Monday, April 27, 2015

Game Night

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So Last week My husband and I thought it had been a while since we had a family game night.

"Great idea hon" he smiled.

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I was really looking forward to it. When you have two teens in the house...One or both are always running in different directions. These days I feel more like a Chauffeur then a Mom.

So it was settled. We would have a nice dinner and settle down for a good old fashioned game night.

I even went out and bought a few new games to add to out collection....

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                     and Taboo
        Image result for taboo game

So we finally sat down to have our game night

                       My 13 year-old-son was like
                     Image result for happy teen boy

My seventeen year-old-daughter was like
Image result for mad teen girl

                                                                 My Son
                                  Image result for happy doggy

                                                                 My Daughter
                                                            Image result for bored dog

         You get the picture.

                "This is boring...!" my daughter would say about the game we chose to play.

                "This game is fun" said my Son.

Sooooo we pushed on....

                  We started with quirkle...

                                    My son got right to it
                                             Rave Dance 

My Daughter,...
       cleese tantrum

Stress over SATs and AP tests, and choosing a college are getting to her...

 We played two games and guess who won all...

                                 You got it...
                                    Rave Dance

This week we had the opportunity to play again.

               Everyone was on board.

                  In an age where so much is going wrong in the world....Home should be a place where we can be ourselves, be joyful and loved, even when we are not that lovable at the moment. ...a place where we reconnect when the whole world seems to be out of sync.

                   and maybe win a game against a grumpy teen....sweet!


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Worst Excuse for not Blogging

Hi All

                It's me

                           The long lost blogger.

I feel like it's been ages. Every time I sit down to write

                                             something else takes my attention away.

OK, true story. 

  I sit down to write...I can't , then I get up and go into the living room and I found Mommy Dearest on Net Flix. It's one of those movies that's so bad...It's like watching a person ice skate for the first time...
                                          Bambi On The Ice     


So instead of writing in my very neglected blog...I watch nearly the whole movie ( Why, I DON'T know) I spend time analyzing and re-doing scenes in my head--I weighed the pros and cons of the movie. I researched a bit about Christina Crawford and why she felt the need to write her book after her famous Mom died and not before.   I wondered why in heaven's name did Faye Dunaway do that thing with her eyes in a scene... Was she tired? Did the director tell her to do the cross-eyed thingy for some kind of effect? 

I mean I spent time on this!!!!

I went back to the computer and tried to write a blog post and  .....NOTHING

I am the worst blogger ever!!!!