Monday, May 20, 2013


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When Our kids entered Middle school one of the rites of passage for them was a cell phone. When my daughter got her cell phone she spent the rest of the day texting friends.

It hasn't stopped since.

People, it's out of control.

When we go to the store...there she is with the cell phone.

 When we go to the supermarket  the phone in her hand is like some weird extension of her body.

When we are in the car...every two seconds there is the all too familiar buzz buzz buzz of yet another message coming  in.

There have been times my dear sweet bloggy friends that I have felt like grabbing the cell phone mid-buzz and flinging it out the car window.

I have visions of yanking the cell phone out of her hands and stomping on it until it becomes a pile of shattered unrecognizable junk.

Her Father and I got her the phone so she could call US in case of emergency. Instead she seems to answer everyone else's texts promptly except mine....well that is until I or her Dad send This text......

                              "J, If you don't contact us within the next 5 minutes we will call the phone company and have your phone shut off!"

In this day and age a phone is a must...Lordie how the heck did we survive without one!

One day as the click click click of her fingers raced to send the upteenth text that minute. I looked in the distance and in my fantasy I was throwing the cell phone off a cliff.

Later that day I noticed that my Daughter had placed her phone in a bowl of rice.

"Why is that there?" I asked

"I accidentally dropped my phone in water, it stopped working, and I am trying to dry it out." was her answer. Seems like placing a wet phone in rice will help dry it out quicker.

"How long will that take?"

"I don't know. I just hope it works."

"Hmmmm" was all I said. As soon as she left the room I kind of did this....

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead
Ding Dong the phone is dead
                            the wicked phone
                                            the phone is dead.

                                                   Ding Dong the wicked phone is dead!

I couldn't help it. I felt like I should have been skipping down a yellow brick road carrying a tiny dog.

I wanted to sing it from the mountain tops!

The phone was dead and I was thrilled.

God was giving me a well needed gift and I was GRATEFUL!

But as all good things come to an end, so did my time of Joy

Just a mere 36 hours later...The phone was working again

Which brings me to this question.....

                    Do you think my daughter would believe it If I said...

           "Gee J, I have no idea how your phone ended up in the dishwasher."

                                          Just saying


  1. Well, speaking of this, you won't believe what I read in The Washington Post this weekend. Smashed cell phone fronts, where the glass is all smashed, is all the rage now. It is kind of akin to ripped jeans and gold teeth, a status symbol. I kid you not.

    1. How about one with little pieces of rice stuck between the cracks lol?

    2. Wow Ginny, that is amazing.

      Joanne, I would be in the same boat if we could afford it. Plus, the kids are here all day, so they don't have the same need for one.

    3. I believe it Ginny, and I have noticed a lot of cracked phones. It just proves that teenagers are crazy!

    4. Hi Ma, believe me when I say you are lucky that they don't have phones!

  2. I am glad her phone finally did dry out!

    1. Hi Beth, is it mean to have actually wished that the phone was broken forever? LOL!

  3. I understand! I have grown children, but the phones become a huge distraction. I am glad the phone was fixed. It would be expensive to get another. Just saying...You know she would have begged until you gave in, and you would worry if she didn't have a phone in case of emergency. We've all become pretty dependent on these things.

  4. Oh man I'm not looking forward to those days! I barely text but I see all the young kids everywhere I walking around with their heads down and fingers going like wild fires.

    I'm so not any help .. lol sorry. I remember getting thumped in my head by parents a lot :).

  5. I hate to admit it but I am almost as bad as the kids about my phone. I try not to be but I am always looking at emails, texting, playing "words with friends" and checking FB. I try and be discreet because I get teased about it sometimes. (and I am old)

  6. When I go somewhere, all I see are the tops of heads, since everyone is texting. It is a curse. No one is talking, everything/one is anonymous. Dishwasher? Good idea. Down the toilet? Better.

  7. Joanne,

    My children are grown now but my poor sisters kids are tweens and a 13 year old girl and this sounds just like them....go to a restaurant and see it, no families are TALKING anymore, or reading books....or writing letters. I was shocked to learn kids today aren't even learning CURSIVE WRITING. I can imagine Jane Austen is rolling over in her grave right now.

    I stopped by from Jann's blog because you said the nicest thing about her features at her linky said the first picture was your favorite............and that was mine.............and you just totally made my day so much brighter for your kind words. Thanks so much.

    And I wish you much luck with your teen.......OMG I am so glad I am passed that and all my girls had were pagers back in the day. Whew. You gals have it ROUGH now. Hang in there.

    Dishwasher??? What dishwasher????? I am amazed you withheld that evil thought, haha.

    Please have a fun safe and TEST FREE holiday weekend with your family! : - )

  8. Well as you know I have three grown daughters and one of them is always tethered to her

  9. Kids and phones, we have the same thing. Although at least one of my boys is pretty good at checking his phone and replying to messages, the other.. not so much


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