN!!!

    @ Ginny~ Oh I have done the ketchup on eggs thing...yum!

    @ hmmm I'm not a cottage cheese fan but anything taste better covered in chocolate!

  9. I'm totally to eat naked chips by the bag fulls or popcorn until I want to puke. Love the way you wrote this...cracked me up.

  10. Oh the joy of weird childhood concoctions. We use to spread of thin layer of Miracle Whip on bread and sprinkle it with sugar. I know, sounds weird. I wonder if this was because we didn't have alot of money. (My dad died when I was 9 mnths. old) leaving my mom with 8 kids. The oldest being 17. Maybe the Marshalls added milk to make the Pepsi go just a bit further.

  11. For twenty some days it has been in the tripple digits here in Texas. My husband loves mixing milk with his root beer. I am on a diet right now also but when you go off your diet try dipping french fies in melted dark chocolate. It's awesome!

  12. sorry about the AC yuck

    for me i have all kinds of weird combos too many many really like

    1. ranch and bbq sauce mixed
    2. ketchup on mash potatoes
    3. dill pickle sandwhich

  13. I must admit my friend made the choc dipped bacon and it was fab!

    I agree ketchup on eggs is a fav here in the house. Now Cole is obsessed with Ketchup and puts it on everything. Like on his mac and cheese ... yuck!

    And I've had those fries before and they were freaking yummy ... lol

    Sorry about the heat. Hope the AC in the car can help a bit. XOXO


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