Saturday, August 31, 2013

Blogger Blech and a Visit From My Home's Past

      OK, I am still having problems with the compose button.
I am not going to get upset...

I am not going to turn this into a "rant-ish" post

I am going to be cool and calm


                                                             I will be calm

                                                  I GIVE UP BLOGGER!!!!

       YA HEAR ME??????

                I G-I-V-E- UUUUP!!!

                       You, my dear unreliable Blogger have left me no choice!


                          HERE GOES........


                                          So There!!!!

OK, feeling a bit better.


Anyhoo, last week I was cleaning the house and as always when one is  wearing stained sweats, hair is in a lopsided bun, the pail and mop is at one end of the room, vacuum on the other, and laundry waiting to be folded on the living room couch......

                       The Door Bell rings.


                          of course!

Now I have to tell you that when the house is spotless....not one single person will ring that bell....

but just let me get behind on my cleaning...then everyone and their mother wants to stop by for a visit.

So I dragged my tired, sweat-stained-self to the door when I see a young man in his twenties and a very chic dressed gal (also in her twenties) standing before me.

"Can I help you?" I ask with the outer storm door securely locked of course. Too many horror stories to just open the door willy nilly.

"Hi, I don't know if you remember me...I'm Peter (not his real name) I used to live here".

All at once I remembered his red hair and freckles. His parents were getting a divorce and he, his older sister and his Mom were going to move upstate. He must have been 12 when they left. He still had the very same face...sweet and kind. He then said...

                " I would love to see the house again...can I?"  I then told him if he gave me a few minutes to put stuff away that he may certainly come in.

A few minutes later he came back and I gave him a tour. Now , I have to tell you that lately I have been I don't know....not really happy with my house.

It's small...

        and even though we have done so much to still feels a bit


I focus on what is not done.

          and then there's the bedrooms.....

                             tiny tiny tiny

So when Peter told me about the 14 acres that he moved to as a child... and  about the huge house they moved to after they sold us our house...

I said.."Well, in comparison this house must look as small as a shed to you now."

Then his sweet face lit up and he looked around and said something that almost brought a tear to my eye.

           He smiled  " We moved to a big house, but this is home to me."

After he left, I took out the unfolded laundry that I had thrown into the closet and continued my chores. I listened to my kids tease each other and watched as my dog yet again tried to sneak onto the couch. I looked at the small corner where we always place our Christmas tree, and I looked into the kitchen and out the bay window where I watch the kids run and play with their friends.... this time I looked around at my tiny home....

                                       and smiled


Tuesday, August 20, 2013


             HI Everyone,

                       Yes , it has been a long time.


                       Where the heck have I been?

                        Well, I could say I was here

                         Having one of these


                It's been a hectic few weeks.

                                    My Father-in-law was hospitalized and was literally at deaths door when God smiled and answered "Trust me."

I feel it was a miracle.

After that scare I volunteered to work at the church helping with VBS ( Vacation Bible school ) and if you have ever done that you know ain't no joke!!!!It takes forever to prepare, but when all is done ....totally worth it!  

 When that was over I settled down to write in my little Bloggy-poo...lo and behold The compose button would not work for me.

I could write Nothing



Then today I went on again and still the compose button would not work until I played around with the alignment--don't ask me why but it at least allows me to write a bit. It is however still full of glitches. The words are jumpy and pictures keep disapearing.

But I will not let it get me down...

              I have too much to be grate ful for.

                 So in honor of miracles and prayers answered...I wanted to give you all a 


                                 Here is a very funny skit  on hand-raising in church. The comedian's name

is Tim Hawkins and he is HILARIOUS.  Enjoy

                   Ok, My favorite was The "washing the windows!!!!"

Have an Awesome day!!!!!