Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Follower's Disappearing Act

I am trying to remain upbeat. I am trying not to let it bother me...you see that follower's number there in the side bar?---->

a week ago that read 98 followers....98! I was almost up to the big 100. I could taste it! I was SOOOOO there! I have lost 4 followers in just a week. One even commented after they unfollowed me! Whats up with that? Is it like the soon to be exes getting some nookie before the the divorce papers are signed...sort of a last hurrah?

Is Blogger messin' with me?

Has my blog been infiltrated by hackers?

Has the stupid gadget thingy given the blog a virus that slowly wipes away follower's icons?



So in honor of my diminishing followers standing I invite you all to my very own PITY PARTY.

They'll be decorations

fruity non-alcoholic drinks

Yes we will have music
                                                hey, he's all I can afford right now

and there will be dancing

And we will all have a freakin' good time

Ding Dong!

Hi everyone! come on in...come sit by the pool
                             Remember no diving!

Grab yourselves a little snack
                                                          Fred Flinstone

Who needs to look at numbers anyway ...PUH! I'm not going to let it dictate how I feel about my blog. I will keep on writing and I won't care how  many.......

wait....someone has just joined...in fact two!.....I have 96 now!!!!!! YIPPPPEEEEEEE!!!

Not too subtle huH?
                                  Yep I'm pathetic.....Everybody CONGA!!!!!!



  1. Don't get Discouraged!

    I have been doing this a year and I still haven't broken 100 -- I get up to 98 and down back to low 90s and back and forth like a Yo-Yo.

    Just a suggestion -- go back and look at some of the stuff you were doing that really got people stopping in.

    You will get there - Don't Worry - Step back, take a breath and before you know it you will be back on track.

    by the way - stop at the site. An old friend sent me an email and I put it up -- I really think you will like it and it might just help you with what you just posted in its own way.

    Anything at Anytime

  2. I'm surprised you worked out who stopped following - I would never be able to remember each follower. Probably just a coincidence that it's that time of year that they've had time to go through their following list and cull it down a bit. Sometimes you check the blogs you follow and they no longer are on the topic you were interested in or they haven't blogged for a while. Lots of reasons - don't take it personally, celebrate the followers you have and use it as a good excuse to focus on your blog.
    I totally love DJ kitty :)
    Wagging Tales - Blog for Writers

  3. My old blog had 96 followers and my new one has 13. Have I lost my touch? Did I step on someone's toes? Am I really THAT boring?
    I understand your questions! But, hey- I'm sticking around here because you sure throw one heck of a party!!! :)

  4. Love the pity party banner!

    I just unfollowed several blogs (not yours;)) because I just had way too many. I'm sure it wasn't personal, you have a great blog here!

  5. I had that 'almost 100' moment a while back - and the disappointing sudden drop, too (maybe it's a sinister blogger 'rite of passage'?!)

    Anyway, have 'bigged' you up on Twitter!

    And thank you for a very entertaining interlude - s'pose I'd better get back to the 'real' world now :-(

  6. Great post! I love a good party, count me in I have my beach towel, sunscreen and dancing shoes! Diane

  7. That happens to me all the time. Part of it, I think, is Blogger. Often my followers count is up, then down, by 1 or 2. I think the widget is a little off at times. But a week or so ago, I lost 4 followers. Don't worry. You don't want anyone following you who really doesn't want to!


  8. Bring on the dancing!!! I love those clips! Your blog is great!!! Don't let those numbers get to you.

  9. Ha ha ha, what a tremendously funny post. You do not suck. You do not suck. OK?

    The most successful salesmen concentrate on helping the customer buy something beneficial. The salesman doesn't concentrate on the dollars, which will follow after he helps the customer.

    Do what you do, the followers will follow, follow?

    ps: If you want to get more followers, there is a service in the Ukraine offering a package deal on followers; they don't speak English but..., nah, there's no such thing, just be you.

  10. I hate to see that number go the wrong way! I think you have a great blog, and I will stay a loyal follower!! (And, now you are at 97! again.)
    I'm having fun at your party!!

  11. I love pity parties! LOL
    My count never seems to go higher than 82 so you should consider yourself fortunate.
    I promise I will never leave as you are one of my favorite bloggers.

