Saturday, October 29, 2016

Artsy Fartsy Friday~~~Painting 3D Turtle in Resins~ Artist Gerardo Chierchia

                                                     Hi All!
                                                           Today is Friday and that could only mean that some art is on it's way! A while back I posted art from an Artist named Riusuke Fukahori. He painted on resin and made his subject look three dimensional. If you'd like to take a little is the link.
Goldfish Salvation. He is Awesome!
Well, I found another artist that creates art using resin and his art is incredible too. His name is Gerardo Chierchia. Here is a video that follows his process...amazing! Please enjoy


                            Uploaded to YouTube by: Gerardo Chierchia

Have a beautiful weekend!
                               Blessings, Joanne

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

The Blame Game

            Hi All!

                     Today I wanted to write about "The Blame Game"...or otherwise known at our house as...Lets blame Mom/or the Wife for every stinkin' thing that happens in our home. Now when I say everything, I mean only the bad things.
                                       Image result for blame mom

If something is lost it's because I "Hid" it somewhere...Bwahahahaha
                                          Ace Ventura sneaking 

If something is broken...everyone looks at me, because even though they may have done it....the item was too delicate...and it's my fault for bringing it into a home full of klutzes...etc.
                                               Clumsy Big Bird  

If a tool from my husband's tool box is missing ...well, heck I must have used it and hid it another part of his tool box! 
                                               Image result for giant hammer

and if an important piece of mail is gone from the Mount Everest pile that my husband has....well, damn-it-all if I didn't take it and throw it out.


             But not really.

If something is lost, then it's probably where it SHOULD be and not on the freakin' floor where my family left it.

If a Tool is missing it's probably in the tool box to the right or immediate left of where it usually other words hidden in plain sight

And If my husband is missing an important piece of mail It's probably because I moved it to the office and filed it under "IMPORTANT MAIL".

Anyhoo, recently I went down to the laundry room and tried to turn on the light and it wouldn't work. I even tried to replace the light bulb go.

I called down the Hubster

                        Me: "Light doesn't work, I think the switch is broken."

                        Hubster: "What'd you do to it?"

                        Me: "Nothing, It's just broken."

                        Hubster: "Things just don't break Joanne. SOMEONE had to break it."

                        Me: "Well, I didn't break it"

                        Hubster: "Well, I certainly didn't break it...I'm never down here."

Right, please remind ME again that I'm the ONLY one that does stinkin' laundry

                        Me: "Look, can you fix it? because I really don't want to play the Blame game right now"

                        Hubster: "Blame Game?" I'm just saying that you are the only one that comes down here and you probably broke it that's all."

                         Me: "You're starting to annoy me."
So the Hubster goes upstairs and I'm guessing he's going to go out to buy a new switch. I grabbed what clothes I could so I could fold some upstairs.
I walk past the kitchen where my husband is sweeping up a mess. Upon closer inspection I see that it's a glass that he's accidently broken.

               Me: "Hmmmm whatcha got there? Did YOU break a GLASS?!?"

               Hubster:  "Yes, I broke a glass."

 Now Ordinarily I never gloat, but darn if it didn't feel good to yell....

                                "YES!!! KARMA!!!"

                       He's lucky he is cute.