Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fashion Wednesday~~~These are Not Your Grandma's Dolls

 Ok today is not exactly about fashion but I had to fit this in because I really want to know your opinion....

Little girl love their dolls...I know I did. I wanted a baby alive doll so badly the year it came out....never got one , but that's a story for me to discuss in therapy ( just kidding I'm not in therapy.....yet ;o)
Dolls that ate and drank, pee'd and poo'd were the ultimate and every young girl wanted them.

 Remember ................
                                                             Betsy Wetsy?

          and                                                 Baby Alive?

Cabbage Patch Kids

 Baby Alive was the "it" doll until these came along.  I remember in New York City they had an actual cabbage patch hospital where you could see your "baby" being born out of a cabbage patch! To this day I think that was one of the greatest gimmicks ever. I believe in a way that idea gave "birth" to the "Build- a- Bear" franchise.



 Having dolls born from a cabbage patch wasn't enough we had to have a pregnant doll. I totally think Mattel ripped me off because I was stuffing my fake barbie (never really got a real barbie either...another topic to discuss with future therapist) with tissues to pretend they were expecting after a marriage to my little brother's GI JOE toy of course ( my brother was not thrilled)

                                                     pregnant barbie midge

 Then Taaaa daaaaa so the prego barbie wasn't enough.....we now have a Breast Feeding doll! Yep, that's right. The doll comes with a vest with sensors that the child wears and the doll simulates breast feeding.
What The freak? My daughter was never really into dolls...she liked her dinosaurs better, But I am trying to think what would I have done if she had at the age of four or five really wanted a doll like that...I don't know but I might very well have said no. NO NO NO!  I mean I'm all for breast feeding, but this is just a bit too real for

 me. Would I really want my little four year old pretending to breast feed?  and would that be so wrong? especially since I breast fed both my children? why does it bug me? I think it's because I wouldn't want her to... and didn't want her to... and still don't want her to grow up too fast.   So... what's next? a doll that gives birth? Hahahahahaha........wait.....I'm looking on the Internet and ......


These dolls actually give birth!

 In this doll maker's defense  these dolls are meant to be teaching tools. And as much as I would not buy this for a child for Christmas...they are very pretty dolls until you see the pictures of nether regions and then it just gets a bit strange....(you can see for yourself here) So how do you all feel about these dolls? If your daughter or granddaughter wanted a breast feeding doll or the one above would you get it for her? Do you think they are appropriate? Has the world gone COO COO?  In the meantime I'm just going to relax and think back to a much simpler time......Ah yes

The good old days! I still have one of these.


  1. Wow, those teaching dolls are very crunchy granola. I think they might be good for people who insist on having their kiddos there for a birthing event, to prepare them, maybe.

    I have a Raggedy Ann doll my aunt made me, it was always my favorite!

  2. This world is really screwed up, isn't it? Here's a few toys that I found tasteless:
    Love your thoughts and photos! And yes- I miss the good old days!

  3. @ Ma~ "crunchy granola" I like that I think I will use that term from now on! Yes I guess if you are going to have a child there at the birth then this would be a good doll to purchase to show them what will happen.

    @ Rae~ Read Your post and left you a comment. I agree!

  4. Actually, I was quite horrified by the birthing dolls. I'm not sure why. I think because it really does not portray birth at all. It simplifies the act and leaves out the full process. Children can be given the facts with books when they are ready.

    We used to pretend we were pregnant by placing a doll under our blouse. We would then pull it out to give birth. We didn't have our facts straight! I see these dolls would at least be anatomically correct, but really, do kids need them to learn? Dolls are for imaginative play in my opinion.

  5. So my grandmother a doll collector and had every doll known to man ... lol I use to say that sitting at her dinning table was like having a thousand eyes watch you. We won't talk about when it was time to sleep and the eyes watching you. Chucky movie really made it hard for me to be there .. lol

  6. I didn't know there was a pregnant Barbie, gads!! I am so ancient that the big deal dolls for me were Tiny Tears, and Chatty Cathy!! This all just kind of creeps me out. The dolls are good for when we are teaching them the facts of life, but let them have their innocent childhood!

  7. I would not buy one of those dolls for my granddaughter. Kids see so much at such a young age. I would rather they use their imaginations and just pretend.

  8. I would never buy either the birthing doll or the breast feeding doll. Enuff said! :-)

  9. i remember cabbage patch kigs but to be honest i never played with dolls growing up

  10. I had a Betsy Wetsy doll and it was precious to me. My granddaughters have had every (not the birthing doll) doll I know of, and their favorites? The ones with soft bodies and can be dragged around; ones they can play with and enjoy.

  11. Interesting post. I still like the good old days. I am not crazy about the breast feeding dolls and wouldn't buy one for anyone.

  12. Raggady Ann's the best. I also really wanted Baby Alive "soft and sweet, she can drink, she can eat" but was never into the Cabbage Patch thing. Fun memories!

  13. We have the same opinions with the breast feeding doll. I like the good ole days!

  14. @ Retired English Teacher~ "Horrified"! That is a perfect word to describe my face when I first clicked on that site!

    @ Alexis AKA MOM~ I would have had nightmares!!!

    @ Ginny~ Oh I forgot about those dolls! I agree with you 100%!!!

    @ Darlene~ I completely agree!

    @ Beth~ Yes!

    @ Becca~ My daughter was the same way except where she got an american girl doll but even then she just like setting it up and that was that.

    @ Susan Kane~ You are right . My favorite dolls were always the soft ones too!

    @ Debby@Just Breathe~ Yes I get very nostalgic for old fashioned things

    @ remembered the song!yes you are right raggedy ann was the best

    @ Kim @ Stuff could...~Yes Give me those old fashioned toys anyday!

    @ Anthony Stemke~ Thank You!


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