Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"Hidden Art"

             Hi Everyone! I am finally back. It seems my computer is again fighting for it's life and since there is no money in our budget for a new one I figure I will pray and keep the computer defibrillator on hand in case it's heart gives out.

                                  So far so good.

I wanted to post this on Friday but couldn't. For a long time now I have toyed with the concept of "left" art....or maybe it's "street" art or perhaps "lost and found" art....I have no clue, but I have seen a few artists leave their work behind as a sweet surprise for the finder.

          One awesome example of this is one of my fave artists Slinkachu who leaves brilliant miniature scenes behind. He has a few books out which always seem to be out when I visit the book store. He is a sample of his work


Isn't he brilliant?

                   Well, I wanted to do some "left behind" art...(geez I don't know what to call it) and chose to use rocks.

 I had the rock in my pocket when we walked by this place last year.

On closer inspection someone might notice a little something

Hmmm, is that a stone? but it looks like a bit of writing on it....

upon closer inspection a positive message for the finder.

While putting these on the blog I realized that I forgot to take a picture of the other side of the stone where I painted a design.

OK then, maybe next time.

We went to the beach. and there on this tiny beach lay a boulder. On top of the boulder I placed another rock

and took a picture

             I wondered who would pass by on a beautiful sunny day and notice this colorful stone waiting to be found     

and I wonder if when they turned it over and read the words...

would they smile?

again, another photography booboo... I forgot to take a picture of the rock further away. What can I say...I don't really have a photographer's instinct.

 These are my first attempts #1 and #2

In the future I plan to leave more and keep a record of the process on this blog.

Whatcha think?

Monday, May 20, 2013


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When Our kids entered Middle school one of the rites of passage for them was a cell phone. When my daughter got her cell phone she spent the rest of the day texting friends.

It hasn't stopped since.

People, it's out of control.

When we go to the store...there she is with the cell phone.

 When we go to the supermarket  the phone in her hand is like some weird extension of her body.

When we are in the car...every two seconds there is the all too familiar buzz buzz buzz of yet another message coming  in.

There have been times my dear sweet bloggy friends that I have felt like grabbing the cell phone mid-buzz and flinging it out the car window.

I have visions of yanking the cell phone out of her hands and stomping on it until it becomes a pile of shattered unrecognizable junk.

Her Father and I got her the phone so she could call US in case of emergency. Instead she seems to answer everyone else's texts promptly except mine....well that is until I or her Dad send This text......

                              "J, If you don't contact us within the next 5 minutes we will call the phone company and have your phone shut off!"

In this day and age a phone is a must...Lordie how the heck did we survive without one!

One day as the click click click of her fingers raced to send the upteenth text that minute. I looked in the distance and in my fantasy I was throwing the cell phone off a cliff.

Later that day I noticed that my Daughter had placed her phone in a bowl of rice.

"Why is that there?" I asked

"I accidentally dropped my phone in water, it stopped working, and I am trying to dry it out." was her answer. Seems like placing a wet phone in rice will help dry it out quicker.

"How long will that take?"

"I don't know. I just hope it works."

"Hmmmm" was all I said. As soon as she left the room I kind of did this....

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead
Ding Dong the phone is dead
                            the wicked phone
                                            the phone is dead.

                                                   Ding Dong the wicked phone is dead!

I couldn't help it. I felt like I should have been skipping down a yellow brick road carrying a tiny dog.

I wanted to sing it from the mountain tops!

The phone was dead and I was thrilled.

God was giving me a well needed gift and I was GRATEFUL!

But as all good things come to an end, so did my time of Joy

Just a mere 36 hours later...The phone was working again

Which brings me to this question.....

                    Do you think my daughter would believe it If I said...

           "Gee J, I have no idea how your phone ended up in the dishwasher."

                                          Just saying

Friday, May 10, 2013

Artsy Fartsy Friday~~~Funny Mother's Day Videos

Well Hello to all my Bloggy Buddies,

                                  Yes, I am finally posting an Art Video on Friday! This one is for the Moms out there. It's not sappy or going to make you cry. ....well you might cry from laughing.... I want all of you to have a great and Blessed Mother's Day! Relax,

                     Rejoice, and

                                        Receive Lots of Love!!!!!


Today I have got two videos for you originally from God Tube. They are self explanatory...ENJOY!

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The next one made me Laugh Hysterically. They showed this one in Church last year and I  couldn't wait for Mother's day to roll around again to share it with you!

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To All My Bloggy Buddies....Happy Mother's Day!!!!

                                                   Blessings, Joanne

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Pretty Lingerie For The Woman Over 50......

  There isn't any.

                 Wow, that's the shortest post ever.

                                WAIT...That can't be it.

I mean, I'm *&%*&^   years-old, but I'm still a girl.  I want to feel pretty. And  you all out there...You're %$#* years-old and want to look and feel pretty too right?

When was the last time you went out there and bought some pretty lingerie?

And I'm not talking something completely useless and comical.

remember when you were younger? and thinner? and curvier? and less jiggly?

remember the lacy little numbers that made you feel like the prettiest and yes sexiest girl around?

remember matching bra and undie sets? The kind that when you got to work you kind of smiled all day and knew that you held a saucy little secret under that demure blouse and skirt?

and you knew in case you got into an accident you would not shame your mom by wearing a holey bra kept closed by a safety pin.

OK, I may have a concussion and broken leg....but I'm wearing a sweet matching bra and panty set!

"Why hello DR. McSingle."

What the heck happened?

LIFE.... that's what.

Kids came along and instead of spending lotsa buck-a-roos on a bra....you thought it wiser to spend it on Huggies.

The shopping spree that ended with the cute sales girl presenting you with a chic little pink box wrapped in a bow and placed gingerly in a sweet pink bag that could be mistaken with a designer purse

has now been replaced with a mad dash to Walmart to get a pack-o-panties and a wait on line while you challenge the sales girl to double check the price..

                                                         "I tell ya they're 5.99 not 7.99!"

Ahh how times have changed.

The pretty little lace underwire bras that were purchased for the sole purpose to lift the "girls" and give the allusion of a cleavage

 have been replaced with thick contraptions whose sole purpose is to keep the "girls" off your knees.

and don't get me started on the thongs....

            those  little frilly dental floss-looking things....made to avoid pantie lines.

they should be used to interrogate suspects...

"Tell us where the money is Harry,  or else....

                 ...you'll have to wear...THIS"

                             " OH NOOOOOOO!"

                                                  ...anything but the thongs!!!!!!"

While looking around for pictures of lingerie that were both pretty and appropriate for the older woman I began to see a pattern...It was either a picture like

                 The  Graduate

                         A coquettish older woman in thigh highs and garters

Or This


Dear Lingerie Makers,

Can we please have pretty everyday undies that are neither tent-like or make us look like a street walker?

Seriously, a garter belt would be a bit bumpy under my jeans.

And  women in their late forties and fifties like colors other than beige and white did ya know that?

...and another thing ..can you make them so that a bank loan would not be needed to purchase a set?

...and if you make bras with extras like padding and gel inserts ...why not one that can store coupons and can go online ...to pay my bills and check on Pinterest? Just putting it out there.

....can you make panties to cover stretch marks from pregnancies and help stabilize the belly that shakes like a bowl full of jelly and still be pretty?

Can you make them to cover the butt...the whole butt...and nothing but the butt?

If you can do that we ( the millions and millions of women over 50) would greatly appreciate it.


I'm still a girl...just a bit older.