    P.S. Anyone reading this feel free to come and follow my blog. :-)

  12. hehe I hear you girl mine does go up and down a lot each week. I lost 4 last week too :( Hey but now your up to 97 so whoo pee!

    The break up nookie oh how much fun is that. You feel dirty afterwards ... and ok I'm letting this go to a wrong place right now :). I'm surprised you knew who left I never know I just feel the shame and dirty .... well now I'm sad and need a fruity drink. I'm heading over :)

  13. That was a crazy awesome post.
    Don't worry about the following; the important thing is the writing, creating. Whether you get recognition (which you most certainly deserve) or not, you are growing as a writer.
    I understand, though. For months, I think my only followers were my daughter and her friends, and my children (occasionally).

  14. Well, you have 97 members now! No, wait a minute!!!! REALLY, while I am reading this, it changed and it now says "Followers-you have no members now: be the first to join"!!! It is clearly Blogger and not your followers. It changed right in front of my eyes. If I stop following someone, I will NEVER go to their blog and un-follow, that is so rude, unless they have done something awful. It is just hurtful. I will just quietly quit visiting. There are unspoken rules in blogland, and one is about kindness.

  15. @ Dan~ Thanks for the advice. I checked out your post today...really great!

    @ Charmaine Clancy~ Oh no I don't have a photographic memory...she was just a recent follower and I noticed her pic icon wasn't there anymore :O( Thanks for your sweet comment!

    @ Rae~ Hey thanks for stopping by!Hope your numbers go up too!

    @ Ma~ Thank you for putting things in perspective for me and for your sweet comment!

    @ Sue H~ Come back anytime there is always something cooky goin' on here! Thanks for your comments they mean alot to me!

    @ Diane~ Thanks for coming! come back anytime!

    @ Claudia~ Yes you are right. I guess I want that Sally Fields moment at the oscars! LOL

    @ Tyrean Martinson~ Thanks! I love posting those funny gif.

    @ Anthony Stemke~ Thank you! your comment cracked me up!

    @ Darlene~ Thanks!Theres nothing like a drink with a tiny umbrella to break a crappy mood.

    @ Beth~ Yep a good pity party once in a blue moon does wonders especially if everyone does the conga!

    @ Alexis~You are too funny! We would probably never stop laughing if we hung out!

  16. I heard there was a party...with dancing! So I'm following you now! #98! YAY! You have a FUN blog! ♥

  17. @ Ginny~ Thanks!I think i still have so much to learn about the blogging world. Like do you follow every one that follows you? and what up with that +1 thingy? guess I will be doing some research tonight!

    @ ~Lavender Dreamer~Thank you! and welcome to my blog!!!!

  18. hang inthere you'll hit 100 soon

  19. I love you and your blog. I don't get hung-up on followers. I think people are fickle. I also think that many of us have too man blog to follow and sometimes have to whittle things down to a manageable size. Now, the blogger who wrote you to tell you that she would no longer be a follower is another story. That seems weird.

  20. I looked and it says 98 not 96 so maybe blogger is messing with you or you gained two more followers but who would unfollower and then comment wtf is that all about......

  21. @ Becca~ Thanks!Its back at 98 but Ive been teased like that before!LOL

    @ Retired English Teacher~ Nope they didn't say they would unfollow. they just unfollowed and then made a comment...very strange, but oh well que sera sera. oh no now that song will be stuck in my head for the rest of the day!!!!

    @ Jo-Anne Rambling~I know I'm glad the numbers came back but you are right that is strange to unfollow then make a comment.

  22. Oh Joanne, do not let it get you down. I'm pretty sure it's just Blogger screwing with you! And really, despite the fact that you are fabulous so no, you don't suck, but really, who would take the time to "unfollow?" I don't even understand that concept (nor would I know how to unfollow even if I ever wanted to, you know, like if someone was super mean and said I had no boobs...which I don't, but nobody get to point that out but me)... :)

  23. @ Sandra~ You crack me up! Thanks for the comment and thank you for posting the diet. Though I have never wanted bread so much in my LIFE! LOL!


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